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   Chapter 31 Fighting With The Ninth Grade Warriors

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It happened so quickly for a warrior who had no signs of spiritual meridian in his system. Was it even possible for a warrior to practice from the sixth grade of Skin Refinement to the eighth grade in less than a month? To some, it was magic, but to Ricky, he might be a little different.

"You're playing tricks on purpose!" Jim said angrily.

"If you try it yourself, you'll know if I'm playing tricks on you." Ricky sneered. Jim felt incredible of Ricky's improvement from the sixth grade to the eighth grade of Skin Refinement. How could someone possibly do it so quickly? In an instant, Ricky's power of the eighth grade of Skin Refinement rose and bore down on Jim directly.

Ricky was fearless although it was his first time to fight the warrior of the ninth grade of Skin Refinement. He was sure to win. The flames of battle were burning in his eyes.

"Ah, an eighth grade. Even if you are in the ninth grade of Skin Refinement, you will still die here today!" Jim said bravely. Jim was equally as brave and fearless as Ricky. Jim stared at Ricky with a killing intent, and saw him as not a threat.

The intent of fighting in Ricky's eyes was getting stronger and stronger, and then Ricky burst out and headed straight for Jim.

A blazing hand was about to hit Jim. He moved his eyes, turned them to Ricky. With darkness hovering his energy, Jim then said, "You really have no idea of your limitations. And since you are in a hurry to die, I will 'help' you today."

Generally speaking, when a warrior at the eighth grade of Skin Refinement saw one at the ninth grade, even if he didn't want to bow his head, he dared not make a provocation.

However, Ricky was not one of them, and Jim wasn't able to stand it.


Ricky was quick as a fox. Jim did not even notice that Ricky was already in front of him. Ricky took in a deep breath, like in the start of every meditation, and drew his spiritual energy. His eyes darkened, absorbing all the energy that he had and let out a strong roar shook everyone to their core.

Ricky looked at his hands. Flames started to burn elegantly, as if they were extensions of his body. His fists were generating flames!

Ricky punched a fist heavily on the brink of battle.

"Little bastard, I can't believe you can show the power of the ninth grade of Skin Refinement!" Jim said in shock as soon as he felt the power of Ricky's fist radiate all throughout the area.

Jim was beyond surprised with this, because what Ricky showed him was the power of a warrior at the ninth grade of Skin Refinement.

Jim calmed down, gathered all the energy he needed to retaliate. And the intent of murder in his eyes soared.

"Even though you had th

surrounding his saber when Ricky felt the change of Jim's power.

"Ricky, you should be proud to be able to let me use this tactic for you, an eighth grade of Skin Refinement warrior!" roared Jim.

"Golden Finger! Go Die!"

The next moment, the slight golden color of Jim's spiritual energy became deeper, and all rushed to Jim's ten fingers. Jim clasped his hands, and the golden spiritual energy condensed into a several feet long huge finger.

The golden finger, with indescribable power, flashed force towards Ricky.

"It's sensible to use it, but you can also try my Nonuple Flame Strike." Ricky said seriously as he felt the dangerous power on Jim's golden finger.

Eager to advance into action, Ricky took out his long saber and raised it high with his hand. The power that he had was so strong that the long saber was immediately surrounded by endless flame elements.

Ricky slashed and attacked Jim relentlessly. One slash after the other, he waved his saber without hesitation, ready for the kill. And with Nonuple Flame Strike-the Fifth Strike, his saber collided with the Jim's iron finger fiercely.

After a month of intense training, Ricky's Nonuple Flame Strike had been practiced to the fifth level, which unlocked more powers and opportunities for the Nonuple Flame Strike.


The golden and the red ferocious spiritual energies collided in an instant, and caused the center of the two men to ripple again and spread quickly around them. At the same time, the collision vibrated the two men, forcing the two to regress again.

But after the retrogression, neither of them stopped.

The soles twisted hard on the ground, and they were both rushed to each other. At this moment, Jim took out the sword on his waist and collided with the long saber of Ricky.

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