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   Chapter 32 Body Refinement Beats Sword-light

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7502

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In the jungle the air was heavy and moist. Sunlight shimmered through the vast canopy of leaves. All around were trees tall enough to dwarf the highest building. Vines and underbrush made footing unsteady. From every direction, one could hear the hums and chirps of insects, the songs of birds and the myriad sounds of mammals. And, of course, the sounds of battle. Ricky and Jim were fighting, one would strike or feint, then move quickly to try and gain or regain the advantage. The impact between knife and sword sent sparks flying as if they were trying to shape iron... or gold.


Suddenly, the earth trembled, and a huge crack opened in the ground. Ricky's saber met Jim's sword again. And they both were thrown back by the force.

The onlookers could see that both of their arms were trembling due to their exertions.

"If that's all you got, Jim, maybe you should throw in the towel! Give up your status in the Snow Sect, and I might not kill you," Ricky sneered, looking at Jim's gloomy face.

As for the two young men standing on the sidelines, they were dumbfounded. Connie's disciples were no less stunned.

Among outer disciples in the Snow Sect, only those who were in the top ten would have been able to fight with Jim for so long. And it shouldn't be possible even for those who attained the ninth grade of Skin Refinement to beat Jim.

And now, Ricky did it at eighth.

Hearing Ricky's taunt, Jim said nothing. His credibility was already in doubt. He boasted that he could take Ricky down with a single blow. Well, they'd traded multiple strikes back and forth.

Now, the only way he could redeem himself was to kill Ricky.


Jim flew into a rage. And the sword in his hand began to make a huge thumping sound.

When the sword was making the sound a white light formed and enveloped the sword.

That light was definitely not the gathering of spiritual energy. It was another kind of power. The light was emitting strong power and seemed to be drawn to Ricky. That fact made him shiver.

'That light—what is it?' Ricky shifted his focus from combat and stared at the light coming from Jim's sword.

"Is that the sword-light ?"

Ricky said suddenly, with a suspicious doubt yet m

ment, there came the sound of metal shattering. The three blades of the wind sword were broken by Ricky's bare hand, his arms crossed to force back Jim's long sword.

Only some faint cutting marks were left in Ricky red arms and hands.

"Ricky is fine!" Seeing this, Heather couldn't help breathing a sigh of relief. She was worried for him the whole time she remained hidden.

Immediately, she noticed Ricky's cultivation method that he trained in.


"This... is his method of Refinement!" Seeing this, everyone was shocked. Their eyes couldn't help but fill with greed.

Once again, Jim's eyes became gloomy, but soon they were darkened by deep greed.

According to the analysis of the people from Casting Faction, Ricky's method of Refinement was at least the cultivation method at the intermediate stage of Black Level. How could they not be lured?

If there was a cultivation method at the advanced stage of Yellow Level, all the disciples would fight for it; not to mention the cultivation method at the advanced stage of Black Level.

"Hand over the cultivation method! I'll give you a quick death," Jim said eagerly.

"What? Hand over my method? Fine! But that depends on which one is better. Your sword-light or my Body Refining Formula?" Ricky laughed.

"I'm not done yet. This time I'll take you out with my bare hands."

"Since you won't hand it over, then I'll take it—from your corpse!" Jim said seriously.

The next moment, they were moving again.

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