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   Chapter 52 Where is Rian

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Alex's POV:

"Oh, God! Where is my daughter, Alex?"

That's the first question of my mother in law when they all rushed in our house.

My parents, Rian's parents including Daniel and Belle after of eight hours of searching for my wife.

"Have you already reported this to the police?" my mom's asked.

"Honey, they can't help us with this. It's not been twenty four hours since Rian's missing. They can't put this to the case of missing persons." My Dad, answered my mom.

"So, are we going to wait for twenty four hours for them to help us find my baby?"

Mrs. Kelley snapped in no particular. She s been crying the whole time since she got the news, especially when she heard that Rian is pregnant.

"Mom, relax please. We will find her. Alex and I already hired the best investigator in town." Daniel seated beside his mother.

But Belle, just like me.. couldn't stop herself from pacing back and forth as she dialled some of her contacts to find my wife.

"Who is this Francine, Alexander?" my Dad's voice boomed behind me as I seated beside my mom on the couch.

"She's from my past, Dad. But I swear, I'm a hundred percent sure that her child was not mine!"

I wasn't expecting the things he did next. He take the collar of my shirt as his eyes almost spit out some fire. " You're son of a bitch!"

"Vincent, stop it!"

My mom tried to get his hands off from my neck but he's so strong than my mother.

"I told you, before you married her, stop for your being womanizer and a manwhore! But you didn't listen! And now, you're earning the fruit of your stubbornness and stupidity!"

They all stand to stop my Dad, and Mr. Kelley finally pulled his hand away from me.

"Come on, Vincent. We can't do anything else for that, right now. Let's find my daughter first, to make sure she's safe and our grandchild."

He regained his composure after that and pushed me hard on the couch. I can't talk back to anyone of them because I know it's my fault. I wish I could get back the past and undo my mistakes.. but I can't.

"Have you called all her friends? Her workmates? And all the possible person she could run to?" it's my mom's questions for the third times since she heard the news.

"I did, Mom. I already called all of them,

the person she's referring to.

"Jordan. It's me Belle. Is Rian with you?" she asked directly, not even asking the person if she disturbed his sleep. "She's missing for almost fourteen hours, and still we don't have a u idea where to find her. Yeah, and she's pregnant... Okay... But please, if you can contact her, please tell her that we're all worried sick for her. Especially that she's now carrying a new life in her... Thank you, Jordz." and she ended the call.

"Who's that Jordan?" Daniel asked her with a growl, but she just raised her eyebrow and ignored him.

He's jealous. I'm sure of that.

"That was Jordan, one of her band member." she turned to me.

"What did he say?"

"She's not with him. But there's still three other members of them. I'll call them one by one."

She started to dial the first two, but they just gave her a negative answer. But then, there's still the last one. The most closed with Rian, as she said... 'Gelo'

But she's calling his number for almost three times, but this Gelo haven't pick up any of it.

"Maybe he's busy?" she said trying to call him again.

"Or maybe his sleeping." Cari added.

"Yeah, I agree with Cari." It's Gavin who walked closer to Belle, but to my and his surprise, Daniel immediate stand and pulled Belle to his side.

Gavin looked at me with wide eyes, and I can't help not to smile.

-'Yeah, I feel you, bro. I've already finished that stage with Gavin. Now, it's your turn.'- I said to myself while shaking my head.

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