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   Chapter 44 I think you're pregnant!

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Rian's POV:

I did what i promised to Belle. I didn't mention even a single word to my brother. Until they got married last week.

I also talked to my mom regarding Belle's situation and she said she will help her and will hire a private investigator to find Layla, the former maid of Joseph's family who witnessed what the bastard did to Belle.

She started living with Dani in his pent house and continued to leave normally as if there's no Joseph walking around the city.

And about our dance competition, we continued to practice. Belle added some aerial steps to maked our moves more sexy and for us to win the prize. Both Gavin and I agree to donate all the money to our chosen charity.

But as days goes by, i felt something in me that I've never felt before. Cravings, easily become exhausted, nausea, frequent urge to pee and God... always smelling my husband's neck. Weird!

But i just keep it to myself. I didn't tell Alex, because I'm sure he can be a bit of a mother hen when he knows about this.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After our last practice, i gripped Gavin's shirt because of the sudden surged of nausea. I can feel my surroundings swirling around me.

"Oh my God, honey! Are you okay?" I heard Gavin's voice before he lifted me up and maked me sit on the nearest chair.

"Hey, you always got dizzy after our practice. Are you okay?" he kneeled in front me and asked me with concern laced on his voice.

"Rian, what happened? Are you okay?" Belle gave me a bottled water and seated beside me.

"Yeah, maybe I'm just tired." i answered while massaging my temple.

"Tired? We didn't do a full practice today, how come you get so tired?" Gavin asked.

"I don't know, I'm just feel tired!" i said feeling annoyed.

"Hey-----oh my!" i looked at him and i frowned. He's grinning that added to my irritation.

"What's funny?" i asked completely irritated.

But he stand and laughed at me. He seems so happy.

"Oh my God, Rian! You know what?" and he kneeled again in front of me. Belle is just watching us.

"I think you're pregnant!" he

of the icing they were put in their small cake." he chuckled at the other line.

"Wow, they baked a cake... together?"

"Yes. For the sixth times." he said while still laughing.

"W-What? Sixth times? But why?" i also laughed together with him.

"Because they can't perfect the first five, so they tried again for the sixth times, and i can say... it's worth it. But the problem is, they still arguing what the color of icing they must put."

And we laughed together.

"By the way love, where are you? Are you on your way home?"

"Yes. I'm now outside actually."

A smile never leaves on my face. My excitement was doubled when he said he's in my apartment.

"Okay. I'm going outside."

"No need, hubby. I'm in the front door." and i ended the call.

I knocked on the door, and was about to knock again, when it suddenly open. And the smiling face of my handsome husband came to my view.


He pulled me immediately at engulfed me into a bone crushing hug.

"I missed you." he repeatedly kissed my hair, my forehead, my temples, my nose and finally my lips.

He kissed me passionately and i kissed him back.

How i missed my man. I missed his smell. When he let go of my lips, i hugged him again, this time putting my face in to the crock of his neck and inhaled his scent.

God! I'm so addicted to his smell.

Is this what they called 'pregnancy hormones'?

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