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   Chapter 45 You also hate my brother

Contractually Married By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 7002

Updated: 2019-07-11 18:21

Rian's POV:

"Tomorrow is your competition, are you ready guys?"  Belle asked after we did our last practice tonight.

"So much ready. I'm so excited for tomorrow!"

I rolled my eyes when Gavin squealed. I hate seeing his face lately.

"Why are you rolling your eyes on me, Mrs. Smith?"

"I hate seeing your face lately, i don't know why." I admit which causes Belle to laugh.

"Wow.. is that what 'P' brings to you? You're hurting my feelings!" and he pouted.

'P' is their codename for pregnant.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I-I can't control my feelings, you know? I feel irritated when you laugh, what should i do? Your voice sounded like a frog to me."

"Ouch! That's too much. Do i look like a frog?" his face stunned by my statement.

I saw Belle shaking her head and i laughed together with her.

"By the way, Belle. How are you and Dani? Did know. Your first night?" i wiggled my eyebrows but her face turned red and horrified.

"No! Of course not!" she avoided my gaze.

"But you're married. Although you're also under an agreement, but you're married legally."

"Huh! Rian, there's no way in hell your brother would touch me!"

"What? But he's a man! That's impossible!" I exclaimed loudly.

We are currently inside of her purple office and just the three of us inside, so we can squealed and screamed whenever we want.

"Wow, Rian! As if your husband touched you in your first wedding night." Gavin teased me with his so irritating laugh.

I narrowed my eyes on him. "That's a different story, Gavin Montero!"

"What's the difference with that? You're both married contractually and under one agreement."

I love Gavin, he's one of my bestfriend. But like what i always asked to myself, how many times do i need to kill my bestfriend in my head?

"Oh, yeah! I remember the differences!" and he pointed up his forefinger.

Belle and I waited for his next words.

"The difference between you and Sophia's wedding is just the years of contract. You need to be tied for five years while Sophia is just for one year."

Belle and I both remained qu

"Spongebob?" she asked in surprise.

"Exactly." i said excitedly while clapping my hands.

"Does he still watching it?"

"Huh! Everyday!" i said in a proudly tone.

"How? I didn't notice him waking up at seven to watch Spongebob in the morning?"

"And how would you notice.... you have seperate rooms, hello? And he has his own television inside of it. Plus.. he has a cellphone, when he forget to watch tv in the morning because of his busy schedules, he's watching it online."

"Ohh.. a childish act."

"But I'm curious. Almost all your things if not painted purple, they were color purple. Your office, your dress in your engagement party and the motif of your wedding. Why is it purple and not yellow, when you also love Spongebob like Dani?"

"Because purple is my favorite color. It represents creativity, wisdom, dignity, peace and independence."

"Wow, how did you know that?" I asked really curious.

"From my bestfriend."



I laughed at her answer.

"And i only like Spongebob, because he's so cute and naughty, that's all. But i don't like yellow."

''Ohh.. contrast with my brother."

"Why.. he likes yellow?"

"Um-um." i answered nodding.

My lips curled down when i imagined how would their house would look like? Purple and Yellow? Purple walls, yellow ceiling and floor, purple furnitures and yellow curtains? Eww.. gross!

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