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   Chapter 7 Challenge

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"Emissaries, I am Avery. Please listen to what I have to say." Avery respectfully bowed at the two emissaries before him as he glanced at Ricky with a harsh and killing intent.

"I'd be delighted to hear you." The charming woman said after studying Avery for a short while. She seemed interested at the rift between Ricky and the Nan Clan. With a smile, she waved her hand indicating for Avery to speak. Avery was elated and his face softened at the acknowledgement of the emissary.

"Bitch!" The woman in black clothes snorted. She glanced at the charming woman and gave her a hard look.

The charming woman simply shrugged her off and returned her glance dismissively.

Avery could feel his heart pound against his chest in anticipation. He could feel beads of sweat drip on his forehead. He realized that not only did he fail to capture the interest of the charming woman, but he also fell into the land of illusion and almost lost his mind. Although it was just a few seconds, what could have happened really scared Avery. 'She's like a spider, spinning her web and waiting for the prey, ' Avery thought.

Collecting all his courage, he finally said, "Emissaries, Ricky is a traitor to Nan Clan. Such a traitor cannot be recommended by the Elder of Snow Sect. This token must have been obtained through improper means.

Also, Ricky had no spiritual meridian. He was a waste because he could not cultivate at all. If someone like him becomes a disciple of the Snow Sect, he will only destroy your noble reputation"

Hearing Avery speaking ill of him, Ricky was absolutely livid.

"No spiritual meridian?" "That's a lie!" Ricky interjected. The emissary in black became interested in the scene unfolding before her. She stepped towards Ricky and gently put her palm above his head, milky-white icy spiritual energy surrounding her fair hand.

"Sure enough, there is no spiritual meridian!" She announced after studying him for a while.

Whispers and murmurs could be instantly heard from everyone. Everyone despised Ricky and they believed it would be impossible for Snow Sect to recognize a waste without spiritual meridian as their disciple.

Hearing the woman in black clothes said he had no spiritual meridian, Ricky also started to doubt himself. He had undoubtedly regained his spiritual meridian. Why was the emissary unable to check it out?

'Have I regained some magical spiritual meridian that could not even be detected by the warriors of Bone Reinforcement?' Ricky thought to himself.

This was definitely bad news for Ricky. If the emissary thought he had no spiritual meridian, there was no way that the Snow Sect would accept him as a disciple. As the Nan clan said, he would never be accepted as a waste without spiritual meridian.

"Although, I find it a little odd." The woman in black clothes said after some careful thought "I can't feel his spiritual meridian. But why is he able to reach the third grade of Skin Refinement without a spiritual meridian? And why the other meridians of his whole body are very wide and suitable for cultivation?" She did not immediately dismiss Ricky's powers as she could felt there was definitely something going on.

Hearing words of the emissary, all the warriors were shocked except for the people in Nan Clan.

They found it hard to believe for Ricky to be at the third grade of Skin Refinement. They had never heard that a waste without spiritual meridian could cultivate into this level, even if Ricky was once a genius of the sixth grade of Skin Refinement.

Hearing all this commotion, the charming woman also examined Ricky's powers.

"Maybe this little boy is a man of great will!" The woman in black agreed, "If so, he is worth teaching."

She made a decision and said, "There is a token of the Elder in his hand, which means that he can become a disciple of Snow Sect. Whether he obtained the token through improper means or not is out of my bounds."

"Thank you so much, Emissaries of the Snow Sect" Ricky said as he bowed gratefully before them.

He was unsure why the woman in black clothes approved of him but whatever the reason behind, he was eternally grateful as she really had saved his life.

The Nan Clan was upset with the verdict of the emissary. Although they did not show it, they were also upset with the woman in black clothes for she was the one responsible for this whole ordeal.

"Ricky! I, Avery, challenge you!" Avery cried in frustration.

Everyone around looked at Ricky in anticipation. They all wanted to know how a waste who had cultivated to the third grade of Skin Refinement without a spiritual meridian would respond to this challenge.

The Snow Sect Emissaries simply observed from their positions and did not stop Avery from challenging Ricky. They were also interested in how Ricky would react.

"What?" Ricky said mockingly. "You already lost to me once before. Didn't you eat enough soil the last time? Or maybe you just miss the smell of dust that's why you're asking for more?" he continued. Ricky was in disbelief. He found it funny that Avery would challenge him again after his defeat.

But on the other hand, he would be delighted to defeat Avery once again before becoming a formal disciple of the Snow Sect. This was the perfect opportunity to show his worth. It was only a pity that he couldn't directly kill him under these circumstances.

"Really? Avery lost to Ricky?" The surrounding warriors were surprised.

This only made Avery angrier. These warriors thought so little of him. He felt the anger burn up inside of him and his intent to kill Ricky only became clearer.

"All your big talk needs to be supported with actual proof of strength, Ricky. You're a waste. I can knock you down before you can even start. All this talk saying that you had beaten me is a lie!" Avery said arrogantly with a snort.

He could not let the warriors see that he could be intimidated. The more he let the chink in his armor show, the more warriors would believe that he was actually defeated by Ricky.

"It doesn't matter if you won't admit that I defeated you, because I will beat you again today!"

"You traitor, I will beat you!"

"Whiz Fist!" Avery violently screamed. His feet aggressively slammed the ground, and he formed his fist by clasping five fingers while carrying the sound of the tiger's whistle. He attacked Ricky head on.

Avery's Whiz Fist was now stronger than it was before. Its power exceeded its previous strength and it even surpassed the strength of Ricky's former capacity.

But Ricky was not going down without a fight. "Whiz Fist!" He cried as he also slammed his feet into the ground and attacked Avery with the same move.

Boom! Their attacks collided and created an explosion. Debris was everywhere. After a short while, Ricky receded. After retreating back dozens of steps, he shortly stopped. He only felt a surge in his chest yet he was almost burst out of blood.

"You have broken through the third grade of Skin Refinement! You're at the fourth!" Ricky spat with cold hatred in his eyes.

He finally understood why Avery challenged him in public.

"Fuck! Avery is so shameless! As a warrior in the fourth grade of Skin Refinement, how could he even challenge a warrior in the third grade of Skin Refinement?" Some of the surrounding warriors were in Ricky's side.

"Yes. There is a big watershed between the third and the fourth grade of Skin Refinement! After all, it is a great gap between inferior and the intermediate stage."

Many more shouts and complaints were heard from the warriors saying the fight wasn't fair considering the level of the strength between the two.

Hearing these arguments, Avery looked very distraught. But he kept in mind that as long as he won this battle, all rumors would disappear. No one would mess with him after his victory today.

"You traitor! Die! A waste like you can never become a disciple of Snow Sect!" Focusing all the strength his whole body could muster on his right palm, he screamed with all his power and rushed to attack Ricky.

"Falcon Claw!"

The spiritual energy of fourth grade of Skin Refinement surrounded Avery's right palm, like an invincible eagle claw. He was aiming straight to Ricky's chest. His intent to kill was very evident.

"Look! That is an advanced cultivation method of Yellow Level, Falcon Claw. Once used, there will definitely be casualties. Avery is truly evil! He is going to kill Ricky!" The warriors said as they sided with Ricky once more.


"It doesn't matter if you have broken through the third grade of Skin Refinement. I will kill you anyway!" Ricky ejaculated.

This was not a good time to kill Avery. But if his life was on the line, he was definitely going to counterattack with full force.

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