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   Chapter 62 Start of a new beginning

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Rian's POV:

Dino stayed in the hospital for another two weeks. We followed what his doctor's advice regarding the unusual behavior he showed during the days that he's been staying in the hospital. And regarding Francine's body, Alex helped Myla to release her corpse from the morgue for cremation, because nobody claimed her since the day she was announced dead from the accident.

Alex and I already filed a direct petition for legal adoption to take Dino's full custody. But since it will take months for it to be granted by the court, we also filed a temporary guardianship so we can bring Dino home with us, while waiting for the adoption result.

But one day before Dino was released from the hospital, we decided to tell him the truth about what happened to his recognized mother. Although he never asked again about her, but we still informed him about what happened and the truth about his life. Dani and Belle was also with us also with us that day.



After we explained to him everything, he remained quiet and didn't speak for a while, so we waited for him to analyze the information on his head.

"So, I don't have mommy anymore?" that was his first question.

Alex and I shared a look.

"Can you be my mother, Aunt Rian?"

A smiled creeped on my lips when he turned to me with a hopeful look on his both eyes.

"Yes, I can be your mother from now on."

"Huh! Really?" his eyes lightened in full surprise and hapinness.

"Yes, really. And you can now start to call me mommy."

"Yeyy!" he lunged at me and wrapped his arms around my neck. "But, can I also call Daddy Alex my Daddy, even though I'm not his real son?"

"Of course, son! You can still call me Daddy. Nothing's change." Alex said while taking him from me.

"Yeyy! I now have a new Daddy and Mommy! Yeyy!" we all chuckled when he squealed in Alex hands. He seems excited to be with us and to become his parents. He's not even affected with the news that we told him. Or maybe that just proves that Francine never become a good mother to him.

"Ohh!" my hand automatically lifted over my round stomach when I felt my baby kicked inside.

"Baby, are you okay?" Alex asked with concern

"Yeah, she just kicked inside. Maybe she's also excited that she's now having a big brother." I said with a wide grin.

"She?" Alex and Dani asked in unison.

I haven't told them the gender of our baby. Alex wasn't with me when I visited my OBGyne this last weekend, so like the couple in front of us, he doesn't know anything yet about his baby's gender.

"Yes, it's a she." I smiled.

"Oh, baby!" Alex pulled me into his arm and give me a peck on my lips, while Dino were still on his other arm. "We're going to have a princess!"

"Can I also call her my little sister, Daddy?"

"Of course, honey. She's your little sister." I answered his innocent question.

"Yeyy! I also have a baby sister! I'll promise I'll take care of her when she came out from your tummy, Mommy."

"You'll do that?" Alex asked him, grinning.

"Yes, daddy! I'll also protect her and love her 'till we grow old!"

"Okay.. and don't let those guys hang around her in the future!"

"Yes, I'll punch them and I won't let them touch my baby sister!"

"That's good, son. You'll make me proud if you do that. Give Daddy a high-five!"

-'Oh my God!'-

I silently muttered as I watched and listened to the father and son's conversation. I won't be surprised if  Dino becomes like Alex in the future.. possessive and over protective.. because as they say, like father-like son.

We have all decided not to mention the petition for adoption and the temporary guardianship to him. It's the things that he doesn't need to think and to be stress about while it's still in the process. What important is that, he knows all the truth about himself. And if one day, he wants to search for his biological father or his other relatives, we will just support and help him to find them.

End of flashback..

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Two months later...

"Dino honey, have you seen your Daddy?"

I asked my son on a sunday morning when I didn't find Alex inside our room and even around the house.

"No, mommy." he said and turned back his attention to his new car toy.

I crunched my eyebrows with his short answer. Two words.. 'No mommy'? He usually answered me with a whole sentence, and sometimes with a lot of explanation.

I just ignored it, maybe he's just too focused with his new toy.

It's ten o'clock in the morning when Dino run to me in the kitchen with the cordless phone on his hand.

"Mommy, mommy.. Aunt Belle is on the phone. She said she wants to talk to you."

"Thank you, honey."

I take the phone from his hand and kissed his head before I talk to my sister in law.

"Hi, Belle. How are you?" I asked while pouring an orange juice to my glass using my left hand.

"Hi, lovely pregnant." I smiled with her greeting. "Your mom wants us to go in the mansion this afternoon for a family dinner."

"Whoa! Family dinner, I missed that." I said as my smile turned wide.

"Yeah, I know. Wear something red tonight. Long gown, short dress or whatever you want, as long as it's red."

"Red? What's that.. dress code?" my eyebrows knitted in confusion.

"Nope, not actually a dress code. But your Mom said, we should wear something red, because it's our theme tonight."

"What? Since when did we have a color theme for a family dinner?"

"Well, I don't know. And b

me. A gasp escaped through my lips when I saw his serious face. He take my hand and looking so nervous while staring at me.

"What are you doing?" I asked barely a whisper, but he just ignore me and bring my hand to his lips.

"Baby, we both know that we just get married almost five years ago because of a contract. I love you Rian, and it took time and years before I could finally admit my feelings for you. We've been through a lot this past few months of being a couple, and I know we still have a lot to through the coming years of our lives together. And because of that, I want us to start a new beginning for the both of us, with our Dino and of course for our new baby. I want to take this oppurtunity to formally ask your hand from your parents."

He stand and walked straight to where my Dad and Mom were seated. We can hear the loud gasps coming from all of the people whose watching his act.

"Dad, Mom.. I know how much you love your only daughter, that you even trusted me five years ago to be her husband. Although I know it's just for a contract, but you still supported our decisions. By this time, Mr. And Mrs. Kelley, I want to ask for your daughter's hand to be my wife not just contractually but for a lifetime. I want to add myself to the list of the persons who loves her and takes care of her. I want to show her my love and adoration forever, if only you would let me."

My mother was in teary-eyed when she stand and hug Alex. My father also hugged him and whispered something into his ear which caused him to chuckled. I just raised my eyebrow while looking at them.

When he walked back in front of me, he kneeled down again but this time he has a white velvet box in his hand and a diamond ring inside of it.

"Baby, I got their permission." he smiled at me. "Do you remember the when were in Paradise resort?"

I crunched my eyebrows.

"Where all it started---"

"Wait! You got your memory back?" I cut him as my eyes turned wide.

"Uhm.. yes----"

"Since when?"

He suddenly become nervous.

"Uhm...before Dino's accident."

I gasped and give him a glare.

"And you didn't tell me?"

"Oh, baby... can I finish my speech first? I - I'll promise, I will explain everything later."

"Make it sure Alexander Jonathan Smith!"

"Yes, I'll promise, just please don't get mad at me right now, baby. I'm so freaking nervous, you know."

He said scratching the back of his neck, which caused me and all the people with us to chuckled at him.

"As I was saying, when we were in that resort and you perform on the stage with your bandmates, from that night I've realized to pursue our marriage and chase you no matter what happen. And I'm glad I did, because we are here right now. Baby, this is my first time of doing this after five years of being married to you. Woooh!"

I can't help not to laugh again, but I let him continue. I really wanted to tell him that whether he ask me the magic question or not, my answer would still be 'yes.. but I also know that he really made an effort for this, so I just give him all the chance to continue.

"Arrianna Angela Kelley, would you give the honor to mary you and be my wife for the rest of our lives?"

I smiled at him. He looked so cute when he's nervous.

"Yes, Mr. Smith, I'll mary you. I love you."

He slid the ring into my finger and claimed my lips in a possessive manner... the kiss that telling me that I was only his and he's only mine.

"I love you too." he said pulling away but in a second he captured my lips again.

I kissed him back and poured to my kiss all the feelings and emotions I have fo this man. The man of my dreams, my husband and a father to our kids.

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