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   Chapter 46 One Punch

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Feeling a boost of arrogance, Ricky decided to move forward rather than assume the position of defense, and shot away at Lean's manic fist.

Lean ranked as the second of the top ten outer disciples, which meant that he was almost the most outstanding one. Once he threw a punch, the whole Cultivation Method Hall would tremble, as if resonating with his punch.

Lean's punch with spiritual energy surrounding it was full of manic momentum. Unconsciously, a fierce black bear appeared behind Lean, snarling with a deep rumble.

This manic momentum involuntarily thrilled all the disciples around him.

"What Lean practices is the physical cultivation method that belongs to Yellow Level, called as Great Strength of Reckless Bear. This cultivation method draws from the blood essence of a fierce bear as the catalyst to drive the boost of the power," some disciples exclaimed.

"Yes, yes! I've heard that Lean's physical strength has never been inferior to a common warrior at the first grade of Blood Purification!"

Regardless of Lean's repute and personality, all the disciples felt admiration for him when they felt this famous punch.

On the contrary, Ricky's punch, not only was strange but also plain and empty. It did not make an equivalent impression on the power.

"Although Ricky can defeat Dustin, I think it's a bit embarrassing for him to take on Lean right now," some disciples stated.

"Go to hell!"

Lean roared fiercely, seeing Ricky unexpectedly begin to attack instead of going into defense, all the while throwing a pathetic punch. He seemed to understand that Ricky would end up with a severely broken arm, and Lean's punches grew rapidly stronger.


At the next moment, their fists collided, the two opposing momentums making the whole Cultivation Method Hall reverberate with a thunderous sound. All the disciples heard Ricky's robe whistling under Lean's punch as if it was going to break into shreds at any time.

All of a sudden, Ricky's fist turned blood red with his veins bursting out from under his skin. Undoubtedly, this was because of Lean's manic strength.

The manic momentum erupting from Lean enveloped Ricky entirely. It was obvious that Lean had no intentions of giving Ricky a chance.

This commotion caught the attention of an old guardian at the door of the Cultivation Method Hall...

ing the Outer Competition.

"In the Cultivation Method Hall, you should not be displaying this blatant insolence!"

Suddenly, the old voice of the guardian arose with its husky stateliness. Everyone froze.

The disciples turned to stare at the old guardian, whose sudden intervention surprised them.

They soon realized that the old guardian was likely to be a hidden powerful man, otherwise the Snow Sect wouldn't have entrusted him with such an important place as the Cultivation Method Hall.

Lean calmed down. He realized that insolence could be very dangerous for him in this place.

Seeing Lean restrain himself, the elderly man took back the stateliness and restored the whole Cultivation Method Hall as it had been before. Then, he leaned back lazily in his chair again, as if nothing had happened.

"I challenge you, Ricky. Will you accept it?" Lean growled at Ricky.

"Hmph, challenge? Coward. If you think you even stand a chance against me, go to the Death Arena with me! Let's fight a battle to the death!" Ricky spat with disdain at Lean's challenge.

"You..." Lean stammered at Ricky's response.

Without the previous collision with Ricky, he would have accepted the battle to the death without hesitation, but that one tremendous punch from Ricky had indeed frightened him a lot.

"Coward! Loser!" Disdain clearly written on his face, Ricky walked out of the Cultivation Method Hall, leaving behind Lean who was fuming with rage and embarrassment.

Lean watched Ricky to the door, bow deeply to the old guardian, and exit nonchalantly.

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