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   Chapter 56 He's Awake

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Updated: 2019-07-26 19:55

Rian's POV:


I turned my head to the door when I heard my Mom's voice. I smiled at her when she seated beside me and hold both of my hands. We're now in a private room where Alex transmitted earlier from the ICU. It's been two days since he had undergone a surgical treatment for his fractured ribs on his left side. And he's now in a temporary coma because of the traumatic head injury he got from the accident.

"How are you, Rian?"

"I'm fine, Mom." I tried to smile but I know I failed.

"What's the doctor said about his condition?"

"They said based on his condition, it can lasts several days or weeks. But it depends on how his body reacts or progress with the medicines they were giving to him."

"Okay. How about you and your baby?"

"We're fine, Mom. Don't worry about us."

"Sophia is coming today, I just don't know about your brother."

"Thank you, Mom."

One week has passed and Alex is still in an unconscious state, but everyday his condition is getting better based on the results of his lab tests. His doctor already removed the respiratory ventilator that supports his breathing, because based on their latest observation.. he can now supports his breathing on his own without the help of the machine.

Francine and her child Dino, visited him thrice since he was transferred to a regular room. But I can't deny that everytime I see her, I can still feel the pain inside my chest.. that she was the one who's been in my husband's arms those moments that it should've been me, and Dino is the big evidence of that. Well, I'm really trying to accept every single details of it, because I know I can never change what happened.

Dino is Alex's child. I've read the results of their DNA test the first day he was admitted in the emergency room. Belle gave me a white envelope that found by his rescuers from the backseat of his car. It contains the results of their paternity test.

Its not easy to accept the truth.. and it's not that I need to, but eventually I have to. Because no matter what I do.. even if this world turns upside down.. nobody can change the truth that Alex is Dino's biological father.

But honestly, I in

. Smith? We're not yet married!"

The doctor sighed before he gestured to talk to me in private. And I follewd him outside the room.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Smith but I think your husband is suffering from temporary memory loss."

"What?" I blinked my eyes repeatedly.

"Yes. It's due to the traumatic head impact he got from the car accident."

"How long will he suffer from memory loss?"

"It depends on how he will cope up with his environment. If I may ask, how long have you been married, Mrs. Smith?"

"Four years."

"Hmm.. I think his memory were stacked from four years ago. But you can always remind him of happenings from where his memory stopped until this days that he's in unconscious state. But don't worry, we're still going to take some tests to confirm if my initial observation is correct."

"Thank you, doctor."

When we go back inside, he asked Alex some questions. If what are the things that he can remember.. his name, his age, parents' name and his job and he answered it quickly. But the only thing he can't remember was our wedding. His memory stacked from the day our family talked about our marriage, which should only be contractually for five years, but as he said.. we married not by that contract but with a real one.

But the only problem now is that, how can we solve our current situation with Francine and Dino? How can I ask him his explanation, if he himself couldn't explain what happened to him?

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