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   Chapter 5 Xenia Wang

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Standing beside the dry well, Ricky's face took on a gloomy cast. He sized up the two fighters who had found him. He figured he was in for a fight, and he knew a misstep might mean his death.

There were two girls standing before him. The one in front wore a pink skirt, which perfectly highlighted her developing figure. Her beautiful eyes looked just like two polished dark gems. Every breath out through her bright teeth and alluring red lips was laced with a delicate fragrance.

There was no doubt that once she grew up, her beauty would cause the downfall of a state.

The other one stood behind the first respectfully. She was a rather pretty servant girl, and followed her mistress wherever she went.

"Oh! Xenia Wang? Why are you here?" Ricky asked in a calm tone. He was still startled, still shaking and trying to fight down the fear. He whined to himself, 'Damn it! I still got tailed. I should have been more careful!' Xenia's appearance set him brooding. If she could find him, would others be far behind?

Xenia Wang, daughter of the Wang Clan, was believed to be a rare genius in her clan, just like Ricky used to be in his. But Ricky speculated that she was even more talented than he was—when Ricky had just reached the sixth grade of Skin Refining Level, Xenia had already broken through the seventh.

Ricky's first encounter with Xenia dated back to a Toughening that happened several years ago.

To improve himself at the time, Ricky entered a mountain range where ferocious beasts were known to dwell. Soon he happened to spot a heavily injured and beautiful young girl. That girl was Xenia. Considering the dangerous situation she was in, there was no doubt Xenia's life was at risk. But he couldn't leave her alone in such a treacherous place, so Ricky cut short his trip to save her life. Not only did Ricky heal Xenia's wounds in the nick of time with his internal power, but he also personally escorted her back to her clan.

Xenia was so thankful that Ricky lent her a hand. Ricky was surprised to learn that Xenia's grade at the Skin Refinement was even higher than his. As a result, they shared a mutual admiration. And so Xenia started to hang out with Ricky and they'd spar together.

They had practiced together, enjoying their time as martial arts practitioners, losing themselves in their art. But when the spiritual meridian inside Ricky's body was destroyed, his cultivation base was removed. Since then, Ricky hadn't seen her again. But he wasn't hurt. He got it. It was useless for a genius to spar with an ordinary person.

Therefore, he didn't hold a grudge against her.

"Hey, I get it. You come here to claim the bounty. Gonna arrest me and get that 200 silver coins?" Ricky scoffed. He didn't want to think that way. He didn't think that was what she had in mind, but the possibility had occurred to him.

The former genius couldn't help sighing in his heart, 'Wow! Who could have ever thought my friend could become my enemy over a few coins?'

Her face a mask of anger, the young servant finally spoke, "Her ladyship is far richer than that paltry reward! How could you say a thing like that?" As she shouted at Ricky, he could feel a stirring, a disturbance in the air. She was gathering energy. He recognized it immediately—the fifth grade of Skin Refinement. Clearly, she was ready to start a fight with Ricky over her lady's honor.

Before anything could happen, Xenia snapped, "Stop!" Hearing Xenia's order, the servant noticed her misbehavior and stopped herself. The stirring subsided, and Ricky was safe, for the moment.

Xenia Wang continued, "Ricky, I owe you my life, so I'm here to return the favor. This is my way of saying thanks."

"Oh? Are you saying that trash like me once saved a noble woman like you?" Ricky faked a smile, and then he continued, "When did that happen? How could I forget a thing like that? Thanks anyway, but I wouldn't have you lower yourself to save me. I'm dead already. So leave me alone, please."

Ricky was a young and stubborn man, and he was proud. Even though he was deep in the darkest time of his life, desperately in need of help, he wouldn't allow himself to accept help from Xenia Wang. It was like she pitied him, like an animal caught in a trap. Help like that he didn't need.

Hearing no response from the two, Ricky thought about it for a while and continued, "Okay, fine. If this is really how you feel, just don't reveal my hiding place. Can you help with that?" Without any reply, Xenia Wang stood quietly, studying this man in front of her. This wasn't the proud confident warrior she used to spar with. This was a broken young man. She felt a pang of disappointment in her heart.

Still receiving no answer, Ricky had no intention to continue the conversation, so he just turned and made ready to leave.

"So you don't care about your own life, do you? But what about your father's?" Seeing Ricky was about to walk away, Xenia intended to make him pause with that remark. She waited to see what he'd do. He just continued on his way, so she explained, "If Nan Clan can't track you down in the next few days, they'll probably just kill your father. Vengeance will demand you show yourself."

By the time Xenia Wang finished her monologue, Ricky froze abruptly.

She had just told Ricky the hardest truth. Whether Ricky wanted to believe it or not, what Xenia Wang had just said really made se

nse. Like she said, he didn't care about his life, but he wouldn't let anyone threaten his father.

To spare his father from death, he had to be humble and accept help, because that was the only way to save him. Nothing else mattered right now.

Feeling as if there was a weight in his mind, Ricky closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then he turned toward Xenia Wang again, opening his eyes once more. He asked, with a stern look, "Xenia, what exactly are you trying to say?"

Xenia Wang answered, "Two days from now, emissaries from Snow Sect will visit Stone City for recruitment. Take this token. They'll take you on as a disciple, once you show this token to them." As Xenia spoke to Ricky, she tossed a white token at him. Along the sides of the token, there were exquisite patterns of snowflakes surrounding one word, "SNOW".

"Becoming a disciple of Snow Sect is the only way out. Once you're a Snow Sect disciple you won't have to run and hide anymore. And the Nan Clan can't afford to offend Snow Sect, so both you and your father will be safe."

"Snow Sect…" Hearing the name of the sect mentioned by Xenia Wang, Ricky's eyes twinkled with hope and ambition.

"Such a precious token. Shouldn't you keep it for yourself or give it to disciples from your own clan?" Ricky asked, confused.

"They don't need it. You do. As I said, this is my thanks for saving me," Xenia continued, with a stern face, "I don't want to owe you anything. We're even now."

After that, Xenia turned and left.

Meanwhile, the servant took out a cloth bag that she had up her sleeve. It dropped into her hand with a gesture. She then walked toward Ricky and hung the cloth bag around his neck.

"Poor guy! There are three hundred silver coins in it. The last thing you'll receive from her ladyship," said the servant, coldly.

Then she continued, with pride, "By the way, our lady has been recognized as a special disciple by one of the innate spirits. And you're just another ordinary warrior. Don't misunderstand anything. Don't try to contact her again. Don't even dream of it!"

With a scornful look, the servant turned and left too.

"Crack! Crack!"

Ricky gritted his teeth as he watched the servant's silhouette recede. Great anger rose up and filled his chest. The servant's words carved into Ricky's heart and completely ripped into his pride. He couldn't do anything but clench his fists.

Eventually, his lips had been bitten too fiercely to bleed. And his fingernails had pierced into his flesh.

In Ricky's right fist, the token held there had been bent almost out of shape. If he continued to crush it, adding one more iota of strength, the token would be broken in an instant, along with his hopes!

Wrath was still welling up in his heart and pulled him away from sanity. Before Ricky was on the verge of derangement, suddenly, his father's face flashed across Ricky's mind. He came back to his senses, keeping his father firmly in his thoughts, and finally loosened his fists.

Still, he couldn't endure the servant's humiliation. Ricky ripped open the cloth bag, and then threw it to the ground with great force. Then he stomped angrily on it to vent his rage. After that, he walked away, leaving the bag behind.


Two days later, in Stone City, a magnificent celebration was held to greet the arrival of the emissaries from Snow Sect. Statues of heroes and gods were paraded through the city streets—rites were enacted to symbolize their victory over the forces of chaos. People coursed through their home districts, knocking on doors and talking to their neighbors excitedly. Fireworks could be seen and heard too.

On such a striking occasion, Ricky had been completely forgotten. His arrest was temporarily suspended.

Led by their own masters, disciples from all martial clans in Stone City had flocked together and gathered in the biggest square in the city.

Among all the martial clans present, there were three leading martial clans which enjoyed great reputations and authority in Stone City—Nan Clan, Wang Clan and Sun Clan.

"Hahaha, Nick, I heard a young master from your clan, Nate Nan, had been enrolled by one innate spirit from Snow Sect. Congratulations!" beamed Quinn Sun, the master from Sun Clan, as he clapped a hand on Nick's shoulder.

"Nick, this is really a blessed event. I couldn't be happier for you!" echoed Howard Wang, the master from Wang Clan.

"Huh! You two old foxes. Don't tell me that the two of you didn't enjoy the same blessings!" Nick Nan replied disapprovingly, with a frown.

"Haha!" After the three masters exchanged knowing looks, they burst into wild laughter. They all felt so proud of their own offspring, as the three clans finally had been related to Snow Sect.

Though they were smiling joyfully like they were old friends, they all kept a wary eye on one another. If one of them got weak, the other two clans would immediately make alliances and turn against the feeble one.

The rest of martial clans there simply brooded, because they knew there was no hope for any of them to rise in Stone City in this generation. They would continue to stay mediocre and wait patiently for their own time to shine.


This rumbling of thunder even eclipsed the noises of the fireworks. Suddenly, two giant birds slowly descended into the square. The beating of their wings created a small storm with gusts of wind.

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