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   Chapter 17 Pressure

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"Rumor has it that Garfield took a break from the limelight to cultivate himself. Now that he finished his closed door cultivation, he might have already reached the sixth grade of Skin Refinement!"

"Yes, I heard. And now, the first thing he does after the practice is to find Ricky and take revenge for Hurley. I'm afraid, Ricky might at least lose an arm today."


Just then, Garfield walked up to Ricky, cast him a scornful glance and said with disdain, "You're such a loser. In order to beat Hurley, you threatened him with a woman. While at it, you flouted the rules of our sect and broke his arm. If you hadn't been so devious, Hurley wouldn't have lost to you! "

"What? What is Garfield talking about? I was there watching their fight. I didn't see Ricky threaten Hurley with any woman. It seems that Garfield is distorting the truth." So went the conversation in hushed voices among some of the new disciples in the crowd.

"Be careful what you say, newbies. If you still want to stay here, you'd better agree to what Hurley and his friends say now and in the future. Everyone here knows this is one of the unwritten rules," One of the senior disciples warned.

The new disciples nodded their heads without saying a word. Since they were new here, they were glad that someone warned them.

"Hey! Look! I find another lapdog here. If you want to get back at me, go ahead. I don't have time to waste. But I do want to warn you. You might end up losing your legs, or even worse," Ricky sneered. The impertinent manner of Garfield was not something that Ricky would take lying down.

But obstinate as ever, Garfield's face darkened when he heard the word "lapdog."

To the disciples, who were standing behind him, things seemed to get more and more interesting. They knew that Garfield was already fuming with rage.

"Huh? What's wrong? You seem to be very mad. Don't you like being called a 'lapdog'? Sorry, I can't think of other words to describe you now. I think that is the right one." Seeing the furious look on Garfield's face, Ricky was thrilled.

"Ha ha!" Some of the disciples in the crowd couldn't help but laugh at Ricky's response. But they covered their mouths immediately, for fear of getting on Garfield's wrong side.

"Oh boy, you're really mean. I don't think you know who I am. You've picked the wrong guy to tease," warned Garfield in a calm voice. Apparently, he was pretending that what Ricky had said didn't affect him at all. He put on the calmer face than his usual self.

"As your senior, I think I'm obliged to teach you how to behave yourself properly here," Garfield continued.

Even though his face was still expressionless now, everyone could feel the hostility hidden in his eyes.

The next moment, Garfield was readying up for a fight. Before anyone


Not to let his emotions show, he composed himself as he walked into Grace's house, only to find that she wasn't home.

Then he headed back to his room to cultivate himself at once. Aware that time was not on his side, he tried to use every available opportunity for his self-improvement. Today, the pressure he felt from that chance confrontation with Wade was huge.

Controlling his breath, he took out three small Spiritual Energy Nourishing Pills and swallowed all of them at once. By all means, he was determined to graduate to the next grade of refinement.

Even though pills would help greatly enhance his cultivation in the shortest time, he would as well cultivate himself through practice.

That way, he would have a better grounding. Normally, martial art warriors and talents would seldom use pills to enhance their grades or levels.

However, Ricky had no choice at this moment. He took the Spiritual Energy Nourishing Pills and started to cultivate.

Little did he know that his regained spiritual meridian would quickly absorb all the pills and vastly step up his refinement.

Until he found out how much he was revived, he hadn't thought it would be such a big deal. He realized that the spiritual energy he got through his spiritual meridian was much purer than ever.

The sudden burst of pure energy he was experiencing was simply beyond words.

Normally, warriors at the Skin Refinement levels could only absorb a certain amount of the spiritual energy released from the Spiritual Energy Nourishing Pills, thirty percent tops.

But the surge that Ricky was experiencing at the moment was well beyond anything he had known before. He was elated at the discovery. His spiritual meridian could help him make good use of the pills!

"My regained spiritual meridian, how great it is!" Once again, Ricky couldn't help but wonder loudly.

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