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   Chapter 35 Master Lambert

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Grace felt justified after seeing these warriors' eyes filled with hatred and disrespect again.

To be honest, even Grace didn't truly believe that Ricky had seven hundred and three dots, but she knew he wouldn't cheat. After spending so many days with him, she was pretty sure about that.

Ricky gave Grace a reassuring look after seeing the worry in her eyes.

Then, Ricky looked at the master of Lion King Castle—Benson.

"Master Benson, could I ask you something?" Ricky said.

"Go ahead." Benson nodded his head.

"If I kill a beast at the first grade of Blood Purification, how many dots would I get?" Ricky asked.

"Killing a beast at that level, its blood will leave five hundred dots in the ironwood," Benson replied casually.

But something started to dawn on Benson, and he asked, "You mean you hunted a beast like that?"

"Yeah, I got five hundred dots by killing an Anaconda-tailed Tiger at the first grade of Blood Purification," Ricky answered calmly.

"Who does he think he is, anyway, talking big like that?" Heather said under her breath. She was close by, and heard him talking. After all, she knew exactly how that Anaconda-tailed Tiger was killed.

Like usual, Ricky's words caused a commotion.

"How could a guy like him kill a beast of Blood Purification?"

"Four warriors at the peak of the ninth grade of Skin Refinement couldn't take on that kind of creature. He is merely at the eighth grade of Skin Refinement. Him? No way."

No one believed that Ricky could kill a beast at the first grade of Blood Purification.

"Ha-ha, Master Benson, I think you should punish a liar like that. You should abolish his cultivation base and exile him from lands of Lion King Castle!" Jim laughed loudly.

"It's not up to you, Jim," Grace said coldly.

"Master Benson, I realize I'm no match for a beast at the first grade of Blood Purification. But if the creature is wounded, I might have a chance," Ricky said c

e Snow Sect, they dared not piss off a demi-immortal.

Each demi-immortal was the real overlord of the Snow Sect region. Except for those extremely rare innate spirits, who could compete with demi-immortals?

'Why did Master Lambert help me?' At this moment, Ricky was really confused. 'He said he was watching me secretly. Did he help me because I saved Heather?'

Nevertheless, Ricky said respectfully, "Thank you for sticking up for me, Master Lambert!"

"Lion King Castle is fair to everyone. There's no need for you to thank me," Master Lambert answered. He was quite polite to Ricky, which confused the other warriors.

'Damn! What the hell? How could this old man of Lion King Castle still be alive and even become a demi-immortal?' At this time, the ferocity in Harald's heart was more than what words could describe. He was truly pissed.

'And Jim is useless. He couldn't even do one thing right. I took him in as a disciple, but for nothing.'

Of course, Harald also knew that Jim and Leo probably wouldn't show themselves.


"Certainly. I also want to let people know that I'm still alive," Master Lambert said, looking at the clan masters of the major clans in the Lion King Castle.

The masters were disconcerted. And they couldn't stare down a demi-immortal easily.

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