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   Chapter 34 That's Cheating

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At that moment, everyone turned their eyes onto Agnes, who raised her head haughtily. She was a young woman with long flowing hair tied with lime silk. She was wearing a light blue dress.

She looked beautiful and graceful, with an elegant and noble air about her. Without a doubt, many of the male warriors admired her beauty.

"It is said that Agnes is not only the genius of the Shui Clan, but also one of the gifted outer disciples of the Snow Sect," one of the warriors muttered.

"Agnes has three hundred and twenty black dots! This time, Agnes could very well win first place."

"Of course! In my opinion, Agnes is the best warrior around!"


"I never expected Agnes to be an outer disciple of the Snow Sect and manage to obtain three hundred and twenty black dots. I think she might take third place this time," Ricky muttered, under his breath.

In the minutes that followed, the total numbers of black dots the participants had obtained were revealed to the public one by one. However, no one got more dots than Agnes, and only two warriors had over two hundred black dots.

Harald and Connie were growing more anxious and upset, as they found out that Jim and Leo hadn't shown up yet.

Meanwhile, the attendees of the Zhang Clan and the Wang Clan were also very worried. Their warriors, Finn and Waylon, also had yet to appear.


"It's my turn now!" With a subtly smug smile on her face, Heather walked towards the two scribes of the Lion King Castle and drew her ironwood.

"Look! The Lady of the Lion King Castle is there now. I wonder how many beasts she has hunted this time," a warrior said curiously.

Since Heather and Agnes were two outstandingly gifted women who had joined the Iron Blood Trial, they would likely to be compared to each other by everyone present.

"Humph! The Lady of our Lion King Castle must win first place this time!" the disciples of the Lion King Castle exclaimed, upon seeing Heather.

"Humph! It's highly possible that Agnes will get first place!"

Now many warriors began to bicker because of the two women.

"Heather! Four hundred and ten dots!" called out the voice of one of the scribes. The crowd fell silent immediately.

No one had ever gotten four hundred and ten black dots during the three Iron Blood Trials. Not until now.

"Ahh!" The members and disciples of the Lion King Castle b

rald told you all that I'm at the sixth grade of Skin Refinement. Do you really think that he is right?"

Ricky's words caught the attention of the bickering warriors.

Then Ricky's aura suddenly changed and was boosted to the highest limit that the eighth grade of Skin Refinement could reach.

"The eighth grade of Skin Refinement!" Sensing Ricky's powerful aura, many warriors marveled, glancing at Harald with disdain, as if blaming him for tricking them.

"Damn it! He was just at the sixth grade of Skin Refinement some days ago, but how could he reach the peak of the eighth grade of Skin Refinement within a month?!" Harald asked himself furiously.

"How could such a worthless piece of trash without spiritual meridian cultivate and achieve the eighth grade of Skin Refinement?"

Connie also glared at Ricky sullenly.

"He has even made a breakthrough and reached the eighth grade of Skin Refinement!" Grace was also shocked at the revelation that Ricky had cultivated into this level.

She felt confused. The longer she stayed with Ricky, the less she seemed to know about him.

"Hey, everybody, don't let this guy fool you!" Harald yelled. Being the powerful warrior of Bone Reinforcement with wide knowledge and experience, he had quickly calmed himself down.

"Please think about this. Even a warrior at the ninth grade of Skin Refinement could not have killed so many beasts, let alone Ricky who's only at the eighth grade of Skin Refinement. So that must be cheating!"

The warriors fixated their suspicious eyes on Ricky again when they heard this.

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