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   Chapter 21 Refinement Faction

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Not only the disciples, even the Elder himself was also surprised by Ricky.

'This little boy is really ruthless. However, only such a warrior could last long in the world of martial arts, ' the Elder thought to himself.

On the other hand, the Elder's affection for Ricky had slowly started to disappear.

The Elder said, he could be cruel to his enemies but he should not be so cruel to his father. If he continued going this way, he would also never be grateful to his master and his fellow disciples.

However, what they didn't know was that the Nan Clan was no longer a threat to Ricky.

"The battle is over and the victory belongs to Ricky!" After declaring the victory, the Elder left.

As he put away his long sword, Ricky walked slowly off the platform. He looked around, and he found that no one seemed to despise him anymore; all of the other disciples looked at him in awe.

'From now on, the name waste has nothing to do with me anymore!' Ricky thought to himself seriously.

"You'd better stay in the Snow Sect forever, Boy! Or I would kill you!" Connie said viciously.

"You could challenge me at any time. I'm waiting for you." Ricky grinned as he answered back.

Then Connie left with her followers. Defeated by Ricky, they only felt shamed staying here.

"Ricky, you just wait. Your father will die a horrible and painful death after our leader knows about that." Some disciples from the Nan Clan reacted from what they heard and started to threaten Ricky again.

"Really? Just tell him." Ricky sneered.

Upon hearing that, many disciples realized that Ricky was really ruthless.

Ricky ignored that and returned to the yard with Grace.


"Which level have you cultivated to with the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula?" Grace could not help asking Ricky although she had seen it with her own eyes.

"Master, were you surprised?" Ricky answered with a smile. It was evident that there was some pride in his words.

Grace once said no one could complete cultivating to the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula. But it seemed easy for him except for some difficulties during the process.

The regained spiritual meridian played a big role in the cultivation process. That was the reason why Ricky had made big progress in such a short amount of time.

What Ricky didn't know was that he was also transformed when regained the spiritual meridian.

"It's too early to regard Nine-degree Body Refining Formula as simple. You will not think of it like that after you reached the third level." Realizing Ricky was a little proud of his performance, Grace reminded him, "Or all the efforts you made would be in vain."

But Grace must admit that she was still in a state of shock with the news Ricky had just brought.

And she found out that Ricky broke through faster compared to those who had spiritual meridians during the cultivation process.

Still doubtful, Grace couldn't help but put her hand over Ricky's head again. She tried to find something like spiritual meridian in Ricky's body, but she found nothing.

Ricky knew what Grace was confused about. However, he was left with no choice but to keep it as a secret, because he knew how dangerous it would be even across the whole Misty South if everyone would know his magical new spiritual meridian.

"My master, may I ask you a question?" Ricky wanted to know some other things and he asked.

"Just say it."

"Had you, my master, never smiled? Never at all?" Ricky asked with a gentle smile.

"Just put yourself into the cultivation process and prepare to take part in the Outer Competition." Grace said calmly without answering Ricky's question, and after that, she went straight out of the room, which Ricky took as a sign that she didn't want to answer the question at all.

"Maybe we could come to an agreement. You can just

smile at me when I succeed in reaching the third grade of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula." Ricky yelled with amusement as Grace left the room.

Actually, he really wanted to see Grace smile.

Ricky knew what it was like to live a serious life all day. He also had two years of being treated as a waste and he didn't want to experience that any more. And he thought so did Grace.

Ricky guessed the birthmark on her face would be the most important reason why she turned out to be like this. That birthmark on her face really didn't look good. After all, he didn't know any girl who did not want to be beautiful.

If Grace was not a powerful warrior, she should suffer more than Ricky.

Grace kept her silence again and nobody knew what she was thinking.

"Master, I will definitely get rid of that birthmark for you once I am able to do that." Ricky promised himself watching Grace walk away until she disappeared from his sight.


Then Ricky concentrated on his breathing. After the battle, he could not hold his breath longer than what he used to. Ricky knew that even though he had succeeded in reaching the First Grade of the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, he was also affected by the full blow of Wade, a warrior at the seventh grade of Skin Refinement. He had to admit, a warrior at the seventh grade of Skin Refinement was really very strong.

In the evening, two young men in black clothes came quietly to Ricky's yard. Although they were thin, it was clear that they possessed strong power.

'They must be at intermediate or even advanced stage of Blood Purification, ' Ricky thought to himself. The regained spiritual meridian made Ricky more sensitive to his environment. Ricky could also vaguely sense a warrior's strength by merely a glance.

"Ricky, this is Rod." One of them introduced himself.

"And this is Greg." Then, Rod also introduced another man to Ricky. The other man looked a little prideful.

"Hi, is there anything I could help you with?" Ricky acknowledged them and then asked respectfully.

Rod was very polite, and so was Ricky.

"Ricky, in fact, we were all shocked and amazed by your performance in the battle today. So we sincerely invite you to join our Refinement Faction," Rod replied and he explained why they sought Ricky directly.

"Refinement Faction?" Ricky whispered.

He had known about some basic information of the Snow Sect after he arrived here.

There were three major factions in the Snow Sect. They were Casting Faction, Refinement Faction and Amber Faction.

These three factions were headed by the three disciples inside the Snow Sect. And the number of disciples from the three factions accounted for one-sixth of the total number of the people in the Snow Sect.

It was said that there were many core disciples and even some Elders among the disciples from the three factions.

So no one dared to challenge those important disciples from the faction. Or they would meet a terrible fate.

It could be easy to find members from the name, Refinement Faction. Disciples belonging in the Refinement Faction were given priority in cultivating their body strength.

'It seemed that they were interested in Nine-degree Body Refining Formula.' Immediately, Ricky understood why they wanted him to join Refinement Faction.

If they only want Ricky join Refinement Faction, they could let two lower disciples of Skin Refinement to invite him. But they let two disciples of Blood Purification to invite him, which meant they must have other purposes in mind.

"I believe that you must have heard about the Refinement Faction. Once you join us, we will try our best to help you with your attack with the Nan Clan," Rod said invitingly.

"Also, we, the Refinement Faction, could help you in defeating Nate, the nominal disciple of the innate spirit."

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