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   Chapter 43 Belle's Secret

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Rian's POV:

I pulled Belle upstairs.. to my old room and to the terrace.

We seated at the outdoor table set across each other. My eyes never leave her face.



We both called our name in unison. We both smiled and she let me talk first.

"I didn't know you're my brother's fiancee. You didn't mention it since we met again last week."


She smiled, and i noticed the sadness behind that smile. "I remember you told me before that you have a brother, but i never thought it was him."

"Yup. It's Dani. Daniel Kelley." i paused and take a long and deep breath before i asked her again. "Belle, could you please tell me your reason on why did you accepted this agreement? And why are you marrying my brother?"


I don't know yet her reason but i can see through her reaction that it's something i already know, so I tried to ask it though.

"Is it something about your past?"

She looked at me.

"Is it about Joseph?"

Her face turned pale. And by that looks, i know it is.

"Belle, tell me the truth.. is this about that man, who tried to rape you?"

She closed her eyes tightly and then she nodded.

"Yes. It's because of him. It's because of that fucking bastard!" she gritted her teeth.

"Oh my God! Why didn't you tell Daniel?"

The first question that came to my head. Why she didn't tell Dani, so he can't continue to judge her and insult her? So he can understand her why she needs to marry him.. and not for his money.

"No, Rian!" she said shaking her head.

"But why? He needs to know every single details of you, of your life."

She chuckled but her eyes holds a hidden pain.

"Do you think, he would care? He would listen? No, he doesn't even know my full name. Your brother is made of stone coated with ice, Rian."

-'Ohh..the thing is, they were both stubborn.'-

"No Belle, believe me. He's not that cold when you happened to know him more."

"He doesn't smile, all he knows is to smirk and to glared at me!"

I bite my lip and smiled. "I agree with you regarding his smile. It's precious as diamonds. But Belle, you're going to live with him for one year under one roof. You need to tell him, atleast be friends----"


ter of our moments of sharing and crying, we decided to go back to the living room.

When i saw my husband, i don't know but all i want is to hug him. And that's what i did. I walked towards him and hugged him tightly on his waist and buried my face on his chest.

He was a bit surprised but he also hugged me and kissed me on my forehead. I smelled his jacket and put my nose in the crock of his neck.

'-Why does he smell so good?'-

I smelled him again and God.. i can't help but to moan.

"Hey, baby? What are you doing?" he whispered on my ear.

"Hmm? So smell so good, hubby. Did you change your cologne?"

I asked him, not noticing we're in the middle of some of their business associates.. including his father, my dad and Dani.

"No. Why?"

He asked me although he knows everyone is watching our conversation.

"Nothing, you just smell something.. i don't know. I-It's just good."

I hugged him again. He also hugged me back.

And when i turned around, it's just then i noticed there were six men watching us with amusement written on their eyes.

"Oh my!"

My eyes widened and my face turned into crimson red. "Why didn't you tell me?" I whispered-yelled while glaring at him.

But he just chuckled together with the men around us. I am about to walk out, when he pulled me and hugged me tightly.

"Don't mind them, baby. I love you." he whispered and kissed my hair.

A smile formed on my lips and hide my face more on to his broad chest.

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