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   Chapter 45 The Second Top Outer Disciple

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7355

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Grace had told Ricky where the Centennial Magic Ice was, so Ricky traded in the body parts he had gathered from the beasts he'd slain during the Iron Blood Trial. He made over two thousand by selling them.

After this, Ricky went to the Cultivation Method Hall.

Although he already had two thousand silver coins, Ricky wasn't planning to exchange the cultivation method of the advanced stage of Yellow Level. Instead, he continued to select from first floor of the Cultivation Method Hall.

The first floor of the Cultivation Method Hall was one of the main places where the outer disciples would gather and meet. Ricky's arrival immediately caught the attention of several disciples.

However, now there was no trace of contempt and disdain of their eyes. Instead, there was awe and respect. When those outer disciples saw Ricky, they were compelled to respectfully call him senior.

In the world of martial arts, one had to earn respect from his strength.

Ricky politely replied to them, which took them by surprise. He had struck them with the image of someone who was cruel and fierce when he was fighting at the Death Arena. His friendliness was unexpected.

Ricky stopped to consider a cultivation method called the Freezing Palm.

It was a cultivation method of the intermediate stage of Yellow Level. Based on the Spiritual Energy from Heaven and Earth, the warrior could gather the frosty power in his or her palm and channel this power into the body of their opponent.

If warriors practiced this method and reached minor achievement, they could freeze the skin and meridian of their opponent. When trained to major achievement, they could freeze blood and flesh. At the level of completeness, they would gain the ability to freeze the bones and spinal cord. And if the warrior reached perfection, they would be able to freeze the spiritual energy of their enemy.

Of course, this was all relative to the strength of their foe.

"Freezing Palm... Hmm. Alright, I'll get this." Ricky decided, once he had understood the details about the method.

After seeing Ricky choose the Freezing Palm, all the disciples began to talk among themselves in hushed tones. They were all

aive of him to believe that Ricky would sell his method to him. For crying out loud, he was even bargaining with him!

"Lean, what I mean is two million. Look, if you want to get all the methods, two million would be my price."

At this, Lean finally confirmed that Ricky was playing him for a fool. His face darkened in an angry scowl.

Many of the disciples around them laughed.

Some of the female disciples commented, "Ricky is so cute! Such a naughty boy!"


"You!" A roar resounded in the Cultivation Method Hall. It was Lean's husky voice, shaking with anger.

"Let me tell you, Ricky, everyone who's ever dared to mess with me are all six feet under!"

Lean growled and clenched his fists, channeling a strong whirl of power from within him and punching at Ricky.

"Lean, what are you doing? As the saying goes, business is business. If you find my offer disagreeable, we can simply stop talking about it!" Ricky stammered, pretending to be afraid when he saw Lean coming at him with his fists.

Again, all the disciples laughed, but they immediately shut up, because they didn't want to mess with Lean—the giant man-bear.

Now, even if Ricky was retreating, he began channeling the spiritual energy into his right hand with a scarlet rune.

He was holding the mysterious power of scarlet runes.

"Devourer Skill, let's see what you can do for me!" Ricky murmured, before he coiled into himself and threw out a tentative punch.

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