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   Chapter 36 Creation Of The Sacred Blood Crystal

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Once Master Lambert of Lion King Castle appeared, Harold's attempts at provoking a fight became futile.

Even if he was a high-ranking core disciple of the Snow Sect, when faced with this powerful demi-immortal, he had to behave himself. Unless he were a demi-immortal as well, or an innate spirit, he had to show respect.

It was known that the Lion King Castle was one greatest power of the Snow Sect. All this was thanks to Master Lambert, whose demi-immortal status reinforced the Castle's strength.

The young contestants who would enter the Sacred Blood Pond were announced. To no-one's surprise, they were Ricky, Heather and Agnes.

The Sacred Blood Pond, situated in the Lion King Castle, was in a secluded spot in Castle Master's stronghold.

Ushered in by Benson, the three participants arrived at a small grove inside the palace walls. In the center of this grove was a large pond of bloody water, deep maroon and thick.

The three participant's ears began to hear the sound of bubbling water become nearer and nearer, and more and more distinct. As they stood there, taking in the blood pond, they could immediately feel the immense heat emitted by its water. The heat was so intense that they knew being too near the pond could very well melt them.

'This must be the Sacred Blood Pond!' Ricky thought to himself.

His intuition told him that his cultivation would ascend to another level if he could manage to absorb the great power of the pond. There was even a possibility for him to achieve the second degree of the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula.

"If you are ready, you may begin! The energy of blood essence of the Sacred Blood Lion has been completely infused into the Sacred Blood Pond. Whether you can obtain the Sacred Blood Crystal from this pond will rest on your shoulders! It all depends on the level of your own ability!" Benson proclaimed.

After a fleeting glance at each other, Ricky and the other participants sprinted for the pond and plunged right into it.

Agnes, who had once been so prideful and haughty, hadn't thought of Ricky as a rival before this.

Aside from the staggering accomplishment of reaching the eighth grade of Skin Refinement in so short a time, Ricky had even managed to kill a beast at the first grade of Blood Purification. He had fairly won the title of champion of the trial cultivation. Considering he made all of those accomplishments without a spiritual meridian, Agnes began to feel a grudging respect for him.

The beast, even if it had been severely injured, was still considerably powerful. And Ricky's trium

a strong willpower he has! It makes sense to me now that he was able to achieve the eighth grade of the Skin Refinement without a spiritual meridian!" Agnes let out a sigh of admiration.

"This boy is something else!" A loud and clear voice rang out; it was Benson, who was approaching. "In the eighth hour, he had successfully created the Sacred Blood Crystal. At the moment, he is refining his body using the infernal power of the Sacred Blood Pond."

"What?! Father, do you really mean he is refining his body?" Heather cried in total disbelief.

Agnes also widened her eyes, breaking her usual composure. To the best of their knowledge, even the warriors at the level of Blood Purification had no assurance of being able to refine the mortal body by infernal power successfully.

How could Ricky, a warrior at only the eighth grade of Skin Refinement have courage to try this?

"Freak!" the two girls said in chorus.

"The cultivation method he practices must be terribly advanced!" Benson uttered, eyeing Ricky thoughtfully. Admiration shone in his eyes for this underdog warrior.

Of course, Benson, a master of those accomplishments, had no ill intentions of stealing the book of the cultivation method from the young warrior.

'The cultivation method? Is it that Nine-degree Body Refining Formula he mentioned that was fit for warriors without spiritual meridians?' Heather wondered to herself.

'Could it be the cultivation method that all the disciples of the Snow Sect are talking about? The one everyone is dying to get their hands on?' Agnes's mind began to race as well.

She suddenly realized her interest in Ricky, the once-lowly warrior without a spiritual meridian, had been thoroughly ignited.

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