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   Chapter 22 Amelia

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"You even know Nate. I'm impressed. Seems an awful lot of trouble for little old me," Ricky said, his flippancy covering up his shock. Rod said that the Refinement Faction could help him deal with Nate, a disciple of the innate spirit. That meant that they were fairly powerful.

When he turned them down, he'd have another powerful enemy. He wasn't sure of their motives, but it surely didn't seem like a good idea to join them just like that.

But he was not the kind of man who could be bullied into making a decision.

"That's the way we roll. We Refinement Faction wants to make sure who we're dealing with," Rod said with a tiny smile. "So, what do you say?"

At the moment, Rod and Greg were confident that Ricky would not refuse. He wasn't powerful enough to handle the consequences.

In this case they underestimated Ricky.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you two seniors, but I'm not joining any faction for now!" Not surprisingly, while the two seniors were prepared to hear a firm reply, Ricky answered them in a tone neither overbearing nor servile.

Their confident expressions immediately became sullen, even savage. They weren't used to hearing no.

"That's your final answer?" Rod asked coldly, as the scarlet spiritual energy welled up in both of his hands. His tone had lost its politeness, showing it was only pretense to begin with.

"I've thought about it thoroughly," Ricky said.

Now that they were on the verge of blows, there was no need for courtesy.

"Ha! It's been a long time since someone turned us down. You've got guts. It would be only fitting if we slit you open so you could learn your lesson!" Greg said, menacingly. He'd never said a word before now. The strong blood vitality rose from his body and merged with the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, sending waves of spiritual force flying directly toward Ricky.

Ricky retreated a step and staggered as he was hit.

He was defenseless against this kind of attack. He had no choice but to retreat. His chest felt dull due to pain and blood spilled from the corner of his mouth.

"So, you're going

melia said with a little bitterness.

"So give me a reason to join." Ricky smiled.

"You'll be under our protection. Isn't that enough? You've made a lot of enemies today, such as Connie, a core disciple. She is a big supporter of the Casting Faction," said Amelia.

"Connie belongs to the Casting Faction!" Hearing this, Ricky was shocked and thinking even more dark thoughts about them.

"Thanks for telling me, Amelia, but I'm really not interested in any faction."

"So my offer wasn't tempting enough?" asked Amelia.

"Of course not!" Ricky laughed.

"Really? So tell me. What do you want?"

"You, for starters," Ricky said, walking around Amelia.

Amelia's beautiful eyes suddenly grew gloomy.

But only for a moment.

Then, Amelia leaned in close to Ricky and whispered in his ear, "If you can destroy the Refinement Faction and the Casting Faction, I might say yes."

"Done and done. A promise is a promise!" Ricky said seriously.


Afterwards, Amelia also left empty handed. She didn't threaten Ricky, but she certainly didn't like him after the conversation and his nasty request.

"All these factions! And they all hate me. That's awesome." Back to the house, Ricky thought hard about what was going on.

The Amber Faction probably wouldn't try anything, but the other two were out for his blood.

"More strength! That's what I need!" Ricky sighed again.

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