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   Chapter 60 Francine's escape plan

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Saturday afternoon, Alex and I were currently in the living room when I felt a sudden movement inside my belly.

"Oh my God!" I said getting up from his lap. My eyes were big like saucers and excitement was written on my face as I hold my now round belly. I am now in my six months of pregnancy. But Alex took my reaction in an opposite way.

"Why baby? Is there something hurts inside you? What.. What happened?" he asked startled as he immediately kneeled in front of me and hold my hands.

"No, it's something like that." I said grinning while watching his concerned expression.


"I felt his movement! He kicked Alex!" I stated excitedly, but he crunched his eyebrows.

"You felt his movement and kick? Who's he?"

My jaws dropped after hearing his questions. "Oh God, Alex! Your child moved inside my belly! He kicked!"

And by that, his eyes widened. "Ohh..! Really baby?"

I chuckled as I nodded. "Yes. And he's now kicking again!" I said laughing with tears as I felt the excitement inside me and the light tickling in my belly caused by my baby's movements.

"Can I hear it?" he asked with the same expression as mine and I nodded. He shifted himself and brought his ear to my round belly. And after that, I saw the tears from his face.

"Hey, you're crying?" I asked as I cupped both of his cheeks. I can feel my tears formed in my eyes.

He kissed my both palms and hold it both with his hands. He smiled at me and another tear fell from his eyes.

"I'm so happy, baby." He said looking at me directly. "Thank you."

"For what?" I asked barely a whisper.

"For staying with me, for forgiving my mistakes, for accepting Dino and for loving me, despite of all the things I did, especially for having Dino." my own tears rolled down on my face.

I smiled at him. "It's because I love you."

"And I love you too, baby. And I promise not to do that same mistakes again. I will take care of you, our baby----"

"And Dino." I added.

"Yeah, and Dino." he smiled as he hugged my waist. His face is on my round belly.

"Speaking of Dino, did Francine already contact you this week?"

It's been a week when she took Dino and we haven't heard anything from her since that incident happened.

"No. I haven't heard anything from her, why?"

"I'm just worried by the way Dino reacts in front of her."

"What do you mean?" he asked as he seated again beside me.

And I started to tell him everything that I noticed from Francine's behavior to Dino's reactions last week.

"Why didn't you tell me immediately?"

"I - I forgot. I'm just too occupied with my thoughts this last few days."

We are in that situation when he received a sudden phone call.

"Yes, good afternoon...what? And you're only informing me that right now?"

I straightened my seat when I heard him shouts.

"When did she withdraw the money?.. Are you a fucking idiot there? You let her took all the money without informing me? And it fucking happened yesterday, but you're only informing me now?"

I wanted to ask what's happening, who took all the money and who is that 'her' he's referring to?

"No! He's not in the hospital! You know I can sue you for your negligence! Fuck!" he cursed after ending the call.

"What happened? Who's that? And who's that 'her' you're referring that took all the money?"

"It's the fucking bitch, Francine! She withdrew all the money from Dino's account yesterday, and this fucking bank manager let her took it all!"

"What?" my eyes widened in shock. "H-How does that happened...I mean, how did she do that? S

months after you gave birth before you can donate blood."

"Ohh..." that's all I can say as I gulped the new information I've heard.

"I'm not pregnant, you can also take my blood samples." All our heads were snapped to Belle. And I can't help myself not to chuckled when Dani's face turned sour behind her.

"Okay Ma'am, please be ready. We will take your blood samples within five minutes." and the doctor entered again inside.

We waited for almost fifteen minutes for the results of Alex, Dani and Belle's blood sample if it's match with Dino's blood type. But the big news is now ready to arrive.

"I'm sorry Sir, but your blood sample doesn't match with the patient's blood type. But the good news is, Miss del mundo matched with him."

We all turned to Belle and the doctor continued to explain all the types of blood and their matches, but there's one question swirling inside my head but I waited for her to finish her explanation.

"How about Francine.. she's the mother of the child." I said after she finished talking.

"We already check her blood type Ma'am, but like from the father, it also didn't match with the patient. And if it's possible matched, we can no longer extract blood from her because she's reported as dead on arrival before the ambulance arrived from the accident."

"Oh God!" I said covering my mouth. Tears welled up in my both eyes. Yes, she's been a bitch lately but she still Dino's mother. I glanced up at Alex only to find him also shocked from what he heard.

"Doc, how does it happened that the both parents didn't match the blood type of their child?"

"It also happens ma'am, but it's a rarely case. And to tell you honestly I haven't handled such a case like that, because as I said it's a rarely case. Most of the child gets his or her blood types either from his or mother or father. But in your case Sir, I'm sorry but you're not matched with your son's blood type."

"Is it possible that he's not the father of the child?" Belle blurted out much to our surprise.

"Oh, I'm sorry but I really can't answer that Ma'am. But I suggest you to have a DNA test both the father and the patient to know if they're really related."

And after that, we just waited the call for Belle to go inside.

We were all shocked with the news, but we disregard it first as we need make sure that Dino can survive with this accident.

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