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   Chapter 2 Regain The Spiritual Meridian

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"No! Don't! Stop it! Now!"

Ricky roared as soon as he came to his senses. He quickly grabbed his right wrist with his other hand and tried to prevent the scarlet bracelet from entering his body. Because his father told him that the bracelet was the only thing his beloved mother left him.

But time was not on his side --- it was too late for Ricky.

The chain attached itself into his wrist and he even felt the chain's power wander around inside his Soul Sea after reaching the depths of his body, even the tiniest of his nerves.

Bang! When the chain circled round, Ricky felt his frail body shudder at the unexpected impact. His entire body was suspended in a state of palsy, which strangely made him feel comfortable as though he was protected by the chain from its impact.

Ricky felt that his entire body --- bones, flesh and blood seemed to be reformed in an instant, overfilling with endless power hidden within himself waiting to be unleashed.

During the transformation, the chain attached to him changed its appearance, and it somehow made a connection with the meridian center of his brain and meridians all over his body.

"What is happening..."

Ricky felt the change within his body and became aware that his hands kept trembling. There was a panic, yet joyful and unbelievable expression that you could see in his eyes. Ricky was overjoyed with tears. He had forgotten to take out the chain left by his mother from his body.

The warrior's mystic spiritual meridian was circling round and round in his Soul Sea and connected with the very meridian center of his brain. The spiritual meridian absorbed the spiritual energy of the heaven and earth which went through the skull and planted itself to Ricky's medial being. The spiritual energy flowed into every part of his body and scoured every inch, every fold, and every nerve, flesh and blood and the soul. At last, it returned to the elixir field to make a breakthrough.

And that was the process of cultivation.

And now, the stuff made from the chain transformed exactly the same as the spiritual meridian. It was impossible for Ricky not to be excited or nervous. The power from the spiritual meridian he had lost for a long time finally came back.

Subconsciously, Ricky pushed this newly acquired spiritual meridian to absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.


Immediately, Ricky sensed that the spiritual energy of heaven and earth around him was rushing to get inside his body crazily, like the flowing water bursting to flow open. In a flash, every part of his body was filled with spiritual energy.

"Aha! This must be the spiritual meridian! The spiritual meridian... I knew it!"

At the moment, without thinking about anything else, Ricky stood up and roared up to the sky with a thrill of exultation.

However, all the members of the Nan Clan went to the central courtyard to congratulate the new chosen successor. There was no one else around Ricky's small shabby courtyard to witness his transformation.


In tune with Ricky's excited laughter, a sound of a film breaking appeared from his belly.

While being covered with the invisible spiritual energy of heaven and earth, Ricky's aura changed and was promoted to a higher level. Without a doubt, it was the sign of breakthrough.

After Ricky regained the spiritual meridian, he made a breakthrough and quickly reached the second grade of the Skin Refinement.

Of course, after having the spiritual meridian back, the change was inevitable. Ricky was once a powerful warrior at the sixth grade of the Skin Refinement. Although his cultivation base was destroyed, he still had the physical form of someone in the sixth grade. Because Ricky had worked hard for the past years, he had a very solid foundation for his form.

He now understood why he couldn't break through before. He was unable to do it because he lacked the necessary blood vitality for the breakthrough. And also, most importantly, because he didn't have the spiritual meridian back then.

Now his spiritual meridian was back, like a blocked river bursting open, even better than before. Naturally, he could break through effortlessly.

"Aha. Father, did you see it? I now have the spiritual meridian and can cultivate again," Ricky said excitedly when he realized that he had reached the second grade of the Skin Refinement.

He reopened the door to the martial arts world.


e, Gilbert, and all the bastards who have betrayed me, just you wait and see. All of you will repay for what you have done to my father and me," Ricky stated coldly with his fists clenched.


It took a long time for Ricky to finally control his excitement and calm down.

'Father said that the bracelet was given to me by my mother. Is my mother giving me her blessing?' Ricky thought as he felt the spiritual meridian that was in his body and made his skin glow with ethereal aura.

When he was a little boy, Ricky's father barely mentioned his mother and just promised to tell him everything about her when he reached adulthood. And when Ricky grew up, his father changed his mind and told him that he would tell her story when he became the most powerful man in Stone City.

'Mother, what kind of person is you? You cannot be just some ordinary person since you have left such a magic bracelet to me, can you?' He thought of everything that might be related to the magic chain passed down from his mother.


However, before he thought too much, the courtyard door was shattered open to pieces. Three men dressed in guard's uniform from the Nan Clan walked in with disdain.

The one leading the group was a middle-aged man, older than the other two. He had the mustache and furtive eyes like a rat's, with a wretched appearance.

Ricky couldn't be more familiar with the evil group's leader, whose name was Hunter Wang. Hunter was at the fifth grade of the Skin Refinement and used to be a subordinate of Ricky's father. He was also one of the people who had taken out Ricky's spiritual meridian.

Behind Hunter were two fat and burly men who carried a raw head of a wild beast. Ricky stared at it carefully and found that it was a skull of a Pig Monster with Bloody Eyes. The skull was so big that it took two big men to carry it.

"What are you worthless people doing here?" Seeing Hunter, Ricky felt his hatred toward him surged and cursed through his veins and flowed all over his body. He was anxious to kill Hunter immediately.

But his mind was still clear and he told himself to calm down and endure it. Otherwise, if Hunter found out that he had the spiritual meridian back, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"Fuck. You are already a lowly loser, but how dare you speak so crossly to me?" Seeing the killing intent in Ricky's eyes, Hunter sneered. He could not believe that this powerless being would dare talk to him like he was still the proud prince with everything at his command.

In an instant, Hunter rushed towards Ricky and pounded his shoulder. Ricky spit blood directly and fell on the ground.

"Loser, don't even stare at me. Or else, I will dig out your eyes, and crush your skull in an instant." Hunter clapped and shouted angrily.

Feeling the pain all over his body, Ricky didn't say anything but clenched his fists and stood up with difficulty.

Bang! The two burly men threw the big pig's head on the ground.

"Hey loser, Young Master Nate sent this pig's head for you. He wants to share the happiness with you. Ahahaha." Hunter then kicked the pig's head to Ricky and laughed so loud that the yard boomed with his laughter.

"Haha, Young Master Nate is so kind. He is the successor of the Nan Clan but still remembers his loser brother. He was afraid that his brother would starve to death and die quickly, so he told us to send a big pig's head. Aha!" The two burly men also joined into laughter.

Nate's real intention of sending a pig's head was clear to Ricky. He meant say that Ricky was a fool, just like a pig.

Crack! Crack!

Ricky looked at the pig's head on the ground and then the men who were laughing hysterically. Humiliation and fury almost drove him crazy as he dug his nails deep into his palms.

But now, what could Ricky do? Would he risk his life just to get back at these people?

His father's former subordinate and two cooking servants dared to speak rudely and laugh recklessly at him. There was only one reason. Ricky had lost his power and fallen from grace --- because he was now a loser without strength.

He had to endure everything they did to him! He had to endure all the humiliation and suffering that Nate and his crew dealt at him.

For now, Ricky could do nothing but endure everything, including the endless anger and humiliation. He had to wait for the day to come when he could explode his strength and avenge himself.

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