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   Chapter 33 Execution

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"Sword-light, three swords in one!"

Brandishing the long sword surrounded by white energy, Jim instantly made three golden sword blades that began to fuse in mid-air. A sharp and powerful sword-light was formed. Jim came with full force to Ricky.

He had all the killing intentions in his mind. He summoned all the power he can muster in his final blow. The powerful cultivation methods concentrated in his sword-light.

Despite the display of strength in front of him, Ricky remained unfazed. A mix of determination and excitement was evidently seen behind his black eyes. His fighting spirit remained unwavering. He channeled his inner strength and summoned the power of First Degree of the Nine-Degree Body Refining Formula in his right arm -- he was ready to retaliate.

Ricky's spiritual energy started taking shape. A fierce tiger started to take form behind his back. The resounding roar of the tiger was heard -- a sign of Ricky's true strength.

"Whiz Fist!" Ricky shouted as he clasped his fingers together to form a fist. With all the energy he could summon in him, he went for the golden sword-light.

Crash! The next few moments were hazy. The sound of golden iron reverberated throughout the whole area. The clash between sword-light and the tiger's roar created a dramatic ripple it could practically tear the whole space apart.

The fight between Jim and Ricky was neck to neck. Ricky's red fist and Jim's sword-light blade were locked into a stalemate.

This, however, only lasted a short while. A cracking sound was heard after a short moment had passed.

It started out as something small, a minute chink in the sword of light. But the cracks started growing. More and more started to appear in the blade and it spread until the sharp sword-light dissipated.

Jim was in disbelief. He was fearful, even. He couldn't fathom the scene unfolding before him. Ricky was pleased with himself. All his hard work paid off. With a cocky smirk, he revved his power further and concentrated in his red fist.


An explosive boom resounded in the whole field. The sword-light from the golden sword dimmed and the sword flew right out of Jim's hand.

Ricky did not even give Jim a chance to recover. He immediately struck his chest like a bolt of thunder.

Jim did not even lift a finger to defend himself. Was he strong enough to combat Ricky's punches? Definitely. But he was dejected after seeing his most powerful sword-light shatter into millions of pieces. His will to continue fighting was depleting.

Pow! Jim spat out large amounts of blood from his mouth as he was thrown in the ground with a loud thud.

Ricky was not taking any chances. Without missing a single beat he used Jim's long sword

eople who had been hunting fierce beasts in Lion King Mountains range returned from their training.

Ricky and Heather also planned to return. However, both parties decided it would be best if they went back separately.

This was Ricky's request, because he did not want Heather to get into trouble. If Harald and Connie saw that they were together, they would also put a target above Heather's head.

Ricky leisurely left the mountain range and upon seeing Grace waiting for him he smiled slightly.

Seeing that Ricky was still his usual self, Grace breathed a deep sigh of relief.

Although Ricky was just a normal disciple, Grace considered him as her own special personal disciple.

Harald and Connie were also present. Their eyes instantly darkened upon seeing Ricky.

'Jim and Johnny are trash. They could not even complete this one simple mission!' Harald screamed in his heart. He then glared at Ricky with hateful eyes as a warning for Ricky to stop being so cocky.

Regarding the spiteful glare of those two people, Ricky merely gave them a mysterious smile and then walked over to the inspector of Lion King Castle.

'I cannot even imagine what kind of expression Harald and Connie will have on their faces when they find out that Jim and Johnny won't be returning.' Ricky thought smugly.


"Andy, seventy-one dots!"

"Alan, eighty-three dots!"

"Jimmy, one hundred and thirty dots!" ......

The inspector of Lion King Castle had already begun checking amount of dots on the ironwood of those who had finished the trial and returned.

"Blue Water City, Agnes, three hundred and twenty dots!"

Upon hearing this, the people around broke into excited murmurs and whispers.

Three hundred and twenty dots, which definitely would make her a formidable competitor for first prize.

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