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   Chapter 12 Coming Forward

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But the next moment, their laughter stopped abruptly.

Because right that very instant Ricky's body seemed to disappear from their eyes, and then he appeared in front of Scott like an apparition. But before Scott could do anything, a Whiz Fist hit his chest solidly.

Scott, with blood spitting out from his mouth, fell heavily on the ground. Having been blindsided by Ricky's attack, Scott, who could only groan from his position, had lost his willpower to fight.

Turning his back against Scott, Ricky now leaped towards Hurley. Hurley was now in a state of panic. He could not do anything as Ricky attacked Inge and threw her onto the ground. Ricky then looked at Hurley.

The unexpected scene occurred in an instant, like a flash of lightning in a thunderstorm.

"I've thought about this carefully. And I get the same answer every time—I'll break your fingers!" Ricky said coldly, while looking at Hurley's eyes.

"Are you out of your freaking mind, you asshole?!" Hurley became furious when he realized what was happening. He ferociously said, "Even those belonging at the top ten outer disciples dare not speak to me like this. And you! You are only a waste with no spiritual meridian. How dare you talk to me like this? You really want to die, don't you?"

"There are a lot of things I want to do to make you suffer. Let me see. Aha! I've decided. I'll just break your arm!"

"Dear Hurley, please help me out!" Inge said helplessly, lying on the ground and crying with tears and running nose as if she had suffered a great injustice.

"How dare you lay a finger on my woman? I will kill you!" Sure enough, after hearing Inge's desperate pleas for help, Hurley became angrier towards Ricky.

"Ha! It's funny how just a shameless wench is worth your anger. It seems that you are nothing but an animal thinking with the lower part of your body," Ricky said with a faint smile, thus further igniting Hurley's rage.

"Yowl! Deadly Claw!" As a response to Ricky's insults, Hurley rushed angrily towards Ricky targeting Ricky's throat using his claws surrounded by spiritual energy.

"Look, a waste like him, without spiritual meridian, dares to speak to Hurley like that. He will definitely die under the Deadly Claw." Even though they were witnessing this battle, some disciples still did not forget to flatter and praise Hurley.

"That's right. Hurley has broken through the fourth grade of Skin Refinement for about a month now. His Deadly Claw is right at the advanced stage of Yellow Level. I'm pretty sure this waste has no chance of surviving."

Their utmost disdain for Ricky never stopped, even though he had just beaten Scott with just one fist.

"So is Deadly Claw a cultivation method at the advanced stage of Yellow Level?" Ricky could feel the immense power coming from Hurley's claw. Ricky said coldly in his heart, "Let me show you what the body at the fourth grade of Skin Refinement looks like after consuming twenty-five Body Refining Pills!"

"Yowl! Whiz Fist!"

Like a roaring tiger, Ricky's whole body leaped out. His tiger powered fist collided with Hurley's claw.


With the power that both of them had, a collision of greatness could be expected. Those disciples even heard the sound of bones breaking. However, it was not Ricky who screamed and flew out, but surprisingly, it was the aggressive Hurley.

Falling on the ground, Hurley screamed loudly in pain and agony. You would not believe that this was the arrogant and disdainful Hurley from before.

In the dull and fearful eyes of the crowd, Ricky came to Hurley's side slowly, and with indifference said, "That's right, a waste produced by just a bunch of elixirs is not qualified to touch me, let alone break my arm."

After that, Ricky stepped on Hurley's right shoulder and twisted it hard, with the intent of dislocating it. The joint connecting his arm was fractured. The scream once again frightened the onlookers around them.

As for Inge and Scott, they were stunned with disbelief.

Ricky left the scene carrying the package filled with flesh

and blood. The disciples, stunned and now filled with absolute terror, involuntarily cleared the way for him.

After a few moments, the disciples looked at Ricky and thought, "Is he really a waste without a spiritual meridian?"


Inside the Outer Kitchen Hall, two old men in white stood and intently watched the scene without any attempt to move.

"This boy that Grace brought back is good in all aspects, but too bad, he has no spiritual meridian, otherwise we will have another demi-immortal in the Snow Sect," said by the first old man.

"Didn't you give the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula to the boy?" said by the other old man.

"Do you think there will be a miracle? Do you think it is possible?"

The old man just shook his head subconsciously and sighed, still doubtful of what they had witnessed.


"Master, I'm back," Ricky said, as he entered Grace's room.

"Well. Work hard to cultivate the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula. After six weeks, I'll take you to a place that would be good for you. There, I'll try to make you qualified for the Outer Competition happening in three months." Grace nodded and said that. She was ready to close her eyes again, trying to gain some insight of some kind of cultivation method.

"Master, I broke the arm of an outer disciple," Ricky said faintly after contemplating for a while whether he should tell his master what happened or not.

Grace was surprised by his words, but she didn't let her voice show her emotion. She merely said, "Let it be."

"Master, it seems as if that he's got a tough backer!" Ricky was indeed a little worried, which showed in the quiver on his voice.


"Grace, get out of your room!" There was not a doubt that you could hear shouting from the courtyard right after Ricky's words. However, the voice coming from outside the house showed that it was a woman standing out there.

Grace stared at Ricky with wide opened eyes, which seemed to mean that: you boy got me in trouble just for buying meat outside.

But she did not blame Ricky. Then she appeared in the courtyard as fast as she could.

Ricky, filled with worry, immediately followed his master outside. Based from the outer disciples' reactions, Hurley really had a tough backer.

After coming out, Ricky saw a woman clad in a red robe, standing in the middle of the courtyard with a young man by her side.

The young man, as Ricky could recall, was named Wade Nan. He was the nephew of Nick, the clan master of Nan Clan. Among the members of the Nan Clan, he was also in the top five geniuses. If Ricky guessed it right, Wade had now broken through the sixth grade of Skin Refinement.

Ricky also remembered that Wade was chosen by this robe-clad woman as her nominal disciple.

As soon as he saw Ricky, Wade naturally looked at him murderously.

"Connie, what are you doing here? You know you are not welcome in my land." Grace looked at Connie coldly and said that. You could notice that there was even a lot of disdain in her tone.

"Hand over the boy beside you, and we will not interfere with each other. Otherwise, don't blame me for ignoring our friendship and being rude," the young woman answered filled with rage.

"Not interfere with each other? Are you even allowed to say that?" Grace asked coldly.

''And I am standing right here in front of you right now. You can have a try."

Grace crossed her arms across her chest filled with disdainful look.

Witnessing this scene, Connie's anger surged like a volcanic eruption. Her anger was so strong that even Ricky could feel the anger coming off from this woman.

"Grace, let me ask you again. Will you hand the boy over?" Calming the anger in her heart, Connie roared.

"No way!" Grace answered with indifference, just enough to bring back anger in Connie.

"Great! Very well then..." Connie had been furious, but she did not dare make a move, because she knew that she was no match for Grace.

"Ricky, you waste. Do you only dare to hide behind a woman? How cowardly of you!" Wade taunted Ricky.

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