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   Chapter 57 Lost Memory

Contractually Married By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6759

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"You know what, I really don't trust that woman."

"Who? Francine?"

I asked Belle when she nudged my elbow. We're in the kitchen and Alex and I were just came from the meeting which Francine and her lawyer asked from our side. And it's exactly that she and Dani visits us 'together'.. riding in 'one car'.

It's been one week since Alex got out from the hospital. And since he has a temporary memory loss and serious fractures in his rib and left leg, he needs to stay at home until he's completely healed.

And Francine took immediately an action. She called a lawyer to talk and demands Alex's supports for their child. And she used the results of the DNA test as a proof the he is the biological father of her son.

"Who else? I don't know but I can feel a negative vibe in her, and I feel something's wrong whenever I see her."

"Well, I can also feel that, but do I have a choice? She's the mother of my husband's child."

"I know. So, what are the things that she demands for her child?"

I sighed and take a seat. "She demands to put Dino in Alex's name, and a financial support before the end of every month. And because Dino is still young and still incapable of everything, the money would go directly into her bank account."

"What? Oh God! So, that's her way on how to extort money from your husband! Why don't you just give Dino a junior savings account on his own?"

"Belle... Francine is Dino's mother, that means she could have the same access in whatever Alex would give to Dino."

"Poor child." she just shook her head. "So, what does Alex opinion about this matter?"

"He wants to apply for the full custody of the child."

"I see.. what about you? Are you okay with this set-up?"

I sighed again loudly. "As I told you, do I have any choice? Besides, Dino is just an innocent child. He shouldn't be experiencing this kind of thing, he's still young."

"What about the custody?"

"Well, Alex is still not in a right condition, so for sure we can't win the case, even our laywe

er what the doctor's said about his condition.

"Wait, Alex!" I slightly pushed his shoulder and his head raised from the crock of my neck.

"What?" he asked with his pupils dilated with pure lusts at the moment. I can now also feel his bulged in between my thighs.

"You're still not allowed into this kind of activity."

"What the-----baby, you don't know how much I wanted to touch you since I woke up!" he said frowning and I chuckled. But he didn't move, he stayed on top of me. "Baby, it's been one month! Please, just once. I'm gonna die waiting!"

"And you think I don't know that? I don't also feel that? Alex, we need to make sure that you're completely healed before we go back into this kind of activity.

"Oh, baby please! I can't hold it anymore!" he pleaded while kissing my jaw again.

I arched my neck and a soft moan escaped from my lips. "We should need to ask your doctor about this------"

"Fuck him! And fuck whatever he wants to say! I don't care!"


I gasped when he ripped my blouse including my bra, and dipped his head on the valley of my breasts. My protests died when he took my nipples with his mouth and swirled his tongue around it. And I gave him a long and needy moan which ignites more of his pleasure.

The next thing I know.. we're dancing in the old rhythm and passion of our love.

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