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   Chapter 58 You're going to be a good mother

Contractually Married By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 5772

Updated: 2019-07-29 16:46

"Aunt Rian, can I go with you and Daddy to the mall?"

Dino asked me when he saw me applying my lipstick in front of my make up stand. Francine left him with us this morning because she said, she has an important things to do and there's no one who would look after with her child.

Alex is still inside the bathroom.

"Sure." I simply answered and I smiled at him.

"Yey! Can we also buy some toys and eat in Mc.donalds and then eat some ice cream, Aunt Rian?" he squealed in excitement and I just found myself being amused with his childish reaction.

"Of course! We're going to buy a lot of toys!" I said messing up his hair.

"Yey! Thank you Aunt Rian. I wish you were my real mother and not my mama Francine." his voice became upset in a moment.

My hand stopped in mid-air as I was about to put mascara on my lashes. I was taken aback by his wish. I inhaled deeply and tried to ask him the meaning of his wish.

"Why are you saying that? Don't you love your mama Francine?" I asked while lifting him up to sit on my lap and we looked eack other in the mirror.

"I love her Aunt Rian, but I don't know if she also loves me. She always shouts at me when she has no money. She won't let me go out and play with my friends outside the house. And she never bring me to the mall and eat to Mc. Donalds like my friends always telling me."

I felt a sudden pinched inside my heart after hearing his confession. That's just a simple wish of kid like him, but why she doesn't give it to him?

"She never bring you to the mall? As in ever?"

"Nope." he said shaking his head while playing with the small car I gave to him.

"But why?"

"Because she doesn't want to use money on someone like me. She said I'm a

so happy and carefree while eating his large fries. But his look was totally the opposite of his father's face, who were complaining since we entered the fast food store until we finished eating.

And for the last part of our bonding, we let him played in the kid's indoor playground inside the mall. His laughs and screams brought so much joy inside of me. We also took some pictures while shopping, eating and while Dino is playing.

We were watching him in the bench outside the play house, when I felt Alex arm around my shoulders. I looked at him and he pulled me more to him.

"You're going to be a good mother, baby." he smiled and kissed me on my forehead.

"You think so?" I asked him and put my hand over my belly.

"Nope. I know so." and he placed his hand on where my hand rested.

He was about to kiss me on my lips when we heard Dino's voice.

"Aren't we going home now, Daddy, Aunt Rian?"

"Oh God! This kid knows how to come on the right timing!" Alex said in a whisper and put his face on the crock of my neck.

I chuckled at him and it doubled when Dino winked at me having a big grin on his cute and chubby face.

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