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   Chapter 61 The Truth

Contractually Married By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 14189

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After three days of Dino's critical condition in the ICU, his doctor finally advised that we can now transfer him into a regular room.

And thanks so much for Belle for not hesitating to donate her blood. She gave Dino another chance to live.

I left Alex, Belle and my parents-in-law inside the room, because I wanted to buy some snacks for all of us. I told them that I'll just ask my brother to go with me.

But the problem is...I can't find Dani outside the room, so I decided to walk further to search for him. But when I am approaching to the Pedia's nurse station, I suddenly came to stop when I heard his voice and also the voice of Dani's doctor. My left eyebrow raised automatically as I take a peek to see them. Why is he talking to her? I tried to hear their conversation.

"Doc, I'm just confused. Alex's blood didn't match with his son's blood type, but why does my wife's blood sample matched with the kid?"

"Your wife?" the doctor asked with an obvious confusion written on her face.

"Yes, Sophia Kelley."

"Ohh..." she chuckled. "She's your wife? I thought she's just your cousin or your friend, Mr. Kelley. Because she wrote Del mundo in her last name."

"She wrote Del mundo?"

I saw how his face changed its expression, from confusion into something rage? Disapproval? And an idea came to my mind, maybe he's now falling for his wife.

"Yes, that's why I'm calling her Ms. Del mundo. But anyway, let's go back to your question. You said you were confused on why her blood matched with the patient's blood?"

He nodded.

"Well, because your wife has a universal type of blood, Mr. Kelley. She has an O negative type, which means, she can able to donate in any types of blood. And to clear your confusions, you and your sister both have a B positive blood type, and Mr. Smith has B negative, which were obviously didn't match with the patient. So, if you noticed, Ms. Del mundo------"

"Mrs. Kelley!"

I can't help the chuckle that escaped from my lips when he cut the doctor from speaking, just to correct his wife's last name.

"Oh, yeah! That's what I'm saying. Mrs. Kelley, 'your wife' among all of you has the universal blood type that matched with the patient, even he's not her relative. By the way, is that your real question Mr. Kelley, or you're just thinking something about your wife?"

"O-Of course not. I'm just confused, and that's all I wanted to know." he sounded deffensive.

-'Really, Dani?'-

"Well, I have a piece of advise for you Mr. Kelley, of course if you don't mind. In order to have a long, healthy and lasting relationship, we need first to build trust, honesty within ourselves. We need to be open on what we feel especially to our partners. Have a good day, Mr. Kelley." she said and patted his shoulder before walking her way towards her office.

"She's right, big brother." I said when I decided to show myself in front of him.

He looked at me, surprise written in his both eyes.

"You really need to be 'open' of what you 'feel', especially to your 'partner'. I smirked as I emphasized the three words in my sentence.

"Oh Rian, what are you talking about?" he avoided my gaze and about to walk back into Dino's room, but I stopped him.

"Tsk.Tsk. Come on, Dani. Why don't you go with me to the nearest coffee shop and buy some snacks?"

He snapped and glared his eyes on me. "You're going to drink a coffee? I'll cut your neck if you try to drink coffee, Arrianna Angela!"

I laughed on his reaction. "Ohh.. relax, big brother. I said I'm going to buy some snacks, but I didn't say I'm going to drink a coffee, duh! Love effect!"

He snort and crunched his face before he put his arm around my shoulder.


"Why don't you just admit to your wife that you're already falling for her, than denying your feelings?" I asked when we're finally seated inside the coffee shop.

"Tss! Come on, Rian. What are you talking about? I have nothing to admit because it's not true!"

It's not true, but he avoided my gaze.

"Okay!" I shrugged. "Take care much of your ego and I'm telling you, one morning you're going to wake up and you'll realize it's too late. Your contract has ended and she's no longer on your side. So yeah,

heart melt with the sounds of his wail and I instantly rushed towards him and pulled him on my chest.

"'re now safe. Your daddy and I were both here for you and Myla, she's also here." I said rubbing his back.

"Aunt Rian, m-mommy w-wants us to escape." he said through his sobs.

"'s okay honey, we're here now and we're not letting her to take you again, okay?"

"Promise?" he looked at me with tears all over his face. "Please don't give me to my Mommy again, Aunt Rian. I don't want to go with her. I don't want to be with her anymore. She wants me to left you and Daddy, and she said Daddy Alex is not my real father."

"Oh my..." I gasped un shock but I tried to make my face neutral.

"Please, Aunt Rian. I'm not going with you to the mall and ask to buy me toys. I'm not going to ask you and Daddy to eat in Mc. Donalds, just please don't give me back to her.

"'s okay honey. We're not going to let her take you again." I bite my quivering lips and blinked back the tears that formed in my both eyes as I saw the fear on his face. It's such a simple things that he's asking just for me not to give him back to his recognized mother.

"Promise me Aunt Rian, please?"

"I'll promise, honey." and he wrapped his arms around me with a little sobs that still escaping from his lips.

"How's my son, Doc?"

I heard Alex asked the doctor. They're standing two meters away from us, and a few steps near the door. I looked at them and tried to read their lips movement to understand their conversation.

"Mr. Smith, I think he's having a nightmare before he woke up, and it's not a good sign especially for his age. If he continued this behavior for the following days or  weeks, maybe it's a sign of post traumatic stress disorder---"

"W-Wait! Post traumatic stress disorder?"

"Yes, Mr. Smith. It develops in some people or patients who have experienced shocking, scary or dangerous events, such as car accident which happened to your son. We don't know what happened to him, what he had experienced, heard or suffered before and during the accident. And maybe fear triggers him and caused this trauma. Well, I'm not actually saying that this is PTSD, but as I was saying earlier.. if this behavior continues, it might lead to that disorder. And we don't want that to happen so, I suggest you and your wife to bring him to a psychologist for early treatment and therapy."

I gulped and looked down to Dino's innocent face. This is such a cruel life for him and for his young age. Now I understand why God let Francine did that foolish and stupid idea of introducing Dino to Alex, as his son. And why did 'He' let that horrifying accident to happened. Maybe it's 'His' way to bring Dino to us. It's 'His' powerful way to let him escape from that dark alley of his young life.

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