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   Chapter 55 I still love him

Contractually Married By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 7387

Updated: 2019-07-24 18:52

Belle's POV:

When Alex ended the call, I felt a sudden anxious feeling inside me. It's a feeling that tells me.. something is wrong.

But I just sighed and shake off that thoughts in my head. I take a seat on the couch and continue listening to the new music that were going to use in our upcoming International dance competition.

But thirty minutes... one hour... has passed, this uncomfortable feeling inside me still bothering me. And then I decided to stop what I was doing and walked towards the kitchen. I found Daniel and Rian's nanny cooking something for lunch.

"Nanay Ems." (Nanay means Mother.. and Ems is short for Emily) I smiled and glanced on her work at the kitchen counter.

"Hi, 'nak." ('Nak is their short term for 'Anak' which means 'daughter or son')

"What's that Nanay? Do you need some help?" I cheerfully asked her and she smiled.

"Oh, it's okay.. It's just a simple recipe. This is your husband's requested food for his lunch today."

"Requested for his lunch... why? He's here?"

"Yes, he's in the gym."

"Ohh.." I said nodding. "He didn't go to work?"

"He said he wants to stay at home for one day."

She shrugged. And my eyebrow automatically find her way up as I can't believe what I heard.

-'Daniel.. stays at home? What happened to his 'my business is my top priority?'-

But since I want to relax myself and avoid the unexplainable feeling inside my head, I decided to cook my own version and taste of fried chicken.. which is marinated with grapes vinegar, dried rosemary, basil leaves and more garlic.

I am enjoying myself in cooking while dancing to the rhythm of the dance music 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams, when I noticed that there's someone watching me from behind. And I found my jerk and arrogant husband sniffing the air. I smirked.

"Yes, my royal highness?" I asked while still dancing.

"What are you cooking?" he ignored my question.

I really wanted to say...'none of your business' but I'd changed my mind.

"Fried chicken, your royal highness." I answered with my most sweetest smile.

He walked towards the stove where I am standing and take two pieces of my precious fried chicken. I gasped and I narrowed my eyes wh

. Don't think of this too much. Your baby needs you to be strong. Alex can survive this one, don't worry. Let's just pray."

Eric hold my hands and pulled me to him and hugged me in a brotherly hug. He's also in a backseat with me while Jordan is driving his car towards the hospital. I shook my head and my sobs continue to escape from my throat. I can't control my tears.. as I also can't control those negative thoughts that keeps on swirling and dancing in my head.

There were so many questions of what ifs and what ifs and what ifs, that repeatedly kicked inside my mind. But there's one thing I've realized about this situation.. it's the truth that.. I love him.. I love him so much that even if Dino was his real child.. then so be it. I will just accept the truth, besides.. he doesn't even have a single fault about him being here in this world. It's all his parents' faults. He's just also an another innocent, who's been afflicted by someone else's mistakes.

And I remember what Gelo has told me three days ago. 'How much do I love him? How much do I love my husband?' And you know what I found out? I love him, with every beat of this stupid heart. That even he lied and cheated on me, I still love him. That even there is a Dino in this scene, and Francine from his past.. I love him, I still love him. All I need right now is his explanation, but how can I ask him a single question, when I don't know if I can still see him breathing?

-'Oh God!'-

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