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   Chapter 24 Iron Blood Trial

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"His power's too strong!" A palpable tension sailed through whispers of quivering mouths. "A-amazing…"

The mysterious man in Blood Robe spared a spiteful glance to the onlookers. Driven still by the ominous threat that lay behind the being's scrutiny, they sealed their mouths shut in fear of offending him.

This male was not normal by any means. After all, he was none other than the incarnation of the Sacred Blood Lion.

"Welcome to Lion King Castle!"

Benson and his disciples fell to their knees in one swift movement, displaying their unwavering reverence for the spirit before them. They couldn't be more delighted to be standing on the dais as they beheld his awaited arrival.

However, the guest harbored such deep and clear hostility towards the group, that their futile attempt to plow past his indifference with the use of courtesy went ignored.

It was a fact that Ricky couldn't completely comprehend. He thought that the relationship between the subjects would be one filled with homage, what with the widespread legend of its ancestry. And yet, a disturbing truth dawned on him as he further observed the situation; humans and beasts, with their glaring differences, were just as incompatible as mixed oil and water.

If it weren't for the submissiveness of the contenders, the spirit would have started a massacre if he had felt even the slightest malicious intent drifting from one of them.

He shifted his predatory gaze to Benson's form, not bothering to hide his distaste. "Here are the three drops of blood essence from my body. Take them," he said as he regarded them coldly, stretching out his right hand to reveal his bloodstained fingertips. Three dark beads of blood slipped past the thick surface of his skin and floated towards Benson.

The receiver took out a jade bottle from his loose sleeve hastily as he prepared to catch the flying drops of liquid. He couldn't help but feel excited at the sight of it, his hands trembling with the obvious effort to stay calm.

"Thank you, my honorable Sacred Blood Lion!" Benson bowed deeply to the benevolent figure. His disciples followed his actions shortly after.

"This marks the end of the debt I once owed to your castle. From now on, expect that I will no longer be back. Your kind and mine shall never mingle again, and if ever we do--" his glare bored into them, chipping away at the chunks of metal serving as their armor. To him, it must've looked like mere toys. "--we are to meet as enemies."

He left in a trail of dark red smoke, disappearing without a trace in the open air.

It appeared that the Sacred Blood Lion was more than unwilling to pay a visit to a human's territory.

The warriors all sighed in relief at his departure, finally able to breathe at ease without the all-encompassing presence.

Then, one by one, heads snapped like magnets entranced to a piece of metal as the king held the white, delicate jade bottle that contained the blood essence. Greed reflected in their eyes, burning rays into the small object that almost seemed to melt under its intensity like wax against a white-hot flame.

No warriors in this world could've had the tenacity to resist the temptation of the rare matter.

Even so, resorting to using underhanded tactics was a taboo amongst the whole region. One must go through the Iron Blood Trial to earn such a prize; if not, they would face the wrath of the Snow Sect.

A conceited warrior of Bone Reinforcement had taken it upon him to commit such a foolish, daring act once.

The news of his idiotic thieving had spread quickly, and as a dire consequence, his name found its own home on the Sect's death list as a prime wanted man. Soon enough, the burglar and his accomplices' bodies had served their purposes as decorations to the gates of the Lion King Castle.

No one ever had the nerve to oppose the authorities since then.

Ricky's eyes twinkled with eagerness, luring him into a daze the longer he stared at the bottle. He couldn't help the thirst he had for the power within his reach, but he also had ques

"About Jim, you should be careful; he's ninth place among the outer disciples. As far as I'm concerned, his Skin Refinement had also reached the ninth grade." He was stunned, struck with awe for his future rival.

"You mean, he ranks ninth among the Ten Outer Disciples?" He knew the odds of success were slim in a battle with Jim, but this didn't mean that he would back down. He had never lacked confidence in the face of adversity, and he wasn't planning to lose his morale now.

'If I can't beat up a warrior at Jim's level, how can I possibly fight against the Refinement and Casting Faction in the future?' Ricky clenched his fists in anticipation; the stronger his opponent was, the more he would be eager to fight.


Three days later, the Iron Blood Trial begun as planned.

The outskirts of the Lion King Mountains had converted into a field that accommodated the preparing warriors for the event.

With their tokens of entry in hand, they waited anxiously outside the entrance to the test area.

A few minutes passed; a gust of freezing wind started to blow, serving as a coincidental signal for the drums to beat in tandem with the entrance of Benson, the master of the Lion King Castle, in the venue.

"Everyone! I must remind you of the dangers you will undoubtedly face once you go beyond the gates. I too trekked these same trails in the past and survived solely due to my strength. And so, the Lion King Castle will not carry the burden of guilt caused by your deaths! You have come here knowing that it will be ruthless, and only the strongest will have the honor of being the last ones standing."

Benson let himself scan the crowd with minimal interest and persisted on, "As per to the rules of this trial, I will inform you all of your tasks. You are to survive out in the wild for a month, and the top three warriors to succeed in killing the most ferocious beasts will win!"

"But of course, if any of you were to come out while the trial is still taking in place, you will be instantly disqualified."

Murmurs surged from the competitors, growing louder and louder as Benson's address neared its end.

"Now, shall we begin?!"

Roars akin to the beasts, they would soon be hunting emerged from the warriors, a deafening sound that shook the mountains as they were all drowned with the high, frenzy energy their voices carried along.

Amidst the chaos, disciples of the Lion King Castle attempted to calm the mass of people as they approached them, delivering a small, black piece of wood to each trial taker.

"That is called ancient ironwood. It's meant to witness and record your fighting moments!" Benson explained, leaving the troop to inspect the foreign item.

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