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   Chapter 25 The Chaos Manual

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After unanimously agreeing on the rules, the disciples headed into the Lion King Mountains one by one. Ricky was among them and entered the mountains secretly. After all, he was no match for Jim now. It would not be good were they to cross paths.

Once under the cover of the mountain's foothills, the disciples dispersed immediately and looked for their own prey. They didn't trust each other. Moreover, this place was dangerous. It would be better to hunt alone.

The first fierce beast Ricky encountered was a lowly boa at the sixth grade of Skin Refinement.

Ricky had made great progress in just a few days. It was now a piece of cake for him to slay beasts of such a low grade.

After killing the boa, which didn't stand a chance, Ricky let its blood drip onto his ironwood, but there were no black dots that appeared.

"It seems that what Benson said is true. Only the blood of beasts of advanced stage of Skin Refinement can leave a mark on the ironwood," Ricky murmured to himself, somewhat disappointed.

The ironwood was very peculiar. Its trunk was extremely hard, an impenetrable fortress against any powerful attack. Even if it was cut with a high grade tool, there would be no hint of a scratch. But the ironwood was especially fond of the blood of the fierce beasts.

The ironwood of different ages could absorb the blood of beasts of different grades. Black dots would emerge on the bark when the blood met the trunk.

Ricky's particular ironwood was over a century old. It could absorb the blood of beasts at advanced stage of Skin Refinement.

Therefore, it was useless for these disciples to kill the beasts at a low grade of Skin Refinement. Instead, they had to focus their skills on beasts at a high grade.

"Well then, my next target should be the beasts at the seventh grade of Skin Refinement, and I need to practice my cultivation methods, especially the Nonuple Flame Strike and Nine-degree Body Refining Formula," decided Ricky.

He knew he had to get moving. Actions spoke louder than words. Ricky began looked for a beast at the seventh grade of Skin Refinement.

Within ten days, Ricky had killed in total forty beasts at the seventh grade of Skin Refinement. He had also defeated some of the disciples who tried to steal his fruits. In the end, Ricky had accumulated more than seventy black dots on the ironwood.

However, for Ricky, the greatest achievement was that he had improved the two cultivation methods and reached the highest peak of the sixth grade of Skin Refinement.

'It appears that actual combat is the fastest and the most efficient way to improve my skills, '

lp them practice the manuals.

However, very few warriors existed who could possess the kind of spiritual meridian that combined the two functions. They were one in a million.

That was why very few warriors could become a casting master, but should they succeed, they would have an extremely high status.

Moreover, all the weapons of the warriors were forged by the casting masters, which further enhanced and strengthened their status.

To these respectable casting masters, the manuals held the same value as cultivation methods did to the warriors.

But the number of the manuals was far less than the cultivation methods, and even less than the number of the casting masters. That was why these manuals were so valuable.

At the sight of the Chaos Manual, Ricky became thrilled, because even the manuals of the lowest class were of high value, maybe tens of thousands or even a hundred thousand.

"Well, the Chaos Manual… The name is exciting. I'm guessing it must be worth a great deal." Knowing that the manual was an important tool for the casting masters, Ricky immediately began to think about how to sell it and make a killing.

However, he soon changed his mind. There was something he had forgotten to consider.

"Wait, the manual is hidden in my spiritual meridian. Does that mean that my spiritual meridian could help practice the manuals, improve my spiritual power and even forge the weapons?

If that's true, could it be? Perhaps, it could mean that I am actually qualified and have the potential to be a casting master?

Goodness! A casting master!? What if I actually, really succeed?"

Envisioning the future, where he would be known for his superb forging skills and became famous, Ricky was wholly ecstatic.

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