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   Chapter 44 Devouring Skill

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When Ricky saw the words in his mind, he once again felt the immense vastness which was felt immortal, as if it were from the infinite remote antiquity.

"It is the Chaos Manual!" Ricky exclaimed to himself.

Now, Ricky faintly felt that his new spiritual meridian was more than just that, like it was also a kind of inheritance. Because he had no spiritual meridian, it just acted in place of one.

"The description on Manuals is supposed to be about the Casting Skill, then the Devouring Skill is..." Ricky said in a low voice, and his spirit again communicated with those runes that had intruded into his Soul Sea.

Just then, he felt that the mysterious runes turned into a huge block of information that absorbed into his mind.

Soon, Ricky completely understood what the Chaos Manual and Devouring Skill were.

From the new-gained information, Ricky learned that the Chaos Manual had been created since the beginning of heaven and earth. It was said to be the first treasure in the world for it was not only as simple as a casting manual, but also included a multitude of cultivation methods of martial arts.

Those combination of these martial arts cultivation skills and casting skills formed the Nine Supreme Skills, which comprised the Chaos Manual.

The Devouring Skill was the first skill of the Nine Supreme Skills.

"The Chaos Manual, the first treasure, has nine supreme skills. But what kind of person would be its original owner? And why would my mother have it?" After understanding how powerful the Chao Manual was, Ricky was taken aback.

"I can't tell anyone about the Chaos Manual. Or I'll be in a lot of trouble!" Ricky warned himself.

Blood Zone, the first segment of the new spiritual meridian, contained the Devouring Skill which was the first skill of the Chaos Manual. Those mysterious runes turned out to be the cultivation method of the Devouring Skill.

The other eight supreme skills were in the other eight segments of Ricky's spiritual meridian. Now he understood why it had split.

To learn the remaining skills, Ricky would have to enhance within his own realm, inciting the emergence of the other eight segments. This was the same method he had used to obtai

tice, like Grace had advised him. As long as he was strong and determined, silver coins and gold coins would be easy to get.

Although Ricky reached the highest level of the eighth grade of Skin Refinement, he wouldn't breakthrough again right away. He knew that because the breakthrough would be made by the Devouring Power of the Devouring Zone, he needed to lay a solid foundation to ensure that it wouldn't hamper his future training in martial arts.

With this, Ricky decided to practice and master the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula and Devouring Skill.

For the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, he was confident that he could reach the second degree only by refining his body with the frosty power. By reaching the Second Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, he would become virtually unbeatable in the Outer Competition.

Ricky decided to consult Grace. "Master... What extent of the frosty power should be reached in order to break through and reach the Second Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula?"

"Centennial Magic Ice!" Grace replied.

"The Centennial Magic Ice is hidden away in frozen, icy places up on the snow mountains. I know some places where you can start looking for it."

"Well, I suppose it is time to head for the snow mountains once again!" Ricky said.

But, before his departure, he needed to select a frosty-natured cultivation method which would enhance his cultivation of the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula.

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