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   Chapter 51 The Results of Everything

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Rian's POV:

It's been one week since I moved in with Alex. And do you know what was his surprise for me? It's a huge mansion that he bought as his wedding gift for me, four years ago. He said he wanted it to become our 'home' when everything is already settled in it's place.

Tomorrow is his birthday and me, my mom and dad were helping his parents to give him a surprise birthday day party in our house. And I am planning to give him the result of my prenatal check up and the ultrasound as my birthday gift to him.

But because I am too eager to show him the positive results, I decided to give it to him right now. I drove my way from the OBGyne clinic to the building of Smith Corporation.

But as they always say.. 'don't expect life to be always fair, because sometimes the more you celebrates happiness, the more you'll have to pay it with tears'..

The moment I stepped at the entrance of his office building, I don't know but I felt heaviness inside my chest, but I just ignored it and continue my way to the elevator. The stares and glances I am receiving from some of the employees, just added to the uneasy feeling I have right now.

"Hi, Olivia."

I cheerfully greeted Alex's secretary, but the respond I've got from her was something I wasn't expecting. She straightened her seat immediately as her eyes widened when she recognized that it's me who's standing in front of her.

"M-Mrs. S-Smith?"

"Why are you stuttering?" I asked her, confused. She also looked nervous.

"U-Uhm..." I felt something wrong with how she addressed me.

"Ms. Thomas, where is your boss?" I sighed and asked her in a professional tone.


"I'll ask you again, where is your boss?"

"H-He's in his office, ma'am." she lowered her head.

"Okay, thank you."

"Ma'am Rian, I - I think it's better if you just wait for his guest to-------"

"Why? Who's his guest?" I cut her off. I am starting to feel annoyed with her suspense answer. "Ms. Thomas, if you don't want to answer my question, let me enter my husband's office." I snapped at her and she looked at me with shock and nervousness.

I put my envelope on top of her desk as I walked towards Alex's office.

"Oh, God! I'm so dead!"

I heard her muttered to herself, but I don't have time to go back and ask her because my curiosity is now killing me. I am about to knock when I heard some faint voices inside. So, I pushed the door slightly to hear and see who might be Alex's visitor, but I didn't show myself, I just want to listen to them first.

There's a lady in red and a little boy standing on her side.. crying. I think he's only three or four years old. I am still busy watching the little boy's cry when his mother shouts.

"Why don't you believe me, Alex? Dino is your child!"

I gulped and my hand immediately lifted up to my chest as I felt a sudden pain inside.

"He's your child, Alex! He's our child!"

Every words coming from the woman's lips were like a knife that stabbing my heart with a sharp pain, and causing my legs to woble. I have to cover my mouth to suppress the sobs that threatening to escape especially when I heard the little boy's cry.

"Mama, let's go."

"No, Dino! Let's hear what's your father's decision!"

My hand automatically cover my belly as tears were now blurring my vision. I want to hear Alex's voice. I want him to deny what the woman were saying, but the only words that came from his mouth just added to my injured heart.

"How old is he?"

"He's now three years old, and he's going four tomorrow."

-'Ohh... same as his birthday.'-

"You need to decide Alex! Dino needs a father. He needs you!"


"And he needs your support financially!"


Am I really hearing these things right now? They didn't notice me standing in the doorframe and even when I closed it again. Sobs after sobs, I walked back and see the now Olivia's concerned face.

"I'm sorry, Ma'am.."

I looked at her as I shooked my head. Now I understand why I felt something odd when I entered the building. Why some of the employees were staring at me, and why Olivia tried to stop me from entering Alex's office. Now I understand why.

With my hand o

last question.

"Wait! Who are you talking about? Who's pregnant?" Daniel asked again, but no one answered him again.

"Yes. Actually, we already suspected it since their dance practice, that's why we told her to seek an appointment to the OBGyne, so she can understand more about her pregnancy. And she did it this morning. She said she wants to give the results to you as her birthday gift for your birthday tomorrow."

"Oh, fuck!" I brushed my face with my two hands as I put my elbows on my knees.

"Does anyone of you can answer my question!" I looked up to Daniel who's now glaring at both of us. And I was about to speak when Belle snapped at him, which is to my surprise.

"God damned it, Daniel! Are you that slow? Who do you think are we talking about here that is pregnant.. which concerns to Alex?" Daniel formed his two fists. "Oh.. maybe his dog or their neighbor's cat or maybe their chicken----"

"Jesus Christ, woman! Can you stop your mouth from swearing!" he also shouted at her wife.

"Oh! You call them swearing? Well, I just call them 'sentence enhancers'!"

"And you really talking back at me?"

-'Oh God! These two!"- I muttered to myself as I massage my temples.

"For you it's talking back, but for me.. I call it 'explaining'!"


"Forgodsake! Can the two of you shut up for a moment and  set aside your husband and wife's issue?" I shouted and cut their cat and dog fights.

They both looked at me but Belle rolled her eyes to the annoyed Daniel.

"Rian is missing----"

"What?" they both asked in unison and looked at each other. I wanted to laugh at them if we're just in a different situation.

"She's pregnant, I saw the results of her check up and ultrasound......" and I started to tell them what happened, even the issue about Francine and her child.

"Oh, God! Where is she right now? Have you tried to call all her friends?" Belle asked and seated in front of me. But Daniel remains standing and I don't know what's running in his mind right now.

"I did, but she's not there."

"Francine was your first girlfriend, right?" I looked at Daniel and his face held seriousness.

"Yes." And as a man, I told him everything including my doubts that Dino is not my child.

"I believe you. But try to find my little sister, because I swear to God, Alex.. I will kill you if anything's bad happened to her and to my nephew!"

"What if it's a girl? So, that means your niece." Belle told her husband as she crosses her hands over her chest.

"I believe it's a boy!" Daniel snapped at her.

"And what if it's a girl?"

"It's a boy!"

-'Oh fucking shit!'- the only words I muttered before I stand up and say my goodbye to them. Belle said she will contact me whenever she get an information or when Rian answered her calls.

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