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   Chapter 29 The Incredible Blood Zone

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"Ah!" screamed Finn.

His body was consumed by the raging flames in midair before he fell into the pond.

The water was shallow and it was easy to see that Finn was fatally wounded. Ricky decided to deliver the deciding blow to end his life.

Walking into the pond, he played his sword under Finn's head, severing it from his body in one swoop. Then, he took away Finn's ironwood with him.

Turning around, he saw Heather and Waylon still fighting.

Sensing Ricky's murderous gaze, Waylon felt a pang of fear. He realized that Finn must have lost and the sight of his dead body in the pond sent a chill to his heart immediately.

Wracked with fear, Waylon turned around and tried to flee.

"It's too late to run now!" Ricky sneered, smiling at Waylon's receding figure.

Heather, who was unwilling to admit herself outdone, tried to stop Waylon from leaving.

Striding up to Waylon, Ricky blocked his path. Since Heather was standing right behind Waylon, he knew that it would be hard for him to escape now.

"Boy, you'd better let me go, and I will consider letting you live. Or you prepare for the wrath of the Wang Clan! They will definitely tear you into pieces!" Waylon threatened indignantly.

"Hahaha! Don't you know? The last person who said something like that to me is dead now," Ricky replied ominously.

Without another word, Ricky slashed at Waylon with his burning sword.

With Heather's help, Waylon couldn't even last three more strokes before he fell dead.

"Thank you, Ricky!" exclaimed Heather, her face flushed a little.

"It's my pleasure. It's an honor to help a beauty such as you. You're welcome!" Ricky replied teasingly.

Heather's face turned immediately red. She was embarrassed yet happy to be called a beauty.

"Are you from Lion King Castle?" Ricky asked, changing the subject.

"Yes, my father is the master of Lion King Castle," Heather replied, nodding. She was really proud of and adored her father. His approval meant everything to her.

"Oh! That means you didn't even need to fight for Sacred Blood Crystal through this Iron Blood Trial!" Ricky said, visibly excited.

"I just wanted to go through this training," Heather replied.

"So, it means that you don't need these black dots, do you? Then I'll take all five hundred black dots. Thank you!" Ricky said with a beaming smile. He then tra

an improve my speed of cultivation by slaying beasts and putting them inside it! My speed of cultivation might be even faster than the talents, ' Ricky speculated to himself. Deep in thought, he was very excited at this discovery.

He put the corpse of the Anaconda-tailed Tiger inside Blood Zone while Heather wasn't looking. Then he began to ignite the fire to burn the body.

As expected, the fire briskly turned Anaconda-tailed Tiger's body parts into blood vitality.

Some of them were still absorbed by the Chaos Manual, while the rest of them were absorbed by Ricky himself.

'That's incredible! How amazing!' He was right about what the Blood Zone was capable of. He could barely control himself from shouting out loud.

Without hesitation, Ricky focused his mind, continuing to absorb the blood vitality.

Anaconda-tailed Tiger was a beast of Blood Purification. Its blood vitality was much more superior to the beasts' at the seventh grade of the Skin Refinement.

'Maybe it's the time to take a chance! I might be able to breakthrough to reach the eighth grade of Skin Refinement!' Ricky thought.

Four hours later, the energy inside his body seemed to be ready to burst. It was a sign of an impending breakthrough. Ricky's eyes shot open all of a sudden.

Heather's mouth fell open at the energy which was now surrounding Ricky.

"You...You...How could you... I can't believe it! You've reached the eighth grade of Skin Refinement!" Heather couldn't help but shout. She could sense that Ricky was in the same grade as her now! It was unheard of!

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