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   Chapter 16 The Nonuple Flame Strike

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"" Lewis and Vivian stammered in panic at the sight of Ricky killing Luther decisively. After all, Dustin had achieved ninth grade of Skin Refinement, which stood like an insurmountable mountain before them.

"Relax; if Dustin asks about his brother's death, you guys can turn me in!" Ricky casually said, a mischievous smile on his face.

For people like Luther, there was nothing except death that could truly terrify them. That was why Ricky never spared people of his kind, or else it would only lead to endless retaliation.

Lewis and Vivian were shocked to hear what Ricky had said. They looked at each other and made up their minds," Ricky, we don't tell on friends. As for Luther's death, count us in."


Deep in the forest of pine trees, Ricky was holding a long knife and fighting against a giant silver wolf, which had a vertical snow-white eye on the center of its forehead. The third eye meant that it was a three-eyed wolf, whose strength could reasonably be compared with a warrior in sixth grade of Skin Refinement.

"Ricky is really amazing. He can fight a three-eyed silver wolf in sixth grade of Skin Refinement, with only fourth grade power, and he doesn't seem to be losing at all," Vivian said with admiration, her eyes looking at him differently.

Beauties were always attracted to heroes.

"Actually, he is just using the wolf to practice his way of cutting. If he really wants it to die, the wolf won't make it a second longer." Lewis signed, remarking," It is short-sighted for anyone who claims this guy doesn't have spiritual meridian."

Indeed, when Ricky felt he could wield the knife smoothly enough, he ended the poor wolf's life with one single strike.

"It looks like knives suit me well. I need to find a cultivation method using knives when I get back to the Snow Sect," Ricky said casually, putting away the knife.

"But it's still a little slow in terms of enhancing my breakthrough. Eight days of intense fighting only took me to the peak of the fourth grade of Skin Refinement, which is not good enough for the fight in twenty days," Ricky added, with some dissatisfaction.

However, if what Ricky said were to be heard by other warriors, he would be torn into pieces instantly. Because, as a matter of fact, it usually takes a warrior at least two months to get from the i

Ricky mulled it over for a while and eventually bought a cultivation method of intermediate stage of Yellow Level named Nonuple Flame Strike with 70 coins.

Now that the newly-traded 300 hundred silver coins had become less than 40, Ricky complained," It might be easier for warriors to earn money, but it is never enough for me!"

Despite that, Ricky felt pretty comfortable with this book of Nonuple Flame Strike.

"The next thing to do is to practice the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula and Nonuple Flame Strike, and to prepare for the duel 20 days later." Ricky muttered, ready to go and practice.

"Did you guys see that? That man without a spiritual meridian is trying to practice the Nonuple Flame Strike. Does he have a death wish?" Some disciples said mockingly, seeing the cultivation method that Ricky chose.

"Nonuple Flame Strike represents a super strong method of knives, and it is said that the method can only be practiced by warriors with spiritual meridian of fire nature!"

"Indeed! I heard that there was this disciple with spiritual meridian of water nature, who practiced the wrong nature of method. He got his spiritual meridian destroyed and it nearly cost him his life."

"What do you know! A piece of trash without spiritual meridian doesn't deserve any nature. He can practice any methods of any nature, but he is just a mimic with only mediocre skills. Ha-ha!" Among the din of the discussion, that laugh was ear-piercing.

"Look, that's Garfield, he gets along well with Hurley. Now there must be a good show to watch!"

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