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   Chapter 6 Disciples Of Snow Sect

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All the warriors now bore witness to the thing that made such a ruckus in the skies.

They saw two giant Snow Vultures with fierce eyes, sharp steely claws and two pairs of 30-meter outstretched wings. They made raspy, drawn-out hissing sounds.

"That's a fierce beast of the Bone Reinforcement—the Snow Vulture, who lives atop the snowy mountain all year round. They feed on broken bones, and will only serve those innate spirits." Many warriors were amazed to see these two Snow Vultures. They were proud and fierce, with white plumage, particularly thick around the legs.

Even the eyes of masters from three prestige clans were full of admiration and amazement.

The strength of these Snow Vultures far outstripped anything a human could muster.

For hundreds of thousands of miles around, only the powerful Snow Sect was able to force the Snow Vulture of the Bone Reinforcement willingly serve as a mount.

"Whoof! Whoof!" The beating of their wings stirred up the dust and made it hard to see things around.

Soon, the two giant Snow Vultures landed in the square, and then the temperature of the entire huge square suddenly fell. Undoubtedly, that was thanks to the Snow Vultures.

"My God, this is the fierce beast of the Bone Reinforcement—the Snow Vulture. Unleashed, it can paralyze warriors of Blood Purification in a heartbeat with its icy powers, let alone those of Skin Refinement," said some other warriors, shivering due to the sharp drop in temperature.

After the two Snow Vultures landed, they settled directly in the square without a glance at the warriors of Stone City.

The fierce beast of Bone Reinforcement already had relatively-high wisdom, and naturally disdained these weak warriors of Stone City.

Two women dismounted from the Snow Vultures' backs.

However, the two women could not be more different.

One woman wore a crimson red dress. Her long black hair went straight to her wasp-like waist. She was exceedingly fascinating and charming, commanding a man's attention in every single gesture. Furthermore, she was white-skinned and quite lovely. She touched the heart of every warrior of Stone City.

In short, she was a charming creature.

The other woman was in black, skin-tight clothing, but the woman's face struck fear into each heart.

It was her face that was terrible. The right side bore a ferocious black birthmark, which not only covered the woman's face, but made her hideously, fiercely ugly.

But there was only arrogance in the eyes of either woman.

Nevertheless, all the warriors of Stone City, including masters from the three clans, did not dare show any disrespect.

They all lowered their noble warriors' heads immediately and shouted respectfully," The warriors of Stone City respectfully welcome the emissaries from Snow Sect!"

"Cut the crap. The test begins. All the disciples willing to take part in the test come see us. The only requirement is that you be under 17 years of age!" the Lady in Black said coldly. She did not care about the niceties at all.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Noticing the black clad woman was impatient, the clan masters all nodded hurriedly and cleared a big space in the square for the warriors to come forward.

"Disciples of Snow Sect are like this. They are the real strong ones, using a single word to command the noble clan masters of Stone City to lower their noble heads," a caped man in the crowd muttered sarcastically after seeing this.

There was no doubt that this caped man was Ricky.

"I will become as strong as them someday."


The Lady in Black raised her right hand and a half-person-high shimmering ebony test stone appeared.

"That's the Storage Ring!" Looking at the black test stone appearing out of nowhere, the eyes of all the warriors were attracted by the woman's right hand, because she wore a golden ring on her right index finger.


rs looked at the ring with greedy and envious eyes, but finally their eyes were filled with fear.

"Storage Ring! Only the legendary casting masters of Spirit Level can make the spiritual space tool. There's nothing that compares to a ring that can store spiritual energy. Even death brings me no regret after seeing the Storage Ring," some old warriors of Stone City said, tearing up.

Casting masters of Spirit Level were even rarer and more valuable than the innate spirits. It was almost a miracle to have just 1 casting master of Spirit Level out of 100 innate spirits.

"All the warriors under age 17, hit the test stone with all your strength. Those who can leave a mark can become the outer disciples of Snow Sect. Let's start!" the Lady in Black said, taking an indifferent glance at the warriors who had already been ready.

After she declared this, the warriors who were ready rushed to the front of the black test stone. They spared no effort hitting the black stone hard with their fists. It made a deafening noise. Even the gods' ears were ringing.

Concerning the result of the test, naturally some people were happy with their results. They saw the marks they had made in the stone and were satisfied. Others were disappointed with what they saw, because they did not do that well.

A total of 60 warriors passed, half of whom were disciples of the three major clans.

At this time, the Lady in Black was ready to announce the test was over.

"Wait a minute... I want to try!" Ricky shouted. He removed the cloak, revealing his face.

"That's the waste of blood! The guy who got his spiritual meridian destroyed!" All the warriors focused on him immediately.

"Ha-ha, once a genius, now a waste. What a great gap between these two!"

"Doesn't this loser know everyone's looking for him and trying to kill him? How dare he show himself like this?"


"Thief! Traitor! You betray the clan. How dare you come here to make trouble today? Pay with your life!" a middle-aged thin man behind Nick shouted fiercely. This slender middle-aged man was none other than the Dominant Top Elder of Nan Clan—Gilbert, whose strength had reached the peak of Blood Purification.

After shouting his epithets, he bowed his body and leaped at Ricky like a predator. His five fingers were surrounded with scarlet spiritual energy, then they turned into real tiger claws, aiming for Ricky's head.

Affected by the momentum of the peak of Blood Purification, Ricky was rooted to the spot.

But he was well-prepared. The white token Xenia gave him was already in the palm of his hand.

As expected, after the white token was revealed, the charming woman and the black clad woman saw some special meaning in it. A glint of interest flashed in their eyes. Then the woman in black took action.

With her hands twisting this way and that, a white sword-light formed and instantly shot in front of Gilbert, interrupting his attack. Gilbert fell on the ground, sweat dripping from his face. He was scared because he knew that sword-light could have killed him in one hit.

"It's not your turn to kill someone here. Try that again, and die!" The Lady in Black looked at Gilbert coldly. It was also a warning to everyone assembled there.

Then, she grabbed the white token from Ricky's hand.

"Now that you have the recommendation of the Dominant Top Elder of Snow Sect, you can become an outer disciple of Snow Sect," the Lady in Black said, after checking that the token was real or not.

"Thank you so much!" Hearing this, Ricky was elated.

The faces of everyone in Nan Clan were purple with anger. They could not believe that such trash could have the approval of the Dominant Top Elder of Snow Sect. At once, Gilbert winked at the disciples of Nan Clan who were equally disgruntled.

Taking the hint from Gilbert, Avery made an appearance and stepped forward first.

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