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   Chapter 41 A Real Husband And Wife

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Updated: 2019-07-07 18:30

"Baby, are you sure, you're okay?"

That was actually Alex's question for the ten times since earlier this morning when he picked me up from my apartment.

I got dizzy after standing up from the bed and while brushing my teeth. If not for him, maybe i lost my balance and fell with my butt first on the floor.

"Yes hubby. I'm okay, i told you. Maybe I'm just tired because of our dance practice everyday." I patted his cheek before i take my seatbelt and wrap it around me.

We're actually going to my parents' house because today is Dani's engagement. I'm so excited because i haven't meet his bride to be, and this is my chance to meet her finally.

"Are you sure, you're not skipping your meals everyday? Breakfast, lunch, dinn-----"

"Baby, I'm fine! Don't worry about me. And I'm not skipping any meals, okay? I love you." i smiled as i kissed my two fingers and brought it to his lips.

He chuckled at my action. But my husband seemed not contented with my act, because he unbuckled both of our seatbelts before he pulled me on his lap and kissed me passionately.

A smile formed on my lips after that. I straddle on his lap as i am going to go back on my seat.. when he cursed.

"Fuck, Baby!" he closed his eyes tightly. And because i don't know what he was saying, i moved again but he hold my waist to keep me still.

"Oh God, Rian! You're such a tease!" he groaned as if he's in pain.

"Why? What happened?" I spread my legs to check why he was groaning, but my hands landed on his bulged. And my eyes widened when i realized why.


He complained when i punched his shoulder.

"I'm not a tease, you're such a pervert!"

He laughed but his hands encircled my waist.

"No, Alex!" I glared at him.

"What? I'm not doing anything." he shrugged his shoulders.

"Yeah you're not! But your mind is thinking something!" i continued to glare at him.

"Baby, can we just cancel this plan.. you know, so we can plan on another 'thing'? For sure Daniel would understand us." and he winked at me.

I bl

en. Not now that you're together, meaning you're now a real couple. A real husband and wife."

We both laughed at mom's explanation.

"Wait! Have you... i mean..." her eyes widened.

"You mean Mrs. Kelley, if we already consummated our marriage?" i looked at Alex and glared at him.

"Yes sweety. That's what I'm going to ask. So, have you?" she asked wiggling her eyebrow.


"Yes, Mrs. Kelley. We already did... many times."

"Huh!" i gasped and glared at him. My face turned into crimson red and I wish the ground to open and swallow me at this very moment.

Why do they have to talk about this infront of me? My God!

"Ohh.. congratulations, son!"

They both hugged him and i rolled my eyes at Dani who's smirking at the side.

"So, when can we expect a grandchild?"


I looked at Dad while blushing deeply. I heard Alex and Dani chuckled at me.

"Why? It's normal to a couple to make babies.. right Alex?"

"Yes, Sir. Don't worry.. we're already on the process." Alex winked at me. And they all laughed together.

"Good. Because my son here, has a lot of effort to do to produce one." and it's now my time to laugh at Dani.

His laugh died in mid-air and his face turned sour again after hearing what Dad's comment.

Alex parents also joined us and of course, we can't avoid the topic of 'having a baby'.

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