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   Chapter 26 Heather

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It took Ricky quite a long time to calm himself down. He was much too excited.

Now he set his goal on finding out whether his spiritual meridian was suitable for improving his spiritual power and cultivating himself with the manual. He wanted to know if it could enhance his cultivation and skills.

However, it would take a long time to attest whether his spiritual meridian could really improve his spiritual power. Because of this, Ricky now turned his attention to the scarlet runes inside the Blood Zone of his spiritual meridian.

Although Ricky had never heard of a manual that could transform into runes, he speculated that those mysterious runes were exactly the contents of the Chaos Manual.

With this in mind, Ricky gathered his spiritual energy and activated his newly acquired spiritual meridian, after which he began to examine and decipher the runes.

But perhaps, Ricky had overestimated his ability to read the runes, or he simply hadn't reached a sufficient cultivation level, for even though he had spent the whole day studying the runes, he couldn't make sense of any of them.

"It's probable that my spiritual meridian isn't suitable for making weapons," Ricky thought to himself, a little disappointed.

But he didn't dwell too much on that. After all, it wasn't his primary goal for the time being.

"I'd better put this aside first. I have to focus on hunting some more beasts now. I need to fortify the seventh grade of Skin Refinement!"

And with that, Ricky left the pungent place and began to track and hunt the beasts.

This time, after he hunted and killed several beasts, Ricky didn't throw away the valuable materials he got from the beasts anymore, as he found out that the Blood Zone was like the Storage Ring and could store a large number of items.

Of course, Ricky was pleasantly surprised to discover this. However, he regretted throwing away so many valuable beast materials after his previous hunting. It was really a shame. If his spiritual meridian had undergone the changes some time ago, he could have collected plenty of materials worth a fortune.


After a few days, Ricky found that the number of the beasts at the periphery of the Lion King Mountains had suddenly diminished, because when the beasts had realized that the mountains were very dangerous now. Many of them escaped and went deeper into the mountains.

The beasts could go deep into the mountains, but the warriors who were in the Iron Blood Trial didn't dare follow. They were afraid that a beast of Blood Purification would easily tear them to shreds.

With so few of the fierce animals around there, Ricky only managed to hunt f

e a murderous intent from them.

He was certain of that, for his regained spiritual meridian made his perception very sensitive, making him able to sense and notice everything more accurately and quickly.

"Ricky, we happened to find that a beast at the first grade of Blood Purification was injured severely, resting at a place not far away from here. The beast has been weakened greatly and may now only be at the moderate level of the ninth grade of Skin Refinement," Heather explained detailedly.

"Since it is still at the ninth grade of Skin Refinement, we believe that we can't defeat it easily even if three of us fight against it together. So, we decided to find a warrior at the seventh grade of Skin Refinement to come with us."

"If someone at the seventh grade of Skin Refinement joins us, we are confident we can slay that injured beast of Blood Purification."

"I see." Ricky nodded.

"So Ricky, what do you say? Would you like to join us?" Heather asked expectantly, seeing as Ricky seemed to be a little interested in it.

Previously, they had found many warriors at the seventh grade of Skin Refinement and asked them to join their quest, but no one was willing to go with them. That was because those warriors were worried that it would be very dangerous to work with three warriors at the eighth grade of Skin Refinement whom they didn't know.

"I want to ask you two questions," Ricky finally replied, after thinking about it.

"Please do!"

"The first question: why aren't you looking for a warrior at the eighth grade of Skin Refinement? After all, you all are at the eighth grade, so you don't have to fear a warrior at the same grade as you. Besides, such a warrior can be much more effective during the hunting," Ricky said, pointedly.

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