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   Chapter 41 Despair

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The three black shadows of the sword loomed the sky in front of Ricky, dashing to his neck as it tried to give him a fatal blow.

This swift sword was encapsulated by a powerful sword-light, which further increased the sharpness of its edges.

All in all, this powerful strike given by Dustin frightened all the warriors in the Skin Refinement.

As part of the top ten outer disciples of the Snow Sect, Dustin was much stronger than Jim.

Nevertheless, Ricky had also become much stronger during the past few months. He returned his sword to its sheath on his back, because his lowly weapon at the inferior Mortal Level stood no chance against Dustin. If he so much as tried, it would be broken into two.

Instead, Ricky crossed his arms around his neck to protect himself from Dustin's attack.

"Go to the hell, boy!" Dustin viciously roared when he saw Ricky fend off his strongest hit using the mysterious body refinement cultivation method.

"Is he crazy? How could he resist physical combat with the cultivation method?" All the disciples around remarked, with disbelief and shock on their faces.

"Dustin was not like Wade. He was much stronger than him, and with the power of his sword-light he could be the strongest. I didn't think Ricky's arms could have survived that hit!" one of them said.



The sound of metal colliding rang through the air. The three black shadows of the sword struck Ricky's arms brutally.

Surprisingly, it didn't cut off his arms at all, only leaving shallow bloody bruises. Then, the sword suddenly bounced back and changed its direction in mid-air, and hit the battlefield.

After having survived the three shadows, Ricky charged at Dustin, trying to land a series of punches, but each hit was blocked by Dustin's sword.

Both of them were flung back quite a distance on battlefield because of the energy blast from the collision of attacks from both sides.

The disciples again were stupefied at witnessing this impossibility. Ricky had effectively resisted Dustin's strongest hit with his body refinement cultivation method.

"What kind of cultivation method could it be?" Many disciples murmured, their eyes becoming sharp with greed.

"Is this the power of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula from thousand years ago?" The ninth Elder squin

warriors around sensed that something was up his sleeve, and something was about to go wrong.

Suddenly, Dustin took out a pill with the color of blood, swallowing it hastily.


Dustin was suddenly brimming with energy, the renewed power bursting out and rising to the sky. Suddenly, a bloodstain appeared on his body. It was the symbol of a warrior of Blood Purification.

He had returned to his optimal power, by simply ingesting this small pill.

"It looks like Energy Boosting Pill!" Some inner disciples said, "Right, it must the Energy Boosting Pill; otherwise, he couldn't have recovered his full strength in such a short time!"

"But the Energy Boosting Pill has been coveted by our inner disciples for so long! How could Dustin have one!"

"Even if the effect of the Energy Boosting Pill last only an hour, it's more than enough for Dustin to wound Ricky dozens of times! The battle's outcome has fated now!"

"Yes! The battle's fate is set in stone!" many disciples said lowly, overcome with emotion.


Ricky now adopted an expression of bitter graveness, as he felt the power of Dustin.

"The Energy Boosting Pill! It is impossible! How could you have such a thing?" Ricky said, shocked to the core.

"Ha-ha, are you scared of me now?" Dustin laughed ferociously. "It's no use being afraid, because you will soon be with my dead brother!"

Meanwhile, Dustin began to slowly move towards Ricky.

At this moment, Ricky thought that he truly fell into the utter desperation. Would this be how he was slain?

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