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   Chapter 19 The Battle Of Life And Death

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"I'm your master. This is what I should do," said Grace.

"So where's my father?" Ricky asked a little anxiously, because he had not seen his father for a whole year. It weighed on his mind, and hit him particularly hard when he was alone with these thoughts. His father was always in his heart, and would always find his way into his thoughts.

"When your father learned that you were accepted by the Snow Sect and became my disciple, he took off. He said he needed to find your mother," Grace replied.

"Find my mother?" Ricky whispered, eyes filled with a touch of sadness. He'd never met his mother, but an image of what he imagined she looked like filled his mind.

His mother left shortly after he was born, but he knew she was forced out. He knew in his heart she would always care for him.

The magical spiritual meridian that his mother left for him was the best proof.

"By the way, your father wanted me to let you know that other than Gilbert, there was another enemy called the Bloody Gang. The gang was also a part of the whole setup. And he wanted you to avenge him," Grace continued.

"Gilbert! Bloody Gang!" Ricky said coldly.

"But don't worry about it now. I need you to ready yourself for battle tomorrow. This contest is to the death, and I can't help you once you step into the ring," Grace warned him.

"Don't worry, Master. Tomorrow I'll give you a big surprise," Ricky said confidently.


There were many battle rings in the Snow Sect, but there were only a handful where contestants fought to the death. There were three, all on a flat and snowy field.

Today, almost all the outer disciples gathered around these three rings.

Also, many inner disciples and strong core disciples were there.

Today was mainly about the life and death battle between Ricky and Wade who were newcomers to Skin Refinement, but everyone knew it was actually a battle between the core disciples, as well—Connie and Grace.

Although Connie was not as strong as the other core disciples, she had won the favor of many male disciples with her good figure, pretty face and her prodigious skill at lovemaking.

While Grace

o spiritual meridians?"

"You've reached the sixth grade of Skin Refinement. No wonder you're so confident. But you can't beat Wade with that. I hope you won't disappoint me later," Grace said to herself.

That was right. After taking three spiritual energy pills to reach the top of the fifth grade of Skin Refinement, Ricky made a breakthrough a few days ago.

Grace thought it was not enough for him to break through in twenty days, but she knew nothing about the power of his new spiritual meridian. Ricky not only broke through, but refined his technique as well.


"The sixth grade of Skin Refinement. That's why you're so confident?" By this time, Wade's eyes were already gloomy.

"Maybe!" Ricky said.

"Aww, go to hell!"

At the next moment, Wade went all out. He unsheathed the Steel Sword at his waist and waved it, sending white sword-light towards Ricky.

"Nine Swords of the Wind—the Fourth Sword!"

All of a sudden, Wade was wielding the sword. Spiritual energy enveloped it, shimmered along its edges. Then the power gathered into a semicircle and exploded in Ricky's direction.

There was nowhere to run or hide from it.

But he was not trying to hide.

His eyes flashed. Then he pulled out the long sword at his back without bothering to gather any spiritual energy and directly rushed toward that whorl of power.

"Is... is he trying to get himself killed?" The crowd gasped in shock.

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