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   Chapter 59 The way she treats her son

Contractually Married By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 7226

Updated: 2019-08-05 15:20

Rian's POV:

When Francine finally took Dino, Alex and I were left sitting in the living room while watching his favorite Spongebob Squarepants series in cartoon network. My head is on his lap and his fingers were brushing my hair.

"Do you think we can try to plead a petition for Dino's full custody?"

He looked down at me open-mouthed when I opened the 'petition' topic. Maybe he doesn't expecting this question would exactly come out from me. Actually, I started to think this matter when I heard Dino's little confession about how his mother is treating him. My heart is melting everytime I imagined those crazy things that Francine is doing to her own son.

"Baby, it's a huge step in our relationship. Are you sure of that? I can't even remember the day of our wedding, how did I get involve again with Francine. And how did we get a child. I don't want you to get stressed and tired, your pregnant."


"And I don't even know how to explain myself to you, once my memory came back."

"I know, hubby. But Dino is a different thing. Yes, he's your son with Francine, but he doesn't have any mistake or fault with it. He's purely innocent. And if he's mother can't give him love and mother's care, well.. he still have you. He still have us."

He smiled at me and I get up to see both of his eyes shines in amusement.

"Thank you baby, for supporting me and accepting Dino."

"Maybe because the amount of love I have for you is greater than the amount of your mistakes."

He give me a toe curlingg kiss after that.

"I love you." he said cupping my left cheek while his other hand is holding my right hand.

"I love you, too." I smiled at him. "And hubby, I didn't say I can't accept the child. The thing I can't accept was how the way you made him and how you ended up in bed with his mother. But as I told you, your son is an exemption of your mistakes. He doesn't even know why his parents have different houses and why they're living separately."

He lifted me up by my waist and put me into his lap, while his two arms encircled around my waist.

"But as of now, we both know we can't file any petition in court becaus

g to your son, it's his decision not mine! And whatever you may call it, manipulation or interference.. well just to tell you honestly, I have all the rights in all his assets and decisions because I am his wife!"

"Huh! Yeah, you are his wife!" she snort narrowing her eyes on me. "Let's go, Dino!" and she suddenly pulled Dino's arm much to the child's surprise, he almost stumbled on the floor.

"Oh my God, Francine! Be careful!" my heart almost jumped out inside my chest and I glared at her.

"Mama please, let me stay here just for one day.."

"No! We're going home right now, and that's final!"

"Aunt Rian, help me please. I don't want to go home.."

"I'm sorry Dino, but you have to." I said following them to the front door.

"Aunt Rian please, I'll be a good boy I promise. I won't ask you to buy me toys the next time we go to the mall, and I won't ask you to buy me some ice cream.. just help me please.." he said in tears before Francine lifted him up. And because I can no longer watch the heart melting scene in front of me, I turned around and made my way to the kitchen.

How I wish Alex could see this and do something to take Dino from his mother. Yes, she's the real mother but the way she treats her son, it's very unlikely. And also the way Dino reacts whenever he sees her, he look so afraid and scared. And it's not usual for a four years old kid to behave like that, especially with his own mother.

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