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   Chapter 42 The Powerful Runes

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Ricky knew that the Energy Boosting Pill was quite powerful.

If the warriors took that kind of pill, it could help them quickly burn the blood vitality inside their body and enhance their strength, making them as powerful as they could be for a whole hour.

There were no side effects, save for consumption of their blood vitality. And their blood vitality could be replenished by a good meal.

Not many warriors of Blood Purification had the Energy Boosting Pill. Many Bone Reinforcement warriors craved for it, too. No one expected that Dustin, a warrior of Skin Refinement, would possess that pill.

"Master Grace, what do we do?" Heather exclaimed anxiously.

"This time, he really is in danger," Grace uttered with a grave face.

However, she couldn't do anything about it, for she didn't have the right to alter the rules of the ultimate battle between Ricky and Dustin.

Maybe someone more influential than her could change the rules, but it was too late now.

"Ricky, I really hope you can find a way to beat him," Grace said under her breath, praying for Ricky. But she didn't think his chances were good. Being Ricky's master, she knew his cultivation base and skills very well.


"Go to hell!"

The Energy Boosting Pill only lasted an hour, so Dustin rushed Ricky, trying to take him down quickly. Then he gathered the sword-light energy and swung with all his might.

This time, Ricky feared for his life the moment he saw Dustin's blade.

"You first!"

Ricky roared, glaring at Dustin in anger and gnashing his teeth. Then he burned his blood vitality and activated the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula.

But everyone could see that it took a lot of effort for Ricky to do that.

Arms folded across his chest, Ricky tried to block Dustin's sword again.

All of a sudden, Ricky's blood gushed forth audibly, even though he had managed to block Dustin's sword. His right arm had suffered a deep wound. Blood rapidly filled the rent and ran down his arm, dripping onto the ground. Even his bone was visible.

Meanwhile, his body refining buffs disappeared.

"You're burning your blood vitality, huh? Let's see how much you have to burn!" Dustin taunted loudly, and raised his long sword again.

This time, Ricky didn't try what

's attack. Effortlessly, Ricky's fist pierced Dustin's chest.

In a few moments the spiritual energy wave dissipated, and the fight was over.

Indignation in his eyes, Dustin dropped on the Death Arena with a thud. He couldn't die just like this. He wanted to say something, but he couldn't utter a single word and then gasped his last and expired.

Ricky stood on the Death Arena, but after the mysterious runes and the blood vitality provided by the Blood Zone faded away, Ricky was exhausted and dropped to his knees.

"What just happened? Why did Dustin die instead?" Everyone was deeply shocked when something like that happened. All of this was against all expectations. Everyone bet on Dustin, and didn't know what to do if they were lost.

Just now, Ricky was at a huge disadvantage and he might definitely die by Dustin's attack. But he turned the tables, and Dustin was unable to react. This all seemed like a dream.

Grace, Heather and Vivian were also stunned by what they saw.

Elder Abbott stared at the scene in shock.

Being a demi-immortal and a strong warrior, he even couldn't figure out how Ricky had done it. It was a single punch that took Dustin out.

But now that he had the spiritual sense, he could felt that there was something powerful inside Ricky's body.

"Weird! But truly interesting!" Elder Abbott said in his mind, narrowing his eyes.

'It's finally over! But what are these runes and the Blood Zone? How do I do any of this?' Ricky couldn't help but wonder again.

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