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   Chapter 48 Naughty Thoughts

Contractually Married By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 7246

Updated: 2019-07-15 17:46

Rian's POV:

At six o'clock in the afternoon, Cari started to throw some of my dress on top of my bed, including shoes and accessories.

"Cari, what are you doing?" I just came out from the bathroom and I asked her after seeing all the mess in my room.

"Choosing your dress for the event." she said not even bothered.

"Choosing or messing?"  I can't believe the number of dress she pulled from the closet and the different shoes on the floor.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of that. Just take the blower and blow your hair so we can start our ritual."

I chuckled at her word. "Ritual? What are you, a faith healer?"

She rolled her eyes. "Whatever! Just go and dry your hair, so we can start doing your make up."

"Fine!" I sit on the chair in front of my make up stand and started to blow my hair. I am still on my towel, but she said it's okay so I can move freely while I'm waiting for the result of her job.

After ten minutes, she started doing some magic on my face. Since I have light brown eyes, she put neutral colors of eye shadows.. salmon and bronze gold to accentuate the color of them. Light blush on and glossy nude brown for my lipstick. For my hair, she just added some curls on my natural wavy hair and let down on my shoulders. But for the dress, she let me pick my choice. It's an off shoulder black evening gown in mermaid cut and with a long slit on my left thigh.

"Wow!" Cari said in awe after I finished putting my gown. "Good luck to your dear husband. I wish he can stay gentleman for the whole night and control himself. Tsk.tsk.tsk." she added while shaking her head.

"Control himself for what?"

"Control himself not to punch or to kill those guys who would eye rape you in that hot dress of yours or..... control himself not to rape you instead." she said with a whistle.

I chuckled as i throw the blusher brush on her.

"Don't forget to take pictures and video for your performance.. or else I would pull out all the types of hair in your body, including your most treasured hair."

I can't help not to laugh again by her silly warning.

"Not this one!" I playfully glared at her and put my hand in between

and ravish you 'till you beg to stop, because of your dirty thoughts."

"Dirty thoughts?" i looked up on his face.

"Yes. You think I didn't read your mind earlier, baby? Then you're wrong. You're torturing me with this dress. And God forbid.. because I can't promise myself not kill some bastards if they look at you like their pray tonight."

I hugged him tight on his waist while laughing on his very familiar words. It's his favorite line everytime we're going out or attending some parties like the engagement of Dani and Belle.

"I'm serious, baby!" he looked down on my face.

"I know, hubby." I continue to laugh. "But I am more scared of what you're going to do with me after this party."

I squealed when he pulled me to him and cupped both of my butt cheeks.

"You're going to learn your lessons baby, after this night. I promise you that." he smirked but i just raised my eyebrow and put my hand on top of his crotch.

"Really, hubby? I'm so.... not scared!"

His eyes widened and I laughed so hard.

"God, woman!" he glared at me. "Don't do that again or I swear you're not going to attend your dance contest tonight!"

"Okay, let's go." I shrugged while still laughing. "I still want to attend the party tonight and win the competition." i winked at him.

"God, baby! You're going to be the death of me!" he muttered under his breath but I still heard it and laughed again.

Well, good luck for me later.

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