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   Chapter 13 A Girl In Ice

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Upon hearing that, Grace fell silent. She knew she could not make decisions for Ricky.

It became obviously apparent to Ricky, who had just realized that. He stepped forward and sneered, "What do you want, Wade?"

"Your waste, I dare you to fight a battle of death and life with me, just to solve all the grudges between us," Wade replied viciously.

"You, a warrior at the sixth grade of Skin Refinement, want to challenge me, a warrior at the fourth grade of Skin Refinement? Shame on you! I am not an idiot," Ricky replied with a hint of a smile on his lips.

"You……" Wade trailed off, upon hearing that.

It was the truth: if Ricky refused to fight him, nobody would look down upon Ricky but Wade himself, because Ricky was wise enough to turn down the challenge from someone far more stronger than him.

"I will fight a battle to the death with you after a month," Ricky suddenly declared.

Immediately, Connie and Wade were filled with relief. And yet, doubt still lingered in them. "Ricky, as a warrior, you must stay true to your word."

"I have never gone back on my word. Now, you two can go and spread the news to everyone in the Snow Sect. Now leave my master's yard!" Ricky spat, a hard glint in his eyes.

"You little bastard, you've acted recklessly and blindly. I hope you can remember what you have said today. Otherwise, even if your master protects you, you will also perish here!" Connie hissed furiously.

She turned and stomped away with Wade.


"The ultimate battle to the death! Only one month to prepare! Are you sure? Wade is actually a warrior at the seventh grade of Skin Refinement." After the heated departure of Connie and Wade, Grace suddenly asked Ricky.

"What?! ! Is Wade a warrior at the seventh grade of Skin Refinement? I thought he's at the sixth grade! Why didn't you tell me that earlier, or just hold me back?" Upon finding out that Wade was at the seventh grade of Skin Refinement, Ricky was startled.

There was an even greater barrier between the sixth and the seventh grade of Skin Refinement. Ricky was confident that he could beat Wade if he was at the sixth grade of Skin Refinement. But he didn't know whether he could win if Wade was at the seventh grade.

Even if he was making progress, so was Wade.

"You didn't ask," Grace answered calmly. "You'd better start training intensively. Otherwise, you're going to die in a month."

Ricky looked at Grace helplessly for several moments. But he had no time to wallow in regret. Everyone in the Snow Sect would be hearing news from Connie and Wade already.

"Master, what is the relationship between Connie and the young man whose arm was broken by me?" Now that he couldn't do anything to cancel the competition with Wade, he decided to ask about some other things.

"He could very well be Connie's son!" Grace replied, and then she revealed something else about Connie.

Connie led a life of decadence, despite the fact that she was one of the core disciples. Through the years, she had affairs with many of the other disciples—and that was how Hurley was conceived.

So Connie acted recklessly, doing what she wanted, and cared for nobody in the Snow Sect. Under the protection of those men, she and her son led this lifestyle.

"So that's why. But she seemed to be afraid of you," Ricky murmured, enlightened.

Without replying, Grace turned and entered her room.

"Oh my master..." Ricky shook his head, gently. However, he did feel a little happy. Because compared to

what had happened to him after his father's capture, staying here would be considered the best time in his life.


"This is appalling! Wade is at the seventh grade of Skin Refinement!" Ricky had begun to worry about the fight again, after some time. He thought to himself, "If I only train myself here in this yard for the next month, I know I will never win against Wade.

But there is no other way. I need to focus on strengthening myself through more rigorous practice."

After he established his resolve, Ricky asked Grace for a fine steel saber as he was going to train himself in the depths of the snow mountain.

Grace seemed to have anticipated his request, and she only bade him to be careful.


Ricky soon came to the foot of a small hill on the mountainside. Without stopping to consider, he chose to the route that would take him to the top of the mountain directly since it would be the shortest way.

Suddenly, several disciples emerged from the foot of the mountain, all looking disheveled. They appeared to have just returned from the depth of the snowy mountain after training, and did not recognize Ricky.

However, they were laughed jeeringly upon seeing Ricky walking to the top of the mountain.

Ricky ignored them, and he soon arrived the summit of the mountain.

The ground was flat on the top of the mountain. There were strange objects carved in ice and snow in some places. Since it was a wide, open space, it was really an ideal place to train.

Suddenly, Ricky saw someone.

A fifteen-or-sixteen-year-old girl sat quietly on the flat surface of ice and snow. It was easy to see that she was cultivating herself with the help of the environment of ice and snow.

This surprised Ricky.

The girl's brow looked like a leaf and she had an oval face with long, jet black hair. She seemed to have been delicately carved by nature.

However, in next moment, Ricky felt a murderous intent emanating from the girl. It felt like he would be frozen the next second.

"Sorry, I didn't know there was anyone here. I will depart at once." Ricky immediately apologized. He turned around quickly, preparing to leave. However, out of the corner of his eye, he was still studying the girl in askance.

Now Ricky understood why those disciples had acted so strangely.

"You rascal, go to hell!" she spat. Not saying anything, she hurriedly put on a robe. Then, she formed the ice and snow on the ground into a sharp blade.

"Damn it! I don't feel good about this! Looks like this girl is already a warrior of Blood Purification." Ricky said in fear, as he watched the strong blood red energy around the girl's hand.

He knew he could never beat a warrior of Blood Purification. He would be killed unceremoniously.

Ricky hurried to the edge of the mountaintop plateau.

The girl was preparing to throw the blade at Ricky's sprinting back, when something unexpected happened. The girl suddenly coughed, blood gushing from her chest left on her lips.

She fell to her knees on the icy ground. The sharp blade she had made of ice and snow disappeared from her hand.

Ricky disturbed her cultivation. There was no doubt that the girl had almost lost control because of his sudden intrusion.


Ricky ran the whole way down. He only stopped when he felt no one chasing him. He did not care about the reason the girl gave up going after him. He only felt lucky to escape her.

"Hey! There's someone there!" Someone yelled in surprise all of a sudden.

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