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   Chapter 64 Epilogue (Contractually married-FOREVER)

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Rian's POV:

Two years later...

"Mommy, I'm home!"

"Careful, son."

I heard Dino's voice coming from the front door and behind him was his Daddy Alex who always picks him up after school. He's now six years old while our daughter is coming two by next week, and of course we're going to celebrate it, together with our second wedding anniversary.

"Kuya?" (older brother) a thin voice which came from our daughter, Jana. It's her nickname from the full name.. Jhoanna Angela. Jhoanna came from Jonathan and of course Angela from my second name.

"Yes baby, your kuya is here." I lifted Jana from the floor and put her into my lap.

Since my mother is a half filipina, and lola (grand mother) is filipina, we made sure that our kids learn to understand and speak my mom's native language.

"Hi kuya, how's your school?" I asked my son when he's already in front of me. He kissed my both cheeks including her sister.

"Mommy, I got the perfect score from our english quiz!" he said giving me his test paper.

"Wow! I'm so proud of you, honey!"

I pulled him and peppered him kisses over his face.

"Hi, baby." Alex bend forward and captured my lips into an earth shattering kiss. Seven years have passed but the effect of his kiss still hasn't changed. It's always like the first time he kissed me, it always brings sparks, excitement and shivers which run through my spine.

"Hey, the kids are here." I whispered when I pulled back.

"Okay, but can I have your full time tonight?"

He asked sniffing my jaw and bite my earlobe. I gripped his biceps hard, to suppress the moan that wanted to escape from my lips.

"Hi, my princess. How are you?" he winked at me before taking her daughter from my arms. I just rolled my eyes.

"What do you want for dinner?" I asked them but my eyes were focused only to my son.

"Fried chicken and spaghetti!" Dino squealed excitedly.

"Me too mommy, fayd chicken!"

We both chuckled when we heard Jana's answer.

"Wow, my baby also want fried chicken?" I asked as I stand up and kissed her cheek, while she's still in her father's arms.

"Yes mommy, pwease."

I chuckled again. "Okay, but for now I'll help kuya to change his clothes." I kissed her cheek again and give her father a peck in his lips.

"I love you." he pulled my hand and whispered lowly.

"I love you too."

"Tonight, baby." he winked and I shake my head before getting Dino's hand.

"What are you and daddy going to do tonight, mommy." I gulped as my eyes turned a bit wide when I heard my son's question. I'm gonna chop his daddy's ball tonight!

"Uhm.. we're just going to watch some movie..yeah, that's it."

"Really? Can I join you later, mommy?"

-'patay! (I'm so dead!) I muttered to myself.

"Let's just ask your daddy, honey."



"Happy anniversary and happy birthday baby Jana!"

It's Belle and my brother, who were the last coup

d me like there's no other people around watching us. Like there were no kids and there were no Daniel and Sophia Ysabelle who were covering there innocent eyes.

I kissed him back like my life depended on it, like he's the air I breathe and I can no longer live without his kiss.

Every thing happens for a reason, and believe me when I say we're thanking our both parents for bringing us together with their 'stupid contract'. The contract in which started everything that we have right now. The contract that lead us to what we are today.

We've been through a lot inside this marriage, happy, sad and foul moments. But what matters now is, the love we have for each other. How we faced and conquered all those struggles that almost stopped us to reach this moment.

Truly, we don't met people by accident, there's always a reason and a lesson behind everything. I met my husband seven years ago because of my parents and everybody knows we lived separately after our wedding.

But after four years, destiny brought us together in which the both of us learned our every lessons in life, 'that life doesn't come with a rewind, fast forward or pause button. Once it starts it plays until it ends, or when you press stop, so enjoy the show while it lasts.'

We lived our lives in the most possible way we can. And when destiny noticed that maturity already came on our way, and when we are matured enough to face what we have in our marriage, she decided to make our paths cross again.

And no matter what happened in the past, we learned to forget everything about it. We both know that our relationship will not always be sweet, sometimes it will be sour and bitter, but what most important is we know how to face it... by being happy and looking outward together in the same direction.

*Contractually married, we are still using this term until now or maybe until forever, because we are now 'contractually married to each other----FOREVER....'

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