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   Chapter 53 How much do you love your husband

Contractually Married By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 8200

Updated: 2019-07-22 15:52

Rian's POV:


I looked at Gelo who has a phone in his hand, showing me that Belle's name is on the screen... again. She's been calling Gelo's number since last night, but I told him not to answer any of their calls, Belle, my friends, and especially my husband.

Even Jordan, Eric and Franco called him this morning, confirming if I am with him, but he denied and said no.

I wasn't in myself yesterday when I started to drive my car away from the building of Smith Corporation. I wanted to go to Cari or Gavin, or even Belle but I know they were the first person that Alex would ask about me. I went to the park, to the church, until my wheels brought me in front of Gelo's house.

He and his wife accepted me and let me stay without even asking. They asked me to eat and to take rest, but I can't. My mind was always drifting to the things I've heard from Alex's office.

The voice of the woman and the cries of the little boy that she said was Alex's child were keep on dancing and swirling in my head the whole night. And I've been crying till four a.m, but still I tried to get up early to check if someone from my family and friends were calling Gelo again. And I was right, Belle is so persistent to talk to Gelo.

The call has ended after of continuous ringing for three minutes. He seated beside me and patted my hand which rested on the armrest of the couch.

"Can you now share to me the details of this escaping and hiding of yours?" he asked me in a low and concerned voice. "Since I can't talk to you yesterday because you've been crying the whole time, maybe I can ask you now some questions?"

I take a deep breath before I started to tell him what was really happened yesterday, and why did I ask them not to answer any calls from anyone who would possibly ask about me.

"Are you okay?" he asked me after telling him the whole story.

I smiled. "I don't know. I just feel numb."

"Wait, why don't you eat first?"

"I can't Gelo. My stomach can't accept any types of food right now."

"But it's not for you, it's for the baby, Rian. I know you're in pain right now, but please.. don't let your baby suffer from all of these. He or she still doesn't know about the happenings in the outside world."

With that, I brought my hands over my belly and smiled. I gulped and tried to blink the tears that are now forming again in my eyes. I almost forgot that I am now carrying a new life in me. And that I am

inted and hurt when I heard that he has a child from another woman." the hot tears are now forming again in my eyes.

"Rian, I don't know how much of the pain, you're going through right now, but listen to me. He's just a man, a man who has needs and everything. I'm not telling you this to defend him or just because I am also a man, but because I want you to know and to realize how much love do you have in you for your husband. Everybody makes a lot of mistakes in their life. Nobody's perfect, even you.. even me.. and even your husband. Ask him Rian, ask him for an explanation because you deserve that."

He said and he hold both of my hands.

"Yeah, it's cheating, it happened in his married life. But it also happened during those years that you're not in a stable relationship, those times that your marriage was still based in a contract as you said. And if it's true, does it changed now the love you have for him? Because if it's yes, then you need to decide which one do you feel is heavier and greater for you. Is it the pain, the hurt, disappointment, his mistakes... or your love for him? Because whatever your decision will be, it's going to be your foundation to face your future."

I couldn't formed any words after that. I was left in dazed even after Gelo exited the room. I smiled while the tears were flowing down on my face. I love him and there's no doubt about my feelings for him. But it also hurt to know that this love I have for him caused me to be broken and left shattered in pieces. And what if it's true, Dino was his real child? Does it really changed the love I have for him or does it will?

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