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   Chapter 47 Encountered Xenia Again

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What happened in the hall spread like wildfire. Soon, everyone in Snow Sect knew what was going on.

Ricky had gotten a lot of attention since he became a disciple of the sect. Now that he seemed to have beaten Lean, the number two guy among the top ten outer disciples, everyone was keeping an eye on him. Everything he did might be dangerous to the different factions. Especially, the Refinement Faction and the Casting Faction had noticed his capability. They felt menace.

They noticed that Ricky had quickly grown quite powerful. They had never seen a disciple achieve so much so rapidly.

Ricky did not pay attention to the gossip about him. Why would he waste time on things that didn't matter? So he went back to his place, packed up, and headed for the snowy mountains. By midnight, he'd already cleared the gates of the Snow Sect, and kept pressing forward.

There was a reason he set out in the dead of night. If he tried to do it by day, he would have come into conflict with men from the Refinement or the Casting Factions, and he would likely be quite dead.

Heather had offered to go with Ricky to find the spot where the Magic Ice was. However, Ricky turned her down, fearing for her safety. He couldn't guarantee his own safety, let alone hers. He would not forgive himself if she were injured or dead.

Thanks to Grace's directions, Ricky arrived at one of the mountain ridges. It was an arduous journey, covered as it was by snow and ice.

There were lots of small, oddly-shaped peaks on this ridge. Not to mention a small forest.

The Magic Ice usually formed in icy water.

That gave him an idea of where to look. He looked for bodies of water that had frozen, either partially or completely.

Finally, he reached the junction between the outer and inner peaks of the snowy mountains. Beasts could often be found here, with powers like the advanced stage of Skin Refinement or the inferior stage of Blood Purification.

Being nocturnal animals, they usually hunted at night. So Ricky was extremely careful. He not only had to be stealthy, but he had to keep a sharp eye out. He cautiously climbed a tree and lay in its branches, waiting until dawn. Here, he would have a better view and could avoid being discovered.

After all, he was still unable to handle the beasts at any grade of Blood Purification. He was well aware that he was weaker, and so would not risk his life fighting them.

The beasts roaring echoed through the

ood Purification. That precious Magic Ice was worth it, though.

The area behind that peak was the central zone of the snowy mountains. Beasts of Blood Purification haunted the area.

Soon, Jayden Di and Xenia found their way in the coniferous forest. It was an extremely secluded path. They made good time on the path and soon arrived at the central zone.

There was no coniferous tree or hill. It was a plain basin covered with ice and snow.

There was a huge frozen pond in the basin.

"It's here! No wonder I couldn't find it. It's such a secret place," Ricky talked to himself with a low voice, hiding in the forest. "This lake is so huge. It certainly makes sense to have the five hundred years old Magic Ice. The guy, what's his name? Jayden, yeah! It seems that he wasn't making things up.

But how could I take the Ice from them?" Ricky was lost in thought, his brain starting to work on the problem.

He could sense that Jayden Di and Xenia were definitely warriors at the first grade of Blood Purification. He could almost confirm that Jayden Di was very close to the second grade of Blood Purification.

He even had difficulty fighting against one warrior of Blood Purification, let alone two.

"Xenia, here we are. The Magic Ice is right there in the pond. I ordered my men to leave it where it was. It belongs to you now. My gift to you," Jayden Di claimed. "You can use it for cultivation."

"Thank you, Jayden!" Xenia jumped into the pool before she thanked him. Jayden followed her.

"What should I do now? Do nothing and let them get the ice?" Ricky gritted his teeth, unwilling to give up the Magic Ice.

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