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   Chapter 42 Future Sister in Law

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Rian's POV:

After a lot of congratulations that we received from both of our families, we finally found an excuse to free ourselves from their 'babies, babies, and babies conversation.

"What's the name again of your fiancee, Dani?"

I turned to my brother while holding Alex's hand.


He answered while looking at the few people around.

I can't help but to ask myself again.

-'Sophia? why do i always encounter that name?'-

"Are you searching for her?" i asked him again.


I rolled my eyes with his one word answers.

"Can you atleast form even a single or a simple sentence, Dani? God, you're so annoying!"

But he also turned to me----irritated.

"And how do you want me to answer your questions? Her name is Sophia. Yes, I'm searching for her. Is that what you want?"

A chuckled escaped from my lips. "Yes! That's exactly what i want. See? You can form a sentence and you somehow completed your answers."

"Tss!" he sneered and continue to search from the crowd.

Alex and I both chuckled with his reaction. But in the back of my head, i can't help wondering... is this really how he hates his fiancee and this engagement? What is his problem? Why is he so affected with this, it's just a one year agreement? And he's a man, forgodsake! But what keeps me more wondering was the real reason of his bride to be, why did she accepted to be in this agreement?

"I found her."

He pointed with his finger the lady in a purple dress. Her back is facing us, so i can't see what's with her face that Dani hates the most. Is she that ugly, having bad breath or what?

And my eyebrows crunched.

-'Wait! Number one--- Sophia, number two--- purple? What a coincident!'-

She's talking to some of their guests. And on my way towards her, the more my eyebrows knitted together.

"Oh God!"

I gasped and covered my mouth when she turned around. I also stopped in my trance and looked at the face of my confused brother who's now looking at me.

"A-Are you sure.. she's your fiancee, Daniel?"

"Yes. Why?"

He asked furrowing his eyebrows. I know he's a bit intrigue with my reaction.

But i didn't answered him, i turned to look again with his so called fiancee. I can't believe what

message, i asked Belle.

"You also love 'Spongebob Squarepants' Belle?"

I smiled naughtily as i asked it a bit loud, enough for the two to hear. And i looked them at the corner of my eyes.

"Uhm.. yeah. It's kinda cute." she also smiled, having no clue with why i am smiling.

"Spongebob Squarepants.. uhmm.. yeah, it's kinda cute." now i looked at the two and their face dropped.

"Belle, can i talk to you in private?"


"I have a secret, and i want to share it with you." i smiled ear to ear. And guess what.. Alex's face turned sour while Dani's face looked so horrified. Poor Dani.

"Let's go."

I pulled her arm and we're about to stepped when they shouted my name in unison.

"Rian!" that's my husband's voice.

"Arrianna Angela!" ohh.. that's my beloved brother's voice.

"What's your problem boys?"

I turned around.. acting annoyed with both my hands on my hips.

"I just want to talk to my sister in law in private! Do you have any problem with that? If you want you can watch TV and search for your favorite Spongebob Squarepants to lessen your foul mood!"

I heard Belle's chuckle and i pulled her again. Actually, i just used the Spongebob topic to get her away from the crowd and to talk to her. I want to know everything. Whatever her reason or reasons, i will understand her. After knowing that she's my brother's fiancee and soon to be wife, the more my instinct kicked me that money is not involved with her decision of marrying my brother.

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