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   Chapter 40 The War Of Wrath

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7400

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Now, Ricky and Dustin had both become exceedingly wrathful. A gruesome battle became inevitable.

Instead of making tentative moves that tested the waters, both warriors released their most powerful strength at once, not holding back in the slightest.

Dustin's was determined to avenge the murder of his brother. Ricky's, meanwhile, wanted to exact revenge on the man who had disabled his friend. There was no right and wrong in this world of martial arts - only the fittest and strongest would survive. Such was the law of the land.


Dustin's Bone Crushing Palm was extremely cold and sharp, which came at Ricky in an unexpected, pattern-less movement. Even the most acute warriors could not deduce the diabolical forces lurking in his move.

Dustin's strength and reputation far preceded him. He was quite close in achieving something tremendous in this field, because he had mastered the Bone Crushing Palm almost to perfection. As one of the top ten outer disciples of the Snow Sect, he was a one difficult opponent to face.

Besides that, he was a warrior at the ninth grade of Skin Refinement. Because of this, his Bone Crushing Palm terrified everyone who ever battled against him.

But Ricky's Whiz Fist was also near perfection, and the potency of his fist just as strong as any cultivation method of the Yellow Level.

Everyone present felt their eardrums nearly burst, as the sound of tigers roaring reverberated at Ricky's move. To the spectators, it seemed as though Ricky had turned into a fierce tiger, whirling about at the arena.

The strength of his fist put warriors of Skin Refinement to shame.


Two powerful blasts burst out as their hands collided. Both warriors heaved their spiritual energies against each other, the intense energy turning into numerous ripples around them.

The ripples washed over the whole arena. From afar it looked as though the place would come crashing down.

Heavy footsteps thudded across the floor.

Both of the warriors violently staggered back a few steps after that. Then they unsheathed their weapons and began sprinting towards each other.

Ricky, with his new long saber, looked unstoppable.

Dustin, meanwhile, h

er. In the blink of an eye, Ricky turned crimson from head to toe. A slight orange hue was fused with that crimson.

"Look! He used that powerful cultivation method again!" many disciples cried out upon seeing Ricky's transformation.

'Nine-degree Body Refining Formula! He is so exceptional. In millennia we have not had a warrior like him...' Elder Abbott, the ninth Elder of the Snow Sect, was overcome with emotion.

He had become invested with Ricky after seeing the warrior use the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula at his last battle.

As a demi-immortal warrior, Elder Abbott had years of experience and knowledge. He had quickly determined that Ricky's move was Nine-degree Body Refining Formula.

'It's impossible not to notice Ricky. It's not every day that a warrior masters Nine-degree Body Refining Formula. I'm afraid 'that person' has also noticed him by now, ' Elder Abbott thought.

He had changed his mind about this warrior once again.


"Screw your body refining cultivation method! You don't scare me, you little bastard! I will destroy you either way!" Dustin screamed desperately.

"Dark Diabolic Swords! It's time to relinquish your life now!"

Dustin swung his sword three times in a flash, a clever move since it became blurry and imperceptible. But Ricky clearly sensed the frightful force inside it.

Aided by sword-light, Dustin's power had now swollen, reaching the peak of Skin Refinement. The battle was not yet over.

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