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   Chapter 50 Surprise

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Rian's POV:

**Baby, I think I left the blue folder in your bedside table. It's really important baby, I need it for my presentation later. Can you please bring it to my office? Thank you.. I love you..**

That's what the first message I've read when I woke up this morning. I crunched my face after reading his message. Since when.. he became a forgetful person?

Today is monday, but I filed a two days leave so I can take a rest after those exhaustive days of practice. I just want to lay myself in bed and contact Belle for the schedule of my prenatal check up. But thank you for my super love husband, I am now driving to his office to bring this 'important blue folder' that he left in my room.

After parking my car, I take my bag together with the folder and started to walk towards the building's entrance. But I am just taking a few steps away from my car when a guy called me 'Mrs. Smith' and gave me a single white rose and a piece of paper. Although I am feeling confused, I still accepted it and smiled to him after saying my thank you. When I looked at the piece of paper, my eyebrows knitted because of the message..

'Congratulations Mrs. Smith'

As I continue to walk towards the entrance, there were also two guys and one girl employee who gave me the same as what the first guy gave me. The girl employee pointed up the big tarpaulin hanged from the third floor to the second floor window of the building. It's the same message as the small papers which was given by some of the employees.

'Congratulations Mrs. Smith'

The only difference is that, there's a picture of me on the tarpaulin while receiving the trophy.

A smile creeped on my lips when I remember my husband's message. He intentionally left the folder so he can force me to bring it to his office and show me this surprise.

When I stepped at the entrance, the security guard also gave me a single white rose and a congratulations message, including Rosie, the receptionist with all out smile. When I entered the elavator, I received two roses and the moment I stepped out, one of Alex's body guards gave me another one.. then Mark, his driver.. and Olivia, his secretary.

"Congratulations Mrs. Smith." Olivia and Mark greeted me in unison.

"Thank you. I appreciate all of these." I said referring to the eleven roses and eleven pieces of congratulations message I collected.

"Ma'am, it's your husband's idea. Congratulations, Mrs. Smith."

"Thank you, Olivia."

"Ma'am, Mr. Smith is waiting for you from his office." Mark informed me with a smile.

"Yeah, thank you Mark." I smiled at him and to Olivia before I walked my way to my husband's office. I can feel the slight numbness on my face  because of the smile of excitement never leave from it since I exited my car.

I knocked on his office door and take a deep breath before I pushed it to open. When I entered ins

asked confused. I thought he's giving me my surprise.

"To your surprise." he said with a mischievous smile.

I glared at him. "Alexander Jonathan, what's that?" I asked referring to his smile while walking out from his office door.

"What baby?"

"What's with your smile? Make it sure this is not a part of your naughty 'birthday gift' that you're asking me." I emphasized the word birthday gift and he chuckled for that.

Olivia and some of the employees at the same floor were watching our interaction and their boss laughs.

"Oh.. it's far from that, baby. You're the only one who's thinking that naughty birthday gift, and not me." he said still grinning.

"Huh! Really, Alexander Jonathan?" I playfully glared at him as we entered the elevator. We were greeted by the two employees inside and we both smiled to them.

"I promise, baby." then he whispered something into my ears. "But if you want we can celebrate my advance birthday celebration there." my eyes widened with that.

"O-Ouchh!" he started to crumple his handsome face.

I bite my lips as I pinched the skin on his waist.

"Ouch?" I asked him not letting go of his waist.

"Y-Yeah..Ouch, baby." he said nodding with a crumpled face. I wanted to laugh but I'm still enjoying with the laughs he's receiving now from the two employees behind us.

"So, are we still going to advance your celebration?"

"N-No, baby. I'm just going to wait for the exact day of my birthday."

"Hmm.. okay." and then I finally let go of his skin. But a moment after that..

"Hmm.. huh! It doesn't hurt!" he proudly stated.

I narrowed my eyes and about to repeat what I did when he chuckled and hold my hands.

"Just kidding, baby. I love you." he kissed me on my forehead and placed his hand back in my lower back.

I rolled my eyes, but I respond him after a while. We exited from the elevator and walked our ways towards the parking lot.

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