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   Chapter 28 As Easy As Crushing Dry Weeds and Smashing Rotten Wood

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'They finally gave the game away, but fortunately, Heather didn't know about it. That means she's not in on it, ' Ricky thought to himself.

Otherwise, he could only scramble to his feet and run away, waiting to avenge himself on them someday in the future.

Meanwhile, he admonished himself silently for being so careless, trusting Finn and Waylon simply because the spiritual meridian didn't warn him.

"Everyone is unreliable in this world of fighting, where life and death are governed by the law of the forest!" Ricky exclaimed bitterly.

Yet this experience wasn't all bad news for him. It would make him more mature and adaptable to this chaotic and cruel world.

"Heather, couldn't you figure out that we wanted the five hundred black dots all to ourselves?" Finn said with a wicked grin, ignoring Ricky as he stared at Heather's figure with lustful eyes.

"Hmph! You bastards. You've been planning this for a long time!" Heather spat defiantly.

Despite her courageous voice, her eyes shone with fear.

She also ignored Ricky, knowing that neither of Finn and Waylon were inferior to her strength.

"Heather, it's not our fault! The blame is all on you!" Waylon said with a sneer. "Finn and I have striven so hard to impress you, but you, you bitch, you've never done anything in return for us!"

"So what we want now is for you to do something for us. How about you entertain us this time? Having sex in this wild place must be fun. Am I right, Finn?"

"Ha-ha! Of course, it's fun doing it here!" Finn chuckled obscenely.

Now that the two men had revealed their intentions, they stopped concealing their malicious faces.

"How dare you! The People of the Lion King Castle will arrive any moment now!" Heather scowled and replied stoically, but the trepidation in her eyes had already betrayed her.

"Miss Heather, it's no use to threaten us. Warriors of the Lion King Castle only patrol around the peripheral areas. There is no way that they would come to the mountains, so you'd better comply with our demands."

Waylon laughed grimly. "Perhaps if you entertain us well enough, we will give you some black dots."

Saying this, they strode menacingly towards Heather.

"My father won't let you get away with it!" Heather threatened again, meeting their obscene eyes.

"Ha-ha, what's done is done. How is your father going to change it? Besides, how would anyone know that you, Miss Heather would die in this desolate wilderness? No body, no evidence, no nothing!" Finn sneered.

"Even so, you will never win," Heather spat coldly. Determination in her beautiful eyes, and sword rattling in her delicate hand, she was ready for a battle to the death

"Ha-ha, Heather, you'd better stop resisting us, unless you want to suffer a long and painful death," laughed Waylon.

"Stop talking nonsense, Waylon! I can't wait any more." ......

"Hey, come on! Why are you ignoring me?" a voice suddenly piped up. It was Ricky.

"How about this? If you give me fifty black dots, which are what I deserved, and give me another one hundred as hush money, I'll just pretend nothing happened and you can go on enjoying yourselves."

"This fucking bastard! Kill him!" Waylon shouted.


These words had hardly escaped his mouth when four young men leaped from the towering trees nearby. They worked as minions for Finn and Waylon.

All of these young men had already reached the seventh grade of Skin Refinement.

"You little bastard, how dare you annoy our master! Today you die!" They shouted as they dashed towards Ricky.

"I'm going to kick your ass!" Ricky sneered and shrugged his shoulders, preparing for a fight. Suddenly, his feet stomped against the ground and swooped down upo

n them.

In a flash, a loud hum produced by the friction between fist and air boomed, the four minions collapsing in succession. Their chests had all been smashed brutally by Ricky's fists, only their stunned eyes left open.

Ricky turned around slowly and shook away the flesh and blood on his fists. "Hey, it seems your minions are very weak!" Ricky said with a grin.

"Impossible! !" Finn and Waylon said with trembling voices, both aghast in shock.

'Four warriors at their seventh grade of Skin Refinement could not even resist his attack and were slain all at once. Could we stand a chance of winning against him?' Finn and Waylon wondered.

Heather was also stunned.

"So now, I'm offering you another chance. Give me all the black dots, and I will consider staying out of this and letting you get away with it!" Ricky grinned mockingly as he turned to face them.

But Finn and Waylon chose to answer him with saber and sword.

Finn raised his saber and swung it at Ricky from one side. The saber in his hand vibrated as it gathered the power of water elementals. Meanwhile, Waylon had unsheathed his sword, thrusting at Ricky from a tricky angle, which was difficult to dodge. The strike was meant to put Ricky at a fatal position.

All of a sudden, Ricky sensed a great wave of pressure speeding towards him. He could smell the danger.

'Warriors at the eighth grade of Skin Refinement are truly different. Warriors at the seventh grade can't even compare with them, ' Ricky thought, feeling the pressure surging through his body.

But he didn't hesitate a second longer. He drew his saber from the sheath on his back, the spiritual energy transforming into flame elementals.

Suddenly, he realized that Heather was no longer reeling from the shock. She stood right in front of Waylon, and was preparing to battle him.

"Ricky, I'll deal with Waylon. And you can take on Finn!" she shouted. She concentrated all her power on the sword, piercing Waylon with an explosive force.

"Ha-ha, thank you so much, beautiful! I'll help you out as soon as I slay this brute!" Ricky laughed, focusing on Finn now.

Blood rushed onto Heather's cheeks as she heard Ricky calling her beautiful.

"Slay me? Listen, you're in way over your head, chump!" Finn snorted in disdain as he gathered power onto his saber, his face growing bitterly scornful.

"I'll teach you how to use a saber!"

Ricky was annoyed at hearing his words. Wielding his saber encapsulated in flame elements, he slashed directly at Finn's saber in a furious blow.


In the span of a few minutes, their sabers had crashed with each other dozens of times, sparks flying in flashes.

Finally, with the power he cultivated from the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, Ricky knocked Finn back as easy as blowing away dust. Finn's body flew backwards into the swamp, his hands bleeding with wounds.

"You bastard! Go to hell!" Finn shouted, the extreme anger apparent on his face.

"Water Strike!"

Finn jumped up in a flash, growling like a wild beast. He wielded his saber, all the spiritual energy in his body turning into the shape of water mustering a whirling pearly spray, as if he was channeling a boundless ocean.

Whirling the saber, he raised it high and aimed directly at Ricky with furious power as water whirled back and forth on his blade.

"Is that all you've got?"

Ricky certainly didn't want to accept inferiority. He wielded the blade around his head, and immediately the burning flames broke their way right through the blade and rushed towards Finn.

The first flame fended off Finn's blow, the next crushed through his defense, and the last strike slashed deep into Finn's chest with intense power.

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