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   Chapter 38 Dustin, Come Out!

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The Snow Wolves came towards Lewis from directions, low growls rumbling ferociously. Lewis felt a wave of ultimate despair come over him. He was completely immobilized. Knowing that surviving that was impossible, he lay there, making no efforts to resist them. Maybe, he had known all along that he would be doomed to death when Ricky killed Luther.

Up on the cliff, the three young men at the seventh grade of Skin Refinement stared at this gruesome sight without a trace of sympathy. They even felt that this was not enough to calm their hatred for Lewis.

"This bastard is lucky that he's going to be devoured by Snow Wolves! We let him off lightly this time!" one of the young men sneered.

"We don't really have a choice! It's not easy to catch those especially fierce beasts like the serpents in this snow mountain! Otherwise, it would be a hell of a battle! Ha-ha!"

"Go to hell!" a tremendous roar echoed throughout the valley, as if a ferocious tiger had become consumed with anger.

As the roaring sound reverberated near them, one of the young men's chests was suddenly smashed by a powerful fist. All of his organs exploded out of his body. In a split second, he was nothing more than blood and pulp.

He died before even finding out who had killed him with this tremendous blow, his body falling off the cliff.

"Who's there?!" The other two young men said nervously. They were on the alert at once, the power within their bodies ready to fight within an instant.

But it was too late for them to fight. They spun around, only to see two flames whizzing to their necks. They were decapitated in a fleeting moment, two heads rolling down the cliff, joining the corpse of the first young man.

After killing them in a flash, Ricky rushed down the valley as quickly as he could. With his sword surrounded by flaming red energy, he threw himself directly at the fearsome Snow Wolves.

These Snow Wolves were no better than warriors at the eighth grade of Skin Refinement. They were no match for Ricky, especially now when he was filled with blinding rage. After several moments, the valley ran red with their blood.

"Ri…Ricky, why are you here?" Lewis said in astonishment. He lay on the ground, struggling to raise himself up with ebbing strength.

"Don't say anything. Let's go back home first!" Ricky said, his eyes filled with tears at the sight of his friend.

It had become clear to him that Lewis must have taken all the responsibility of Luther's death. Other

ugh the air.

The disciples gasped, as if they had seen a ghost in real life.

'How could this even happen? Who is Watson? A warrior at the ninth grade of Skin Refinement! He was among the top twenty outer disciples in Snow Sect!

Even if it were the top ten outer disciples that fought against him, Watson couldn't have been defeated with just a single blow!

It had only been a month since Ricky fought against Wade. Back then, Ricky was at most a warrior at the seventh grade of Skin Refinement. But now, he conquered Watson with one hit? How is that possible?' the disciples thought.

They shook their heads in shock, hoping they would wake up from this strange dream.

But they never did. It was truly taking place, this series of most unexpected events.

If only they knew that Ricky had killed Jim—the ninth ranking outer disciple of the top ten, they would probably question everything they knew about reality and their world.

Ignoring Watson, who was writhing in pain, Ricky raised his fist again, smashing the door into smithereens. The loud noise broke the shocked silence.

"Dustin, come face me if you're not a coward!" Ricky yelled at the top of his lungs. He felt an overwhelming murderous intent taking over his whole being.

"Who the hell is it? What kind of brat has the nerve to barge in here!?" a handsome young man dressed in white robes strode out into the yard.

He had two jet black eyes. They were so deeply black, like the venomous stinger of a scorpion—sinister and insidious, intimating those who saw it.

Finally. This young man in white was the famous Dustin, the fifth ranking outer disciple in the Snow Sect.

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