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   Chapter 40 Contemporary Acrobatic Dance

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"My cousin can't meet us today. But he said we can go directly to the studio. He already informed his friend regarding our visit." Gavin said as he scanned his thumb at the biometrics machine.

"Uhm.. okay. I already informed Alex about that."

"Uhuh.. care to share the details?" he asked in a raised eyebrow.

I smiled as i also scanned my right thumb for my final out and start to tell him all of what happened yesterday.

"Well, that's good to hear. Atleast I'm safe now to be your friend again."

I laughed at his comment.

"What do you mean by the word 'safe'? As if you're telling me that Alex is a monster."

"Haha, i didn't say that. By the way, is it okay with him that i would be partner for this performance?"

"Yeah, and he wants to see how we're going practice and in our actual performance."

"Nice... a very supportive husband."

I didn't comment on that. I just smiled happily.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"What's the name of the instructor again?"

I asked him as we entered the elevator going to the dance studio of the instructor referred by his cousin.


"Ahh.."  Where did i hear that name? "Are you sure she's here?"

"Yeah, Rolly maked sure of that or else I'll chop his head."

We walked at the wide hallway and some rooms

Until we found the dance studio his talking about.

"Excuse me.. uhm we're looking for the woman who named Sophia?" he called the attention of one of the guy watching the few pairs dancing inside.

"Ahh.. are you referring to our coach?"

"The instructor... yes."

"I think she's inside of her office. But if you want, you can also talk to her assistant, Craig."

"Thank you. Do you have an idea where we can find Craig?"

"Yeah. Can you see that man in the middle wearing a green shirt?" we followed where his finger pointed at. "That's Craig."

"Okay. Thank you." we both said in unison.

We walked towards the direction of the man who's wearing green shirt and currently giving instructions to his students.

When we noticed that he's already finished, Gavin was about to approach him but he suddenly stopped and i bumped on his back.

"What's that shit, Gavin?" i asked rubbing both my forehead and nose.

"Fuck, Rian!" he turned to me with widened eyes and excitement was written all over his face.

"What is it this time?" i asked a bit annoyed.

"My God! Can you slap me?"

"Slap you.. but why?" I asked in confusion.

"The 'Craig' man is sooo hot and fucking sexy!" he almost jump on his feet.

I laughed as i rolled my eyes on him. But in fairness, if you're going to look at 'Craig', he's a man full of muscles... haha.. toned chest and broad shoulders. And of course he's a real sexy for my silly and pervert bestfriend, because he's looking at his crotch which is clearly noticeable on his tight black jeans.

"God, Gavin!" i nudged his side and walked passed to him.

"Good afternoon, we're looking for Ms. Sophia, the head instructor."

"Hi, I'm Craig."

I am about to accept his hand but it's too late to know that's it's not actually for me, but for Gavin.


He accepted it without even blinking and guess what..

hat combines elements of several dance including modern jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. And in acrobatic dance, this is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique and acrobatic elements. So, what do you think?"

"Wow, that's great. Do you think we can do that... i mean.. we can survive in our performance without stepping each other's foot?"

"That's why we're going to schedule your practice. When is the thanksgiving event in your company?"

"Three weeks from now." I answered her.

"Okay then, we still have nineteen days to practice and perfect your performance."

"Nineteen days?"

"Yes, nineteen days. There were 20 remaining days before your performance, but I'm sorry because I'll have to reserve one of my day from that practice, I'll just have an important commitment to attend to. But we will make it sure that in your 20th day of practice, it's already perfect."

"Okay. " we just nodded in agreement.

"I'll give you my card so can contact me anytime. And if you want, we can start it by tomorrow same hour as this time."

"Sure." I accepted her card. One for me and one for Gavin.

"No problem." Gavin said.

"But I'll have an assignment for you, so you can have an idea if you present yourselves here tomorrow."

"Assignment?" I asked confused.

"Yes. Search in youtube the 'Power Dou's performance' and you will understand how to dance this contemporary acrobatic dance. They were good, i mean.. best in their every performance."

"Power Dou... sounds familiar." i looked at her with a furrowed eyebrows.

"Yes. They were from your mother's country." she smiled.

"Ohh.. Philippines!" i exclaimed in excitement.

"Yes. They were a couple from Manila. And Rian, I'm telling you, you will also love their performance."

"Ahh.. thank you, Belle. I'll try to search them when i get home." i stand and take her hands.

Gavin also stand on his seat and shake Belle's hand.

After saying our goodbyes, Gavin and I both headed on our way home. Alex texted me that he's now in ny apartment and cooking for our dinner tonight. I can't help but to smile from the thought.

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